How to Embed a Social Media Wall on Virtual Event Platforms

Make Your Event Run Smoothly With Virtual Event Platforms and Social Media Walls

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How to Embed a Social Media Wall on Virtual Event Platforms

Virtual events are on the rise, and so are virtual event platforms. We’ve rounded up four of the best options, along with instructions on how to integrate a social media wall into them.

But first, let’s have a look at the advantages of incorporating a social wall into a virtual event platform.

Benefits of combining social walls with virtual event platforms

Pairing a social media wall with your virtual event platform brings countless benefits. The most important ones are audience engagement and brand awareness. 

Turning event attendees into active participants becomes much easier with a social wall. Take audience questions using hashtags or use the wall to play ice-breaker games to help people start a conversation. 

Building awareness is crucial for a successful brand, and luckily, a social wall helps you do just that. Display posts with your logo during the event and encourage people to use your branded hashtag. Not only will they remember your brand, but you will have tons of user-generated content to use after the event.

Create your social hub

How to add a social media wall to your virtual event platforms

Adding a social media feed to your virtual event platform is incredibly easy. These are the three steps you need to take: 

  1. Create your account 
  2. Choose the sources and general design of your wall
  3. Copy and paste your wall’s code snippet into your event platform

The code snippet is available under Embed & Display. backend. Image shows the tab Embed and Display, where you can see a wall's JavaScript/Iframe code snippet.

Many platforms will let you do this yourself. Others require you to send your code snippet to their support team, and they will take care of the integration. Some other platforms, such as Pathable, even offer integrated social media wall solutions. Read on to find out more about each platform’s method.  

How to embed a social wall into a Pathable event

Pathable is a global virtual event solution that connects attendees from anywhere in the world through in-person, virtual, and hybrid events. Pathable’s award-winning desktop and web app combine cutting edge design, community features, integrated webinars and live video to deliver unique events in an online only or hybrid event environment. 

After creating your social wall in your account, go to Pathable. 

  • Create a new page or navigate to the page where you’d like to place the widget.
  • On that page, select the New Widget button in the upper right corner.
  • Scroll to the Social section and select
Screenshot of Pathable's interface. An arrow id pointing at the widget icon on Pathable's backend.

In the widget, paste your URL, select your Design Theme and any Advanced Settings you would like, then save:

Screenshot showing the backend of widget on Pathable's virtual event platform.

And that’s it! After saving your changes, your wall will be officially embedded into your virtual event platform. For more details visit Pathable’s guide.

Virtual event platforms example: National Geographic's virtual event - the Storytellers Summit 2021 with a social media wall from
National Geographic recently used Pathable combined with for the Storytellers Summit 2021. You can still see the virtual event here.

Engage attendees and collect powerful user-generated content.

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How to embed a social wall into a vFairs event

vFairs is a virtual conference platform that gives you all the tools you need to host a successful virtual event. They provide top-notch event planning tools, such as personalised landing pages, interactive virtual booths that simulate real-life events, and much more. 

If you want to include a social wall on your vFairs event, just tell the team at vFairs about it and  send them the code snippet of your wall. They will help you set it up.

If you want to see vFairs in action, check out this post for more examples of virtual events with embedded social walls.

vFairs virtual event platform example: Citrix event's simulation of a Networking area.
Citrix used vFairs in combination with for their virtual event.

How to embed a social wall into a 6Connex event

6Connex is a cloud-based virtual event solution. Their secure platform expands audience reach and drives in-depth content engagement for marketing, sales, recruitment, training, and HR communities. The 6Connex product portfolio includes virtual environments, learning management, and webinars. 

If you want to get an idea of what a 6Connex event looks like, they offer a demo of a social wall integrated into a virtual event. Once you’ve registered, click on Social Wall to see the integration in action.

6Connex event demo showing a screen with a social wall widget.

The team at 6Connex usually sets up the virtual event sites for their customers. Meaning that after creating your social wall, you only have to share your code snippet with them, and they will take care of integrating it.

6Connex virtual event platform example. A gif of the Cybersecurity Summit displaying a social media wall.
iSMG Cybersecurity Summit used 6Connex in combination with for their event.

Use a social wall and get attendees to use your hashtag.

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How to embed a social wall into a Slayte event

Slayte is a virtual conference solution that lets you run beautiful virtual, hybrid or in-person conferences. You can set up live, pre-recorded or on-demand sessions, customise tickets and facilitate networking. Setting up your next virtual conference with a live social media feed will be easy if you use Slayte and

On the Slayte event page, appears in the main sidebar under Social. There, you simply enter the code snippet of your wall, save changes, and voilà!

Slayte's virtual event platform showing a social media wall.

How to embed a social wall into a Canapii event

Canapii is an online event management platform that provides organizers with unique tools and solutions to host all types of events. Whether it is a small online workshop or a large-scale conference, Canapii makes it simple for you to replicate in-person events and deliver holistic virtual experiences.

In the Console, click on the Integrations tab under Step 2. Next, click on the integration tile. 

On the details page, paste your social wall URL into the field and click Save.

After you’ve saved it, you’ll see a new “Social Wall” tab on your event site. You and your attendees will see the social media posts update in real-time over the course of the event. Viewers can click on your username under each post to be redirected to the social media account.

How to embed a social wall into a GEVME event

GEVME is an event technology company that provides solutions for organizing virtual, hybrid and in-person events for unique experiences. It is used by event professionals worldwide to grow, engage and monetize their audience. GEVME’s virtual event builder is fully customizable, giving full control to event organizers to host unique virtual events.

The GEVME virtual event platform allows you to integrate multiple apps to host virtual events exactly as you have planned. Follow these steps if you want to integrate a social wall into your GEVME virtual event.

Log into your GEVME account and go to the Venue Editor. Then, click on Add Blocks and choose the HTML tab. Paste the iframe code and click on Save. social wall on GEVME platform

All virtual event platforms are unique 

You really have to choose wisely when it comes to virtual event platforms. Pathable, vFairs, 6Connex and Slayte all offer excellent features. Which platform is best for you will depend on the event you’re planning.

We’ve partnered with all four of these brands to give you the option to choose the one that fits you best. If you can, take the time to have a demo call with each of them before you make a decision. Whichever option you go with, you’ll benefit greatly from integrating a social media wall into your virtual event platform. 

You’re not using any of these platforms? No problem.

You can embed a social wall anywhere with a simple iFrame code we generate for you.

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