A Free Social Media Wall for Your BarCamp

To help your BarCamp become an even better, more colourful and especially, more interactive experience, we would like to offer you Walls.io for free again this year!

Walls.io gathers all the posts with your hashtag from Facebook, Twitter, Google and Tumblr, plus Foursquare check-ins and pictures from Instagram, Flickr and many other photo services! Want to know how it looks? Take a look at the Walls of BarCamp Kiel and BarCamp Cologne!


That’s not all – Walls.io can’t just be shown on your projector or LCD TV, it can also be followed on smartphones and tablets. If you like, you can even embed the Social Wall as an iframe on your website! All the other features of the Wall can be found on our website.

How do I get a free Wall?

Very simple – just click on the yellow button or the link http://walls.io and sign up for a free trial Wall, then reply to this e-mail and we will activate your “Pro” Wall for free!


Naturally, we would be delighted if you linked us as a technology partner or sponsor on your website – but most of all, we’re looking forward to seeing photos of your camp with our Wall in action! 🙂

We wish all the best for your events and hope you’ll be having fun with Walls.io!