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3 Ways to Put Your Social Wall to Good Use

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The free social media wall for everyone

We’ve introduced a free plan for our product to make sure that can truly be the social wall for everyone. Now it’s time to show you some of the many uses for your free account so you can get the most out of your free social wall.

Our Pro and Premium plans offer many awesome features that make social media walls better and more flexible. But we also know that a good percentage of our customers doesn’t necessarily need the same options that big brands or agencies need.

Private persons and non-profits, for example, often only need to connect to the most common social networks and add just one hashtag or profile for each network. And if you’re not running a time-sensitive event, you don’t necessarily need the fast updates that we offer in the upper-tier accounts.

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Weddings, birthdays and other parties

Social media walls aren’t just a great marketing tool for big brands and companies, they also offer a great way for people to connect at private events.

Social walls are popular for birthdays, retirement parties, weddings, etc. For one, they’re perfect for collecting all the photos and posts from the event in one place. By putting them up on a screen during the festivities, you can add an extra layer to the event, allowing guests to interact online as well as offline.

Furthermore, people who can’t make it to the party have a way of being a part of it. They can see what’s going on at the party and even send well-wishes via the social wall, even as playable videos on the wall. You can also set up a photo booth to post to your social wall.

A social wall also functions like a virtual photo album and allows organisers and attendees to browse photos and posts after the event and for however long they like.

To make a social wall part of your next party, simply come up with a hashtag for the event and ask people to post their photos using that hashtag. There are various ways you can point the hashtag out to people, by putting up posters or printing it on place cards.

Your free account is free forever so we won’t take your social wall offline.

Travel the world and let others travel with you

One of the most important aspects of social media walls is that they make things more social. They offer a way to connect with others or stay connected, for example when you’re travelling or going on a road trip and want to share it with your family and friends.

For years, people have been keeping blogs to document their travels and road trips. But writing blog posts can take up a lot of time and it’s easy to lapse, especially on long trips. It’s much easier to just post your photos to Instagram, as you’re already doing that anyway.

Documenting your travels on Instagram or Twitter is perfect for those people in your life who use the same social networks you use. But there are always some family members or friends who can’t be convinced to jump on board of technology — plus with the way many social media networks are changing their algorithms, it’s easy to miss posts from someone even if you are regularly on social media.

A free social media wall is a great alternative to blogging your road trip. Not only is it easy to give Grandpa Joe the link to your social wall so he can keep up with what you’re up to. It also offers plenty of other advantages. A social wall is easy to set up with and you can collect posts from the most important networks Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. So on whichever network you post using a specific hashtag, the post will be fed into your social media wall, letting people virtually follow you on your trip.

Create advocacy and awareness campaigns

Another great way to use our free social media wall is to create a platform for your advocacy work or awareness campaign — even if you’re on a budget. This is especially good news for small non-profit organisations who often don’t have the funds to spend on big marketing campaigns but still want to run an awareness campaign using a hashtag and a social media wall.

It’s also a great option for private citizens who want to give their advocacy efforts a little oomph or find a way to connect and organise with others who care about the same issues. A social wall is a way for people who care about the same issue to connect, no matter where they are, a hub for social interaction and conversation as well as a marketing tool for presenting your cause to the public. A social wall can also be a great way to show lawmakers that there is support for a cause when a lot of people are tweeting or posting about it.

With a free plan, you won’t have the endless options for customisation that you have with a paid account, but you can choose one of our three beautiful themes. When it comes to awareness campaigns and causes, it’s less about having the perfectly branded and styled wall. It’s much more important to have a convenient way to show all collected social media posts in one place.

Our customers have created social walls for campaigns to make their city smoke-free or to raise cancer awareness, and I’m sure you can think of plenty more ways to use a free social wall for your charity or cause.

Know which plan is the right one for you

If you don’t yet know which plan is the right one for you, here are some guidelines to help you figure out the basics:

  • If you’re an agency running multiple social media walls for your clients…
  • If you want extensive options to brand your social wall…
  • If you want your wall to be ad-free…
  • If you want a custom URL for your social wall…
  • If you want to embed your wall as a widget on apps…
  • If you want to show your social wall as a geographical map
  • If you want to activate Google Analytics on your wall…

…then our Pro or Premium plans are your best bet. Compare the features lists for our pricing tiers to make an informed decision.

  • If you don’t need almost instant content updates…
  • If you don’t need to connect more than the 4 main social media networks to your wall…
  • If you only use one hashtag or profile per network…
  • If you want to embed the social wall on your website and you don’t mind our ads…
  • If you only need one social wall…

… then go with Free. Remember, you can always upgrade your account at any time if you notice that you need more after all.

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Over to you

We’re excited to find out which events, projects, campaigns, charities and causes you will use our free social wall for. Whether it’s a wedding or a social cause, your next birthday party or your around-the-world trip — send us a link to your social wall, your project website or photos from your event featuring your social wall for a chance to get featured on our blog!