How to Make a Digital Bulletin Board for Your Office

Become a Smart Office With a Digital Bulletin Board

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Two women looking at a digital bulletin board in an office.

Do you have an old-fashioned corkboard that no longer fits your office decor? Do you want to add a modern touch to your space? Then this blog post is perfect for you! Learn how to create a digital bulletin board for your office in a few simple steps.

Important announcements deserve a special place

Digital bulletin boards are the perfect place to display important announcements because they are flexible, so they change throughout the day. They can be used for an office-wide memo or a message specific to one person. You can also use them to share fun tidbits about your company culture (like everyone will chip in for lunch today!) along with important news like upcoming events and deadlines.

Digital bulletin boards are more environmentally friendly than traditional magnetic whiteboards too! Traditional magnetic whiteboards require regular cleaning and magnets that need replacing every few years; digital screens just need Wi-Fi connectivity and some maintenance on the software side of things to keep them working smoothly — no messy erasing needed!

How to make a digital bulletin board for your office

Zotter customers checking out the social media wall in the Zotter showroom.
The social media wall display in the Zotter tasting tour. ©Zotter. Read more.

A digital bulletin board is a great way to keep your office organized and functional. These boards are not only effective tools for communication, but they can also be aesthetically pleasing. There are many different types of digital bulletin boards available, so you’ll want to choose one that fits your needs. 

Here’s what you need to know about making a board with a social wall effectively:

  • Select the right screen size for your space
  • Determine what kind of information will be posted
  • Choose one of our digital signage partners to display your social wall on your office screen.

Then follow these three simple steps.

Step 1

Set up your social media display. It takes less than 5 minutes to create a it, including adapting the design.

SNCF Digital Social Media Display

Step 2

Add social media sources. If you would like to keep your social wall private, just use the Direct Posts feature that allows viewers to upload content to your bulletin board without posting it on social media.

Choose the layout you like best, customize the colors of your wall, add your company’s logo and more. We have many detailed design tutorials, including advanced customization ideas.

Step 3

Your digital bulletin board will look great on any screen. To make sure we can provide an experience that’s as smooth as possible, we have partnered with our favorite digital signage solutions

After choosing your digital signage provider, you’ll find detailed instructions on how to connect your bulletin board with a signage software on each page. For example, Screencloud’s page includes a Support Guide to walk you through every step of the integration process.

Screenshot of ScreenCloud partner page in the website. An arrow points to the Support Guide button.
Screencloud also offers a digital bulletin board guide.

Digital bulletin boards are more flexible

With digital bulletin boards, you can update content remotely and schedule it to go up at a specific time. This means that if you want to add something new or change the way your board looks and feels, it’s as easy as logging into your dashboard and making changes. That’s not possible with physical bulletin boards because they’re one-off creations — once you’ve made them, that’s what you’ve got.

With a digital board, there are also less restrictions on what kind of content goes up on them: anything from social media updates or photos from meetings or events can be displayed, even advertisements for products and services.

Mix important announcements with social media content

  • You can use social media content and Direct Posts to help your company grow and build relationships with customers and employees on your board. Share employee success stories, or post photos of customers enjoying your product or service. Use your bulletin board to share information about new snacks in the office kitchen or wish happy birthday to an employee.
  • Keep it up-to-date. If you have an employee who is in charge of updating the digital bulletin board, make sure they don’t forget! It’s easy for employees to get busy and forget about posting content. So make sure someone checks it often enough so that nothing gets missed!

Engage visitors with a digital bulletin board at reception

A digital bulletin board is the perfect way to engage visitors with a welcome message at reception. A digital display can be used to welcome visitors, provide information about your company and its products, and let them know about upcoming events. The potential for creativity with this kind of technology is huge—you could have something as simple as an animation of your logo on repeat in the background, or you could make it more elaborate by adding different elements like gifs or videos.

Your reception area is often one of the first places that people visit when they enter your office building, so don’t underestimate how much a welcoming message will impact their impression of your workplace culture.

Photo showing a digital bulletin board built into the wall of a corridor.
The digital signage screen with social wall, video and text content is displayed at Gesundheitszentrum Federsee. Read more.

Smart companies are integrating digital bulletin boards into their offices

Digital bulletin boards are more flexible than traditional ones because they can be used by multiple people at once. They’re also eco-friendly, as they don’t have to be replaced every time a new message needs to be posted. If you have an office that receives lots of visitors, consider placing a digital bulletin board at reception so it’s easily accessible for both staff members and guests alike. 

Become a smart office by setting up a digital bulletin board now!

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