How to Set Up Your Social Media Display

Showcase Your Content on a Social Media Display in No Time

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social media display Onsign TV digital signage

Aggregate and display user-generated content (UGC) in a creative way to attract and engage your audience – our digital signage partner OnSign TV is your ideal solution. Set up your social media display with and OnSign TV and enjoy increased levels of reach & engagement, brand trust and revenue!

Advantages of displaying your social media feed on digital signage devices

User-generated content is of paramount importance for your brand’s success. A study conducted by TurnTo Networks showed that 90% of participants rely on images, videos, or text posted by users to make purchase decisions. UGC outranks all other forms of marketing, including search engine results and promotional emails. Moreover, user-generated content is on the rise. According to another study, 58% of the respondents generated more content in 2020 than the previous year. 

Therefore, leverage UGC to your advantage. And what better way to do so than through the implementation of digital signage? To utilize digital signage, you will need both the hardware (e.g. a TV screen or any other device) and the software to display content on the designated screens. 

Integrate social media with digital signage

Start by setting up your account. Create your social media wall and generate your URL to share your feed on any display. Your newly set-up social wall will adapt automatically to every screen size and resolution, no matter which digital signage device you are using. To project your social media feed on more than one player and control everything easily from one place, we recommend using digital signage software. We partner with providers around the world, check the full list of digital signage partners here.

Create a combined social media feed for your display using

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OnSign TV is a professional CMS platform packed with cool features and designed to manage all types of signage screens. Reliable and extremely easy, OnSign TV is used to power large and small networks in more than 100 countries. The OnSign TV platform runs in the cloud, so all you need to access it is a web browser. The OnSign TV servers are secure, scalable and built with full redundancy, so your screens never stop! To present your social media content on the designated screens, you will need a small computer or any other type of Player. OnSign TV is the platform with the largest list of compatible hardware in the market. 

Real-life use cases of social media digital signage in different sectors

We have prepared a few ideas to get you started, depending on the industry you are operating in.

  • Digital signage in the retail industry: Display a social wall at your shop to showcase attractive content that buyers post about your brand on social media. Combine it with news about your latest products, items on sale and fun content from a photo booth if you have one set up!
  • Digital signage in the sports industry: Use a social wall to engage attendees during sports-related events. Display a social wall in your office building or stadium during practice to make athletes feel supported. Here’s an example of how Ferrari uses a social media display during a race.
ferrari social media display during race
  • Digital signage in the tourism industry: Town halls, museums, tourist organisations, hotels, tour organisers, and restaurants all around the world use social displays to inform, engage and encourage people to share their experience on social media.
  • Digital signage in the healthcare industry: Display a social wall in your hospital, waiting room or staff room to educate your patients by sharing the latest scientific findings. Use social media walls to spread joy during a crisis and encourage people to support each other.

We strongly believe that social media digital signage is a great fit for most sectors out there. Share your experience with us. We are always eager to hear about new projects and real-life use cases!

And now for the tech part…

This is how you set up your social screens using OnSign TV and

OnSign TV is a professional CMS platform packed with cool features, such as remote view, user management, custom font upload – to name a few. This reliable and user-friendly platform also supports all types of signage screens. Our ongoing partnership with OnSign TV ensures the best integration of our products. Are you already as excited as we are and can’t wait to set up your social media display? Then read on!

Log in to your OnSign TV account here.
Go to the Content section on the left sidebar. Click on New, and then on App

onsign tv sigital signage new app

Scroll down in the pop-up window and click on

onsign tv sigital signage

Fill out the App name and enter the URL of your social wall. Click the Preview button in the lower-right corner. Happy with the result? All you have to do is click Save.

onsign tv sigital signage

Click on the three dots in the bottom-right corner of your newly set-up social wall, and then click on New campaign.

onsign tv sigital signage new campaign

Fill out a name for your campaign and the click Create Campaign.

onsign tv sigital signage create campaign

Edit the features according to your preferences and then click Save and Publish.

onsign tv sigital signage dashboard

Click on Players on the left sidebar, then click on Setup Player.

onsign tv sigital signage players

On your player device or TV screen, go to and install the suitable OnSign TV app. Launch the app and you’ll see a pairing code – this is what you need to add your social wall. Fill out the pairing code (Player code) and click on Setup Player.

You are now almost ready – just type in a Player name and hit the Add Player button.

onsign tv sigital signage add player

Tick the box corresponding to your newly set-up social wall and then click Publish to Player.

onsign tv sigital signage publish to player

Click on Select Playlists or Campaigns, tick the box(es) corresponding to the campaign(s) you want to publish and then click Confirm.

onsign tv sigital signage dashboard

Edit the rest of the features according to your preferences, then click Publish.

onsign tv sigital signage publish to screen

Well done – you can now enjoy your social wall playing on the assigned players 🙂

In case you have further questions, don’t hesitate to contact our support team via chat or drop us a mail at