Top 38 Event Marketing Resources

Achieve Your Event Marketing Goals With These Powerful Resources

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Being an event marketer can be challenging. You constantly juggle multiple project tasks such as booking speakers, answering calls, or setting up promotional campaigns, and it can get difficult to handle it all by yourself. We can’t give you an assistant, but we can provide you with 38 event marketing tools and resources that will make your event planning process much more manageable. 

From YouTube tutorials and blogs to event software and ebooks, these 38 resources will help you achieve your event marketing goals. The best part is, most of them are free and easy to access. 

Event marketing YouTube channels

According to a study that surveyed over 4,500 people, 87% said that YouTube is vital for helping them figure out how to do things they haven’t done before. I don’t remember the last time I typed “How to [insert any action]” and didn’t find a helpful tutorial on YouTube. So let’s make good use of all the valuable content out there for event marketing!

1. Event MB

Event MB is a YouTube channel focused on helping event planners plan better events. Whether you’re just starting out or are a seasoned event pro, you’ll find plenty of tips, advice, and tactics to plan successful events. This channel focuses on event marketing, social media for events, event trends, corporate event planning and gives tips on boosting your event marketer career.

Screenshot of an intro to Event MB's YouTube video titled The Future of Hybrid Events.
Intro to Event MB’s YouTube video titled The Future of Hybrid Events. Source: YouTube

2. Elevate Experiences

Elevate Experiences is a people-first brand experience agency with a passion for lifting others to the next level. Whether you are planning an event, big or small, this channel offers helpful tips and tricks to plan the best events. Their focus is to turn attendees into raving fans of your brand.  

3. Markletic – B2B Marketing

Markletic focuses on sharing actionable strategies for B2B marketing. This channel offers a dedicated event marketing playlist that includes tips to perfect your event marketing plan or the best ways to promote your virtual event, among many other helpful videos. 

4. Event Planning Blueprint

Event planner Melanie Woodward founded Event Planning Blueprint as a result of her event planning business. She has planned events worldwide, worked with celebrities and sports professionals, and managed multi-million dollar events. This channel will help you save time and money, and it will provide you with event planning knowledge from years of experience in the business. 

5. Miss Event Planner

Miss Event Planner publishes mainly tutorials regarding party and event decor, just like entrepreneurial advice. Taylor, the channel’s founder, focuses on empowering women to start their own event planning business and has created a selection of videos and printables to do so. Among her most helpful videos, you can find How to become an Event Planner and Top 3 PROS and CONS of Being an Event Planner.

Event marketing blogs 

While video tutorials can be helpful, there’s something about reading a blog post that makes it easier for many people to digest the information. Learn about event marketing at your own pace and check out these fantastic blogs.  

6. Endless Events

Endless Events is an event production company that helps planners produce in-person, virtual, and hybrid events. They call themselves “the Einsteins of events” and share a bunch of information about the event world. Their blog features helpful articles, such as a guide to choosing a hybrid event venue, event video storage, the human-centric future of events and much more. 

7. Eventtia Blog

Eventtia is an in-person and online event platform that empowers marketers to grow their business. Their blog is well-equipped with helpful guides and articles about the event scene. Some of my favourite picks from their blog are guides on designing communication strategies for events and types of online events that help you build a community.

8. Eventbrite Blog

Eventbrite is an event management and ticketing website. On their blog, you’ll find valuable content regarding event pricing, attendance and even venue risk assessment

9. MeetingPlay Blog

MeetingPlay is a virtual conference platform that brings the best audience experience to life with customised virtual, hybrid, and in-person conference and event platforms. The MeetingPlay blog covers big-picture event topics, such as virtual event production, ideal event tech partners and virtual event branding

10. Pathable Blog

Pathable is a global virtual event solution that connects attendees from anywhere globally through in-person, virtual, and hybrid events. Pathable’s blog specialises in virtual and mobile event tech, which means you’ll find articles talking about registration software systems, as well as about how virtual event solutions create meaningful connections.  

11. Swoogo Blog

Swoogo is a professional event management and planning tool. Their blog, titled un/convention/al, provides “good ideas for badass events”. And  unconventional topics is what you’ll find, such as event automation, sponsorship ideas, and many more. Make sure to check it out to broaden your event horizons.

12. vFairs Blog

vFairs is a virtual conference platform that gives you all the tools you need to host a successful virtual event. The vFairs blog is stacked with essential content for event marketers. They offer articles, case studies, and even infographics. Some good articles to check out are Features to Use at a Hybrid Conference and Virtual Icebreaker and Team-Building Ideas for Remote Teams.

Design tools to support your event marketing campaign

If you don’t have an in-house designer or you are a freelance event marketer, these design tools are all you need to create simple graphics for your event campaign. 

 13. Canva

You probably already know and love Canva, but if you don’t yet, check it out. This graphic design platform can be used to create social media graphics, presentations, posters, documents and almost any type of visual content. 

They recently implemented new features that let you create promotional videos for social media or your website. With Canva, you can easily create anything you need to launch your event campaign. 

14. FigJam

FigJam is Figma’s new whiteboard tool, which gives designers and non-designers the possibility to brainstorm freely while keeping to a structure. You can choose templates to brainstorm topics or go wild and let everyone doodle away. Make your team’s brainstorming session more engaging with this tool. 

Screenshot of FigJam's landing page. The image shows a whiteboard with different pencils, sticky notes, and forms.
FigJam’s landing page showing how to use the online whiteboard.

15. Slidesgo

Slidesgo offers an extensive catalogue of free Google Slides themes and Powerpoint templates for creative presentations. These are customisable to better suit the needs of any event planner or marketer. Next time you need to present your event to sponsors, try Slidesgo.  

Organisation tools for you and your team

I have to clarify from the beginning that I’m very biased when it comes to organisation tools. I have been using one of the following tools for a couple of years already, and I can’t recommend it enough. These tools will help you organise your projects and achieve your event marketing goals. 

16. Asana

Asana is a great management tool where teams can come together and collaborate in a shared space. For every project, you can assign smaller tasks within the project’s board, making it easier to keep track. Asana will bring order to your event chaos. 

17. Notion

Where do I begin? My love for Notion is immense. Thanks to this tool, I have organised almost everything in my life, from work, meal preps, study material to personal projects. The benefits of integrating Notion into your event planning process far outweigh the tool’s sporadic glitches. They offer templates that will meet your event marketing needs. 

Event marketing resources #17. Screenshot of Notion's website. The image shows how a list of tasks looks on Notion, both in desktop and mobile versions.
Example of a Notion page with a team’s tasks on List View mode. This list can turn into a Kanban-style board, Calendar and much more.

18. Trello

Trello is a web-based, Kanban-style, list-making application. It features cards that help you organise your work, and every task can be managed, tracked, and shared with teammates. This one can be used in combination with or instead of Notion. 

Software to assist your event 

This section is one you should read carefully, as the success of your event depends largely on technology. You’ll want to look for software that offers smooth and reliable experiences to ensure a successful event. Here, you’ll find many virtual event platforms, event management software and other solutions to improve your event. 

Most of the following brands partner with to ensure smooth integrations. Check out our partner directory for more information. 

19. 6Connex

6Connex is a cloud-based virtual event solution. Their secure platform expands audience reach and drives in-depth content engagement for marketing, sales, recruitment, training, and HR communities. The 6Connex product portfolio includes virtual environments, learning management, and webinars. 

20. ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign is a SaaS platform that helps businesses go beyond marketing automation to optimise their customers’ experiences. It gives you the email marketing, automation, and CRM tools you need to create incredible customer experiences. 

21. Eventtia

Eventtia is an event management software that simplifies event planning logistics and allows your team to run impactful events. With features such as online registration, website editor, badges and check-in, program management, invoices and payment, and email marketing, achieve the complete digitisation of your event and run it with just a few clicks.

22. Eventbrite 

Eventbrite is an event management and ticketing website. The service allows users to browse, create, and promote local events. The service charges a fee to event organisers in exchange for online ticketing services unless the event is free. A more affordable option would be to use Trafft.

23. Brandlive

Brandlive is an industry leader in hosting, producing, and supporting large (up to 1M guests) and memorable virtual events. The 2020 Biden Campaign and top brands such as Adidas, GoPro, and REI use Brandlive to create their branded events. The user-friendly Brandlive suite includes Events, Showrooms, Greenroom, and Productions and lets you host your event in 30+ languages with features such as advanced registration and best-in-class audience analytics.

24. MeetingPlay

MeetingPlay is an event technology solution that helps you bring the live event experience to your virtual events. Their event app solutions are built around your specific needs, making your event unlike anything else. With MeetingPlay, you have complete control of the look, content, delivery, utilisation and analysis. 

25. Pathable 

Pathable is a leading virtual event platform with a relationship-focused live-stream experience. It powers virtual, hybrid, and in-person events, specialising in corporate conferences, trade shows, educational events, networking events and more. 

26. Slayte

Slayte is a virtual conference solution that lets you run beautiful virtual, hybrid or in-person conferences. You can set up live, pre-recorded or on-demand sessions, customise tickets and facilitate networking. Setting up your next virtual conference, including a live social media feed, using Slayte and will be smooth sailing. 

27. Splash

Designed to help teams build and host virtual, in-person, and hybrid events, Splash enables people to do what they love: create memorable experiences, new connections, and business value. Through the powerful combination of data and design, teams can market, measure, and scale their event programs quickly and in previously impossible ways.

28. Swoogo

Swoogo is a professional event management and planning tool for all types of events. Whether you’re sticking to live, moving to virtual, or adding a hybrid component in the future, Swoogo has you covered. Capture robust registration data, feature sponsors, accept payments and publish beautiful event sites — all with your brand front and centre.

29. vFairs

vFairs is a global leader in virtual events, offering best-in-class virtual event solutions for audiences across industries and geographies. With a user-friendly platform that delivers an immersive online experience, a range of powerful features, and an acclaimed team of experts, vFairs provides a value-driven alternative to traditional in-person events.

30. Canapii

Canapii provides unique solutions to manage in-person, hybrid, and virtual events. As the only supplier with genuine 24/7 customer service, their global team lives and breathes events, no matter location or size. From registration all the way to post-event analytics, Canapii users can streamline their entire event organization and create truly unique event experiences. By being ahead of the innovation curve, Canapii enables its customers to impress their audiences every step of the way.

31. helps you engage your audience and add depth to the event experience with a social wall. It will help you promote your event on social media, make your event more interactive, give sponsors and brands extra exposure and create a sense of community worldwide. A social wall from can be easily embedded in many event platforms.

Event marketing eBooks and guides

The last and very significant section on this list features great eBooks and guides that will help you plan the best events. 

32. The Social Media Guide for Hybrid and Virtual Events 2021

Yes, we wrote this eBook, and that’s why I know you HAVE to download it. Social media plays a crucial role in virtual, hybrid and in-person events, and you need to make the most of it! In this eBook, you’ll find 11 social media case studies and interviews, relevant statistics, a hashtag campaign and social media checklist, plus so much more. 

Download it here: The Social Media Guide for Hybrid and Virtual Events 2021

33. Your Ultimate Event Marketing Playbook

In this eBook, you’ll learn how to promote events to reach the right people and get them to show up, ideas for recreating events as virtual and hybrid experiences, as well as how to fix common mistakes when organising events. 

Download it here: Your Ultimate Event Marketing Playbook

Event marketing recourses #32. Screenshot of an ebook's cover titled Your Ultimate Event Marketing Playbook.
Your Ultimate Event Marketing Playbook’s cover.

34. The 6Connex Playbook to Planning Your Virtual Event

If you are new to virtual events, you’re probably wondering where to start. This virtual event playbook is designed to help guide you towards success with suggestions and tips across all types of virtual events, regardless of industry or use case.

Download it here: The 6Connex Playbook to Planning Your Virtual Event

35. The Ultimate Guide to Hybrid Events

If you happen to be planning a hybrid event, which is probably a new concept for most of us, this guide will provide you with the steps to organise one.   

Download it here: The Ultimate Guide to Hybrid Events 

36. The Ultimate Guide to Improving Event Attendee Engagement

Attendee engagement is a crucial component of an event. This guide includes suggestions based on what MeetingPlay has seen work for their clients and will help you best engage your attendees at every stage of the event journey.

Download it here: The Ultimate Guide to Improving Event Attendee Engagement

37. The Organizer’s Playbook to Hosting Amazing Virtual Events

Whether you wish to connect people at your next virtual conference or showcase a unique line of products/services at your virtual trade show, the organiser’s playbook will reveal a range of helpful tips that will help you navigate your event setup and create a high-value experience for your participants, sponsors, and audience.

Download it here: The Organizer’s Playbook to Hosting Amazing Virtual Events

38. Virtual Event Communication Templates That Actually Work 

To help you get a head start with your virtual event marketing email strategy, vFairs put together sample templates that you can personalise to match your messaging needs if you’re hosting a virtual job fair, virtual career fair, virtual open day, or virtual trade show.  

Download it here: Virtual Event Communication Templates That Actually Work

Good luck planning your next event!

Make sure to bookmark this list and keep coming back to it, as we will update it every time we find a new helpful resource. In the meantime, make sure to try the tools that suit you best and good luck with your next event.