Social Media Walls: The Future of Event Engagement

Learn How Social Media Walls Can Help Boost Engagement at Your Events

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social media walls display example at an event with two men looking at it and one scanning a QR code with his phone to upload a post to the wall

Social media walls have become increasingly popular in recent years as a way to enhance event engagement and increase brand visibility.

By displaying live social walls at events, organizers can create a more interactive and dynamic experience for attendees while showcasing the event to a wider audience.

The benefits of social media walls

A social media wall acts as a social hub and encourages interaction between attendees, speakers, sponsors, and fans. It helps boost engagement and has many other benefits that can help you create an unforgettable event experience.

Social walls help you collect feedback

Live Polls can help you break the ice and have a fun start for your events. For example, you can use Polls during the opening talk and speaker session intros to grab attendees’ attention. Here are six more ways to drive engagement with interactive live polling.

But using live polls on social media walls goes way beyond the fun dimension. As an event professional, you know that collecting feedback after the event is challenging. Not if you create a simple poll and share it on the social wall while the attendees are still in the room. The response rate will be much higher than the one you’d have for a survey you mail out the next day.

Social walls help increase brand visibility

Another advantage of social media walls is that they can be used to increase brand visibility and reach beyond the event itself. By displaying a live feed of social media content from the event, organizers can reach a wider audience and expand the event’s reach.

Social walls incentivize real-time engagement

One of the key advantages of event social walls is that they allow for real-time engagement between attendees and the event brand. By displaying live tweets, Instagram posts, and other social media content, organizers can create a sense of community and encourage attendees to share their own experiences. This can lead to increased brand visibility and more meaningful interactions with attendees.

Social walls help amplify your marketing with user-generated content

The content your attendees share around your event will help you increase trust and credibility in your brand, reach a wider audience and sell more tickets every time. A social media wall can help you collect all the content posted with the event’s hashtag before, during, and after the event.

There are social walls that even go beyond social media content helps you double the content you collect by making it easy for everyone to upload photos and post messages directly on the wall.

Social walls are cost-effective

Social walls are a cost-effective way to increase brand visibility and engagement, as they do not require significant investment in terms of time or resources.

Types of social media walls

Twitter Walls: These walls display tweets that include a specific hashtag or mention a specific account. Create a Twitter Wall in minutes!

Instagram Walls: These walls display Instagram posts that include a specific hashtag or are posted by a specific account. Create an Instagram Wall in minutes!

Facebook Walls: These walls display posts from a specific Facebook page or group. Create a Facebook Wall in minutes.

Multi-Platform Walls: These walls can display content from multiple social media platforms, such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Create a Multi-Platform social media wall in minutes.

Interactive social walls: These walls are the ultimate engagement tool for event organizers and brands alike. They include live Polls and allow attendees to interact with posts on the wall using Reactions.

social media wall screenshot with a highlight on the heart beneath one of the posts which represents the reactions feature

Interactive walls can even go beyond social media aggregation, allowing attendees to post on your social wall without having to use Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or any other social network with Direct Posts. Your community can upload images or text posts directly to your wall from their laptop or mobile phones.

How to choose the best social media walls

There are many social wall providers out there. To make it easier for you to choose the best social media wall, we made a list of things you should consider before making a decision.

Real-time updates

The number one thing you want from a social wall is real-time updates. Why? Because a real-time social wall makes your event more interactive and fun. It enables you to engage your attendees in real-time conversations.

Strong moderation features

It’s important to note that there are some challenges to setting up and running a social media wall effectively. One of the main challenges is curating the content that is displayed. Organizers must ensure the content is relevant, appropriate, and aligned with the event’s overall message. Additionally, they must be prepared to moderate the content to ensure that it is appropriate and consistent with the event’s brand. Some providers offer advanced, time-saving social wall moderation features on this front. For example, automatic moderation, where you can set some rules or a blocklist that you can configure before your event. is one of the best social media walls for events. It allows organizers to collect and display social media content from multiple channels in real-time and offers a more flexible setup and moderation features than any other social wall tool.

Live polls

Live polls are a great tool to drive engagement, encouraging people to voice their opinions. Used on social walls, live Polls will help with voting (e.g., in a contest), help you break the ice at events, and collect feedback from attendees.

As an alternative to sponsoring conference swag or lanyards, you could generate sponsorship revenue with the integration of sponsors using a social media wall. If you set up a live social media wall for an event, sponsored posts give you a way to promote your sponsors and offer them advertising space on the wall.

The possibility of posting custom content

A social media wall is an awesome tool for blending various content types. It’s not enough for it to be able to just pull social media content from all platforms. It should also let you create custom content when you need to. Always have content curation in mind so you can showcase the most interesting content on your social wall.

Access to a variety of content sources

When choosing a social media wall, pick one that lets you pull posts from different social media platforms. If you want to be inclusive and collect much more user-generated content, ensure that the social wall has a feature allowing attendees to upload content directly with Direct Posts. Not everyone has a social media account.

Responsive design and endless display options

You can make your social media wall a success by employing great design, color, shape, and movement. Go for a responsive social wall that allows you to change the colors, upload your logo and do CSS changes. has a bunch of social wall layouts to choose from, as well as advanced design customization options. This allows you to adjust the social wall to fit your brand and use case.

Secure and cookie-less social wall

With increasing cases of cyber fraud and rising legal demands for privacy, keeping your accounts secure and ensuring you comply with the data privacy laws in your country should be at the top of your priorities. Arm yourself with the best security and privacy features a social wall solution can provide: 2 Factor Authentication and GDPR/CCPA compliance.

How to set up a social media wall

Choose a platform: Decide which social media platforms you want to display content from.

Create a hashtag: Create a unique hashtag for your audience to use when sharing content. Here’s an extensive hashtag campaign guide to help you with choosing and promoting a hashtag.

Select a wall provider: Choose a provider that offers the type of wall you want and can integrate with the social media platforms you have selected. allows you to collect, curate, and display content in an easy-to-customize feed. You can collect content from multiple social media platforms, RSS feeds or let your audience post content directly on your wall using Direct Posts.

Embed or display the wall: Once you have selected a provider, embed the social media wall on your website or display it at events using a monitor or projector.

How to maximize the effectiveness of your social wall

To maximize the effectiveness of a social media wall, organizers should consider the following best practices:

  • Communicate the event’s social media hashtags and handles, so attendees know how to participate.
  • Use clear and visually appealing design elements to display social media content.
  • Encourage attendees to share their own content and make it easy for them to do so.
  • Moderate the content displayed to ensure that it is relevant, appropriate, and aligns with the event’s overall message.

Social wall examples

Social media walls work great for a variety of use cases and industries. For example, you can use social media walls for events, your hashtag campaign, your website, digital signage, or an internal wiki. Here is a social media wall example directory by where you can filter through showcases of brands successfully using social walls for different use cases and in different industries.

social media walls for events example by BMW, including a testimonial as well as images of the social wall on a bid display at the event

Over to you

Social media walls are an effective way to enhance event engagement and increase brand visibility. By displaying live social media feeds at events, organizers can create a more interactive and dynamic experience for attendees while showcasing the event to a wider audience. While there are some challenges to setting up and running a social media wall effectively, the benefits of increased engagement and brand visibility make it a valuable tool for event organizers to consider.

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