7 Fun Internal Event Examples and Tips

Engage Employees at Your Next Internal Event With a Social Wall

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Internal events can be awkward, and employees might be difficult to impress these days. That’s why a social wall might be the best solution to make an internal event more social and exciting. 

The following 7 examples show how you can plan unique internal events for employees, just like a few tips on implementing them.

1. Virtual internal event 

If you’re running an internal event and want people to post to and communicate via a social wall, you may find yourself facing privacy concerns. Luckily, social media isn’t the only way to get posts up on a social wall. Walls.io has recently launched a Direct Posts feature, which circumvents social media entirely, and it’s a completely hands-off process, too!

One of the first customers to use the Direct Posts feature was S&P Global Market Intelligence. They put a social wall with Direct Posts in place for MI Content Expo, a large-scale internal event with around 5,000 attendees. 

Direct Posts is the perfect companion for any internal virtual event. Respect everyone’s privacy preferences by letting them post directly to your social wall!

Screenshot of the MI Content Expo’s virtual internal event lobby, including a promotion of the social media wall.
A look at the MI Content Expo’s virtual event lobby

Avoid privacy concerns at internal events with a social wall!

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2. Internal awards ceremony 

The Recruiter Awards gala is the UK’s largest event for the entire recruitment community recognizing outstanding achievements by agencies and in-house recruiters.

In 2021, this event went all out as they also celebrated their 20th anniversary. 

Screenshot from the social wall at the Recruiter Awards 2021. The image reads: Set up is well on the way for #RecruiterAwards tonight, celebrating 20 years! Who is coming this evening?! #RecruiterWinner #RecruiterShortlist."
The awards ceremony at the Marriott Hotel featured an on-site digital signage screen that engaged all attendees all night long.

As you can see in the image below, the screen with a social wall announced different competing categories during the party. Attendees could also post to the wall by posting on Twitter or Instagram with #RecruiterAwards.

You can elevate an internal award ceremony by implementing Direct Posts. Keep the privacy of the event super tight by letting attendees post directly to your wall!

A group of people dancing and lifting their hands to the sky at an internal event called Recruiter Awards. In the back a big screen showing a social wall.
Recruiter Awards attendees having a blast. In the back, a screen with a Walls.io social wall.

Celebrate employees with a social wall!

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3. Hybrid Work Tour internal event

From the 20th to the 24th of September 2021, Microsoft Germany hosted the Hybrid Work Tour. This event offered workshops and special talks to show employees that they can work from anywhere with the right tools.

The main attraction consisted of a branded van that drove from Berlin to Munich. The driver and host documented their experience on social media and a social wall.

They also motivated attendees to post on a social wall with the hashtag #HybridWorkTour, prominently displayed on the van.

Screenshot of a LinkedIn Post by Alexander Eggers, Microsoft MVP & MCT. The post says: "⚡️1 week #hybridworktour Social Wall⚡️  Have a look for all the great photos and videos on our social wall 💯  👉 https://lnkd.in/dDrWTKeZ (Much better view on a PC or Laptop)  Thanks to all friends and partners who posted this week with our hashtag #hybridworktour.  Andreas Hennig 🤘🏼 Andreas Schlüter Sven Mahn Kristina Senning Ragnar Heil"
Source: LinkedIn

Thinking outside the box pays out! An internal event doesn’t have to stay in one single place, but can come to employees in different cities, just like Microsoft did.

4. Global employee event map

This employee hashtag campaign by Cisco is an excellent example of how a social wall can bring a global community together and motivate them to share their experience. An event cannot get more engaging than this.

Screenshot of the #CiscoBeat social media wall using the Walls.io Map theme at an internal event.
Cisco unites employees from all over the world with a hashtag and a social wall. Visually reflected in the social wall map.

The social wall map layout is excellent for showcasing global hashtag campaigns. It displays Twitter posts popping up on a map, emphasizing that campaign contributions are coming from all over the world.

The map layout is perfect for bringing remote employees worldwide together.

5. Team collaboration event

Three women playing cards at an office. (internal event examples)
The Walls.io team playing. Find more free stock photos like this in our Unsplash/Pexels profiles.

Working Out Loud is an initiative that aims to improve the quality of work by encouraging people to share work in progress with a relevant community. The idea is to get input from and collaborate with the community and learn from each other’s processes and solutions.

BMW Group Germany adopted this initiative a few years ago as a way to motivate their employees, and they used a social media wall to enhance their WOL internal event with 500 people.

All attendees could provide input and photos by posting to the live social media feed with the hashtag #BMWWOLCON. 

Screenshot of a tweet from an attendee of BMW internal event. The image shows a big screen with a social media wall.
Source: Twitter

You could implement the WOL system at your next internal event and pair it with a social wall with Direct Posts. This way, the event remains private, and employees will feel more comfortable providing input without having to post on social media.

6. Encourage social responsibility with an internal event

The BearingPoint marketing team devised a hashtag campaign focusing on corporate social responsibility to celebrate ten years of success, asking employees to show their communities they cared. 

They used a social wall to collect all the social media posts around the BearingPoint teams’ initiatives in each country. 

Screenshot of the BearingPoint 10 Days of Caring internal event microsite. It includes a promo image for the campaign, a video, and a social wall embedded at the bottom.
The BearingPoint 10 Days of Caring campaign microsite with the social wall embedded at the bottom.

They displayed the social wall on TV screens in different offices embedded in their intranet and on the public landing page they built around the campaign.

Walls.io social wall display at the BearingPoint office in Helsinki showing photos of activities from the 10 Days of Caring campaign.
Walls.io social wall display at the BearingPoint office in Helsinki, Source: Instagram

7. Employee-generated content campaign

For over six years, Kafka Summit has been bringing together developers, data architects, engineers, and DevOps professionals to discuss the state of the event streaming technologies. In 2021, three separate events took place for the EU, APAC, and the Americas, with a combined attendance of 55,000+. 

Since this event brought the Apache Kafka community together, it was necessary to implement some fun elements. The organizers decided to use Snapbar for a photo booth and Walls.io to display attendees’ photos in a section of the platform called Get Social.

Screenshot of the Kafka Summit social wall filled with attendees' selfies.

Using the Walls.io API, the Snapbar selfie booth can easily be integrated with your social wall! Learn more about it here.

Over to you

Planning a fun internal event is not as difficult as you think. All you have to do is incorporate tools that foster engagement into the mix, such as a social media wall. These 7 engaging internal event examples did precisely that, and that’s why they gained a special place in our blog.  

Social walls are amazing engagement drivers!

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