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Why Having the right Persona for Your Event Is Important

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When it comes to events, people don’t just remember you for the catering, the decor or one specific aspect alone. It’s usually the combination of all the elements that work well together to pull off a successful event.

One of these major elements is social media marketing. If you aren’t currently using social media to activate your attendees, you need to start now. Not only will you be able to engage with your invited guests on platforms that they use daily, you can get in touch with them at the right moments too. This doesn’t mean that you should just start posting social updates without thought, and even if you have a strategy, that’s not enough.

What you need is a social media persona that embodies your event, and one that speaks to your attendees in the right language. Here are some of the reason why this is very important.

1. Identify your persona

When you are creating your social media persona, you need to know what resonates with your attendees. We want to have our profiles speak the language that attendees identify with. Would you prefer to speak to someone you didn’t understand, or someone that speaks perhaps the same lingo as you do? Creating a persona isn’t enough however. Your social media persona has to be believable enough that attendees will not doubt your credibility.

2. Communicate well

Set the right tone and choose the right language when interacting with attendees on social media. Get attendees comfortable with you by touching on topics that matter to them. Leverage this information with your event marketing because a marketing campaign with good data does will do much better than one with none. What’s more, you can also inspire attendees to talk about your event within their own networks, spreading word for you organically.

3. Engage them

Besides conversations, you can create competitions and other engaging activities for your attendees. Excitement, coupled with regular interactions can help you generate buzz – a very important ingredient in the success of an event. Psych people up through your persona – the face of your event – and when people talk, your event covers more ground. Social media walls like Walls.io can throw those social media engagements up on a big screen to keep attendees happy while at the event.

4. Improve for the future

With communication lines set up through your social media persona, gather honest feedback from your attendees. They will be more comfortable sharing their thoughts with you, which you can learn from and improve your future events. Feedback is extremely vital in creating better event experiences that keep them wanting more.

5. Promote effectively

Don’t stop promoting even when your event is finished. Share subsequent events that you have planned to keep the ball going. They will listen to your persona – more so than emails that try to sell something.


Social media is a habit that will not die as long as people have internet access via smartphones or computers. Despite the different levels of use, this marketing channel is without a doubt one that can reach your target demographics. With a social media persona, you’ll get to leverage these platforms to get your attendees engaged. Communicate with attendees through your social media persona and create a successful event experience today.

This post was written as a guest blogging contribution of GQ Fu. He is Regional Head at GEVME and responsible for planning, managing and running business operations in Europe. GEVME is the fully integrated event management and event marketing software that simplifies your event planning process. Own your events and wow your attendees today.