8 Event Engagement Tools to Keep Attendees Awake

Deliver Interactive Experiences With These Event Engagement Tools

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The key to a successful event is to focus on engagement, and creating engaging experiences usually requires the right tools. The following list will give you an overview of the most modern event engagement tools and ways to implement them at your event. 

The Sketch Effect

The Sketch Effect helps you get the attention of your attendees with Virtual Graphic Recording. This visual event engagement tool is highly effective. Not only will viewers appreciate the art in front of them, but they will understand the topic even better. Check out their website to learn about different use cases and examples.

Screenshot of The Sketch Effect website showing an example illustration. (event engagement tools)


Walls.io is an engagement tool that allows you to collect content posted by attendees and speakers using your event’s hashtag. You can display the content on screens at the venue or embed it on your website or virtual event platform. Seeing attendees’ messages pop up on the screen in real-time keeps them engaged and motivates them to keep posting.

If your event is private, a Walls.io social wall will help you connect with attendees by letting them upload content directly to the wall with the Direct Posts feature. The event wall acts as a social hub and encourages interaction between attendees, speakers, and sponsors.

A shot from the live-stream for the Computer History Museum event, which shows the presenter on a virtual stage with a projection of the social wall stretching over the whole back of the virtual stage. (event engagement tools)
A scene from the Computer History Museum Fellow Awards virtual program. The host presented live from the e2k studio in Mountain View, CA. The virtual stage and social wall “behind” him were created and brought into the program in partnership with 3Monkeys. Learn more.

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Wonder is a virtual event platform that focuses on providing energizing experiences. The tool helps people create spaces that always feel personal, no matter how many people join. A place that’s completely effortless to connect and interact. Attendees using the platform will be able to move around freely as bubbles, and each time they run into another attendee, a conversation prompt is given to boost interaction. 

Try Wonder if you’re looking to host a virtual event that makes room for organic conversation. You’ll never look at online event planning the same.

A screenshot from Wonder's homepage showing three head bubbles talking to each other in a virtual space.

Virtual Selfie Booth + Walls.io

Social walls and virtual photo booths are two of the most significant engagement drivers for virtual events because people enjoy creating and sharing content. So why not combine both tools to get an ultimate interactive solution? 

Creating custom photo content and displaying it on a social wall fosters community and helps speakers and sponsors connect with the audience. Moreover, by showing selfies from attendees, you help your speakers fight the feeling that they’re talking in a vacuum. As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. 

The virtual selfie booth add-on can easily be integrated with your social wall! We’d be happy to show you how it works. Just book a demo here

Screenshot of the Kafka Summit social wall filled with attendees' selfies.
A social wall for Kafka Summit Europe
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Slido is an audience interaction platform that helps you engage your online attendees with live polls, Q&A, and quizzes as they’re watching your virtual event or webinar. Crowdsource questions from participants and let them vote for their favorites. Then, take questions as you go or address the most popular ones in an engaging Q&A session. 

You can embed Slido into a website or integrate live video into a Slido event. No matter what you choose, Slido will certainly boost engagement at your event.  

A screenshot of Slido website as an event engagement tool.


Preciate is a Social Presence platform that promotes authentic connections to accelerate business, invigorate virtual experiences, and foster culture. The Preciate platform is optimized for engaging virtual meetings that foster participation and connection. 

With lifelike movement and the ability to mingle and move from place to place, as well as the ability to customize branding, backgrounds, and even background music, Preciate is more than just a virtual meeting platform. It’s a remote work solution designed for the world we live in now.

A screenshot of Preciate's homepage showing three head bubbles.


Fanomena empowers companies to deliver the right content, to the right person, at the right time and significantly increase their relevance and conversion rates. So how do they do this? By letting you plan the perfect virtual goodie bag full of your own content. With this tool, companies can create individualized and personalized EngagementKits and determine a clear ROI.

Check them out to create some post-event engagement! 

A screenshot of Fanomena's website as an event engagement tool.


Visme offers a powerful engagement tool, namely an event program maker. You’ll have a complete event program ready to share with attendees with only a few clicks. The importance of giving attendees a clear outline of your event is massive, if not mandatory. This tool allows participants to be aware of all upcoming talks and not miss anything.  

A screenshot of Visme's event program landing page. (event engagement tools)

Event engagement tools for the win

In any event, where interaction and networking are considered priorities, an event engagement tool can only boost the experience and provide ways to engage with others and with the topic at hand. I hope these tools help you prepare an unforgettable experience and keep participants engaged. 

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