4 Top Benefits of a Virtual Conference Platform

Create Vivid Experiences With a Virtual Conference Platform and a Social Wall

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Event planners, hear me out: a virtual conference platform is all you need to conquer the online event scene. Get ready to plan the best virtual events with vFairs and Walls.io. Our new partnership will make your life much easier. 

There are multiple benefits to pairing a virtual conference platform with a social wall. We focused on the top four reasons you will love the combination of vFairs and Walls.io, so keep reading!

But first, what’s vFairs?

vFairs is a virtual conference platform that gives you all the tools you need to host a successful virtual event. They provide top-notch event planning tools, such as personalised landing pages, interactive virtual booths that simulate real-life events, and much more. 

On top of that, you can combine their virtual event solutions with a social wall to maximise your event’s impact. By pairing their virtual lobby and booths with a social wall, you provide your attendees with an almost real-life conference experience.

Here are four reasons why a virtual conference platform will benefit your event:

1. Vivid virtual event experiences 

A great advantage of hosting a virtual event is that you don’t need to book a venue, yet you can provide the same conference feeling. vFairs helps you create different environments tailored to your field. From entry lobbies, exhibit halls and auditoriums to networking spaces, lounge areas and social walls. All a click away from each other. 

By not having to book a venue, you are not only saving time but a lot of money as well. According to this survey, 84% of organisations that hosted a virtual event in 2020 reported spending less money on virtual events than in-person events.

2. Audience engagement is much easier

Interacting with a virtual audience becomes much easier with a social wall. Take audience questions using hashtags or use the wall to play ice-breaker games to help people start a conversation. 

The lounge area of a virtual conference platform full of digital people. On the left side: a social wall displaying tweets from attendees.
Citrix embedded a social wall in the lounge area of their virtual event to encourage attendee engagement.

Use the social wall before, during and after your event. Promote your event on the wall before it starts, boost engagement on the wall during the event, and keep the conversation going after it’s over.

3. Higher attendee numbers

Virtual events open up geographical borders. People from all over the world can attend any virtual event, including yours. When choosing your target audience, bear in mind that it can be found on a global level. International attendees will not only increase your attendee rates, but will also bring diversity to the table. 

A social media map displaying a tweet published from Uganda.
You can even have a social media map theme on your virtual event to emphasise contributions from international attendees.

4. Measure the success of your event with a virtual conference platform

Physical events lack the option of measuring attendee engagement, length of stay and locations, among many other analytics. With vFairs and Walls.io, you can measure all these factors and more. The data collected will help you measure the real impact of your event, which will, in turn, help you optimise your event strategy in the future. 

A virtual conference platform is a must in 2021

I’ve been biting my tongue not to say it, but here it goes: COVID will likely keep us isolated for most of this year, so a virtual event platform is a need in 2021. If you have an event planned for 2021, use the virtual tools available to keep everything afloat. vFairs and Walls.io will assist you with everything you require to create a successful virtual event. 

Create a social wall for your event now!

Create your wall

If you wish to include a social wall on your vFairs event, make sure to tell the team at vFairs about it and they will help you arrange it. All you have to do is send them the code snippet of your wall.