How to use social media at events

Actionable Tips on How to Use Social Media at Events and Make Them a Success

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how to use social media at event live stream

Whether you’re organising a conference, BarCamp, wedding, graduation party or trade fair — social media can go a long way towards making your event a success. From planning to promotion. Social media can help you with every step of the event process, from promoting your event to entertaining your audience. Here are 5 tips on how you can use social media for events and achieve your goals.

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1. Get an event hashtag

Come up with a hashtag for your event and tell everyone about it. Choose a suitable hashtag or two and promote it on your social media channels, in your newsletter, on posters at the venue, and all your event materials. Make sure your attendees know about the hashtag and encourage them to use it when posting about and from your event. Learn everything you need to know about event hashtags from our hashtag campaign guide.

2. Add social media sharing to your ticket sales

Turn your ticket sales into more ticket sales! Once someone has bought a ticket for your event, prompt them to tell their friends and followers about it. Give them options to share the news directly from the success page after they have acquired their ticket. You can even prepare an automatic sharing message that already includes your event hashtag, making it even easier for people to drum up more promotion for your event.

3. Set up a social media wall to display for your physical or virtual event

Collect social media posts on a social wall and display them on live screens at your venue or alongside the live stream. Encourage your audience to share their experience using your hashtag and watch their posts pop up on the screen. An event wall is a fantastic ice breaker because it sparks conversation and creates a sense of community.

Social media feed display on the stage during Google's Chrome Dev Summit
Google using a social wall by Walls.io during the Chrome Dev Summit

Tomorrowland recently integrated a social media feed in their virtual music festival and it was a success. Attendees from all around the world shared their experiences using the official hashtag.

4. Set up a photo booth

Add some fun to your event with a photo booth! A photo booth motivates people to take lots of pictures which can then be shared on social media. Set up a photo booth at your event, add some props and encourage people to use it and have fun. And remember to ask your audience to use your hashtag when they share their pics so they will show up on your social wall. Swat.io did a great job using a photo booth at their summer party.

5. Live stream your event

Set up a live stream like Google did here to make your event available to a broader audience. Share the link to the live stream on social media and encourage audience participation for your hashtag. You can even embed your social wall in your live stream.

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