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A well-crafted event hashtag is not just a mere tag; it’s a powerful tool that can elevate your event’s visibility, foster community engagement, and create a lasting digital footprint. This guide provides a comprehensive yet concise strategy for effectively using hashtags for your events.

The essence of an event hashtag

Why an event hashtag?

An event hashtag serves as a digital anchor, creating a cohesive thread that binds the conversations around your event. It transcends geographical boundaries, allowing a global audience to participate, share, and engage with your event. 

Using hashtags significantly increases the visibility of your content across platforms, making it easier to find. This increases engagement, as hashtags encourage interaction among attendees and online communities. In addition, you can streamline content aggregation through a social wall that can display all posts using your event’s hashtag, creating a more interactive and engaging experience.

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Key benefits of using an event hashtag

  • Increased visibility and reach: Hashtags improve your event’s discoverability on social media platforms.
  • Enhanced engagement: They encourage attendees and online viewers to participate in event-related conversations.
  • Content aggregation: Hashtags allow easy collection and display of user-generated content related to your event.
  • Post-event analysis: They provide valuable data for analyzing engagement and reach post-event.

Crafting & using your unique event hashtag

How to create an event hashtag?

  1. Simplicity is key: Your hashtag should be easy to remember and spell. Avoid complex words or phrases that might lead to typographical errors.
  2. Make it memorable: A catchy and unique hashtag will stick in the minds of your audience, increasing the likelihood of its use.
  3. Ensure uniqueness: Conduct thorough research to ensure your chosen hashtag isn’t already used for other purposes. This will help you prevent cross-conversation and maintain the focus on your event.
  4. Align with your brand: The hashtag should resonate with your brand’s voice and the event’s theme. It should reflect the essence of what attendees can expect.
  5. Show it to a dirty mind: Ensure your hashtag doesn’t have inappropriate connotations so your campaign doesn’t go viral for the wrong reasons.

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Use a hashtag before the event: Build anticipation

  • Tease with sneak peeks: Use the event hashtag to share behind-the-scenes content, speaker announcements, and other teasers that build excitement.
  • Engage with early birds: Encourage early registrants to use the hashtag by engaging them in pre-event discussions and activities.
  • Partner with influencers: Collaborate with influencers who can use the hashtag to amplify your event’s reach. This strategy taps into their follower base, expanding your audience.

Use a hashtag during the event: Fuel engagement

  • Live updates: Use the hashtag to share live updates, creating a real-time experience for those unable to attend in person.
  • Encourage participation: Motivate attendees to use the hashtag by featuring their posts on live screens or offering incentives for the best posts. Make it easy for them to post using a QR code.
  • Feature real-time interactions: Host live Q&A sessions, polls, or contests using the hashtag to foster interaction and engagement during the event.
An image of a person's arm extended towards a digital display screen. The screen shows a social media wall interface from Walls.io, which is a platform for creating social media event hahstag feeds. The individual's hand is holding a smartphone, which appears to be taking a picture or scanning the QR code on the digital screen.

Use a hashtag after the event: Keep the momentum

  • Share highlights: Post-event, use the hashtag to share highlights and key takeaways and express gratitude to participants and speakers.
  • Acknowledge contributions: Recognize and thank attendees, sponsors, and speakers who contributed to the event’s success using the hashtag.
  • Evaluate and adapt: Analyze the engagement and reach of your hashtag to gain insights for future events. This helps in understanding what worked and what can be improved.

Integrating hashtags across platforms

Twitter (X): The birthplace of hashtags

Twitter (X) is ideal for real-time updates and discussions. Ensure your hashtag is concise and visible in all tweets related to the event.

Instagram: Visual storytelling

Use the hashtag with visually appealing posts on Instagram. Encourage attendees to share their experiences and tag your event’s official page.

Facebook & LinkedIn: Broaden reach

These platforms are great for reaching a broader and more diverse audience. Use the hashtag in pre-event promotional content, live videos, and post-event debriefs. LinkedIn is particularly effective for B2B events, where professional networking is vital.

Cross-platform consistency

Ensure that the hashtag remains consistent across all platforms. This uniformity helps in tracking the event’s digital footprint more efficiently.

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How to monitor your hashtag

Set up a social media wall to aggregate content using your event hashtag, and use moderation features to filter out irrelevant or inappropriate content.

Display the social wall on screens at your event or embed it on your website to encourage attendees to use the hashtags so they can see the posts appearing on the wall in real time. People will love it. Here’s an example from Google’s Android Dev Summit using Walls.io to collect and display posts around the event’s hashtag.

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Event hashtag pitfalls to avoid

  • Overcomplicating the hashtag: Avoid lengthy or complex hashtags. They are hard to remember and prone to errors when being typed.
  • Inconsistent usage: Inconsistent hashtag use before, during, and after the event can lead to missed audience engagement and analysis opportunities.
  • Ignoring negative feedback: Monitor and address any negative feedback or issues on the hashtag thread. This shows that you value attendee feedback and are committed to improvement.

Leveraging user-generated content

  • Encourage sharing: Prompt attendees to share their experiences and moments using the hashtag. This provides you with valuable content and personalizes the event experience.
  • Curate and showcase: Curate the best posts, photos, or tweets using your event hashtag and feature them on your event’s social media pages or website.
  • Post-event engagement: Continue the conversation post-event by sharing user-generated content, asking for feedback, and discussing key learnings or memorable moments.

Here’s a great example of event user-generated content. The annual event organized by the National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM)  is North America’s largest music trade show. They set up an event social wall to feature the amazing content their attendees and exhibitors captured around our show. 

NAMM did a great job repurposing this content in their Post-Show Report by using the social wall to provide a visual accompaniment to their statistics, and they plan to use it in marketing their next event as well.

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Over to you

An event hashtag is a powerful tool in event marketing and engagement. When crafted thoughtfully and used strategically, it can significantly amplify your event’s reach, foster a sense of community, and create lasting memories and impacts. Remember, the success of your event hashtag is not just in its creation but in how effectively you integrate it into every phase of your event experience.

Elevate your event’s engagement—captivate attendees with a live social wall showcasing their real-time posts when they use your unique hashtag.

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