How to Create a Social Media Display with sklera and Walls.io

Our Partnership With Digital Signage Provider sklera Is Your Way to a Social Media Display in Less Than 5 Minutes

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Would you like to aggregate user-generated content from hashtags, social media profiles and pages and easily create a social media display that you can control from anywhere? Read on.

Create a simple social media display

UGC is the most powerful social proof, as it plays an important role in influencing buying decisions. Show off authentic user-generated content posted by your customers on a social media display to inspire potential buyers. 

A social media display is super quick to set up. The easiest way to create a social display is by using a social media aggregation tool like Walls.io. All you need to do is set up a free social wall, get your public URL and share it on any display. 

Control multiple social media displays from one place

But what if you want to show your feed on more than one screen at the same time? Or what if you want to combine your social wall with other types of content, such as music, images, videos or documents? Then, the easiest way for you to comfortably control everything from one place will be reliable digital signage software.

Digital signage offers an easy way for businesses to display multimedia content on a screen, either on their premises or in public. A digital signage screen could be very large, like those big outdoor advertising displays at bus stops, or very small, like a tablet set up at a point of sale. These devices are capable of showing multimedia content, which can be adapted quickly and remotely via digital signage software, making it a flexible and cost-effective solution for many marketing and advertising ideas.

Create multimedia content hubs with sklera

Our partner sklera offers an innovative software solution for digital signage — an easy way for businesses to display multimedia content on a screen. Changing content is easy and can be done remotely via software. By offering a pre-built integration with Walls.io, sklera allows you to add a social media display to your digital signage solution in minutes.

To use digital signage, you generally need the hardware (a TV screen or other device), as well as the software to display content on those screens. sklera covers the software part. Their digital signage solution can be used over the cloud and can turn pretty much any device into a digital signage device.

All you have to do is pair your display with your sklera media library, and you can immediately start broadcasting on that device. You can then control the content from anywhere via your browser. Use the private library to organise your content, whether it’s pictures, videos or websites. sklera comes with Walls.io preinstalled in the media library, letting you add your social walls to your digital signage device with only a few clicks.

Pair authentic user-generated content with any other content

Digital signage and social media walls are a natural fit. sklera allows for an easy and fluid way to combine social media feeds with other media formats, from slideshows to videos. Content remains flexible and can be switched up remotely. You can schedule playouts of different social media feeds on a single page and combine them with a live video stream or any other content you want your viewers to see.

By adding Walls.io to their sklera playlist, businesses can easily add dynamic social media content to their screens at showrooms, offices or even on public transport. This creates a well-blended experience with smooth transitions.

Once you’ve set up both your sklera and your Walls.io account and signed in, you can use Walls.io on your digital signage devices.

Not yet a sklera customer?

No problem! Sign up now for a free sklera demo and test sklera without limitations for 15 days. You get full access to all sklera features – also the integration with Walls.io – and it’s completely free of charge! If you like what you see in the demo you can choose between 3 sklera packages, depending on your personal needs.  

How to create a social media display with sklera and Walls.io

If you want to use the Walls.io integration with sklera, here’s how to set it up:

  • Login at my.sklera.tv and go to your library.
  • Go to “Websites”, click on “More” and select “Walls.io (Social Wall)”.
  • Enter the URL of your Walls.io social wall and add it. If you don’t have a Walls.io account yet, go to Walls.io to register your free account and create your social wall.
  • Create a playlist and add Walls.io as a “spot” from the media library.
  • To get your social wall onto a screen, navigate to start.sklera.tv to get your pairing code. For optimum stability sklera also offers various native player apps for all common operating systems (see sklera knowledgebase for details).
  • Then use the menu to navigate to Displays > Add Display and enter the pairing code.
  • Add your playlist to the screen, and you’re done!

Over to you

We see many potential uses for social media displays, from displays at conferences to screens delivering information to the public in train stations. Digital signage is great if you need to set up and remotely maintain dynamic content on one or multiple screens, and social media walls extend that content.

This is especially interesting for brands who want to build a brand hub showcasing a variety of content, including their social media posts. For example, you could easily set your public screen in your business’ lobby to seamlessly switch from announcing today’s lunch menu at the office canteen to your social media wall and then to display the winner of last week’s company pub quiz.

Let us know if you’re already using Walls.io and sklera for your digital displays. We would love to learn more about your project and how you reap the combined benefits of social media and digital signage.