How to Set Up Social Media Screens

Our Partnership With Digital Signage Provider truDigital Enables you to Create and Manage Multiple Social Media Screens

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digital signage social media screens, bicycle social wall in parking lot

Would you like to show off authentic user-generated content on big social media screens? allows you to collect, curate and display content posted by your customers and fans on different social media platforms. 

If you would like to display the content on multiple screens and multiple locations, our digital signage partner truDigital comes into play. Read on and learn how to create engaging multimedia screens in minutes.

Combine social media with any other content

There are many advantages to displaying social media on digital signage. Social media walls work  incredibly well with digital signage because they offer an easy way of putting content from multiple social media networks on your digital signage device in one go. You can then seamlessly blend social content with any other content you want to share on your digital signage screen. and truDigital help you set up multiple screens and combine your social media feed with other content types. truDigital offers a variety of apps that you can choose from. For example, mixing Google reviews with user-generated content created by your customers on social media, as well as custom content about your brand and services, will develop powerful social proof. 

Ways to use social media screens

  • Social media screens in stores: Show your customer’s valuable user-generated content on displays in stores to increase your sales.
  • Social media screens in the workplace: Use a social media screen in the office or at the production site to inform and connect with your employees.
  • Social media screens in the hospitality industry: Travellers use social media while on vacation. Connect with them via a social media display at your restaurant, hotel or museum to inform and engage them.
  • Social media screens for out of home advertising: Use social media on a digital screen to reach, inform and connect with as many passersby as possible. Increase awareness offline to leverage it online.

How to set up social screens with truDigital and

truDigital is a leading digital signage platform offering a combined software- and hardware solution. Our ongoing partnership with truDigital ensures the best compatibility of our products. To get you started, here’s a quick overview.

Login at

truDigital digital signage app dashboard

Go to Manage playlist and click Edit:

truDigital digital signage app edit playlist

In the Template Library, search for the “” integration template and choose the app:

creating social media screens with the truDigital digital signage app and

Back in the Playlist view, you can now see in My Templates. Click on the button and Edit the integration:

truDigital digital signage app demo

In the Edit mode, you can now enter the URL of your wall (f.e. If you don’t have a account yet, go to to register your free account and create your social wall.

creating social media screens with the truDigital digital signage app and by adding a social wall URL

Don’t forget to Save Changes (it’s two clicks):

truDigital save playlist changes

Edit the playlist and drag the integration to the left:

creating social media screens with the truDigital digital signage app and

Finally, go to the Player Status section of your truDigital account and make sure that the playlist is assigned to the right players:

truDigital digital signage app player status, social media wall demo ready to be played on a screen

The playlist will start playing on the assigned players.

A picture of a TV showing a map layout social media screen set up with the truDigital digital signage app and

Over to you

We see many potential uses for social media screens, from displays at conferences to screens delivering information in public spaces. Digital signage is great if you need to set up and remotely maintain dynamic content on one or multiple screens, and social media walls extend that content.

Let us know if you’re already using and truDigital for your digital displays. We would love to learn more about your project and how you reap the combined benefits of social media and digital signage.