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We’re constantly working to improve Walls.io and give you a better experience. Sometimes that involves developing new features like adding videos with sound to social walls. Other times the changes are more cosmetic.

At first glance, our new theme Billboard looks like one of those purely cosmetic changes. But, since the theme makes posts on your wall appear one by one and fullscreen, it also opens up a world of new use cases!

Billboard is perfectly suited for holiday photo slideshows and events.

Billboard turns your wall into a slideshow

Basically, what the Billboard theme does, is show your wall as a slideshow of posts, one after the other. This is especially interesting for those who want to display their social wall at an event on a computer or TV screen.

Billboard displays the posts, one by one and in a comfortable size for reading on a standard screen, even from a bit further away. Thus it puts an end to a crowd of people bulking up in front of the screen in order to read the everchanging posts on a more regular layout. The posts circle through automatically, but you do have the option to switch to the next one early by hitting the spacebar on your keyboard.

Another potential usecase is employing Walls.io as your personal holiday slideshow. All you need to do is post your snapshots to Instagram, using, against our usual hashtag marketing advice, a very individual hashtag that is only used by you. Once you’re back home you simply set up a wall with your hashtag and set the theme to Billboard. And, voilá, you can sit your family and friends down in front of a screen and effortlessly annoy them with your gazillion holiday snapshots. I mean, they will definitely love it, no matter how long it takes.

Pro Tipp: to get the most out of your photos, use Flickr instead, as it stores pics in a much higher resolution.

How to activate your new Walls.io theme

To change the theme of your wall simply go to the Design tab from your settings and select Billboard from the Theme dropdown. Save your settings and then reload your wall. It will now display one post at a time, cycling through them at a leisurely pace.

Screenshot showing how to activate a new Walls.io theme.

At this point you could, of course, also choose one of our existing themes, which we have updated and modernised. Just like Billboard you select them from the Theme dropdown. With Fluid and Grid you then also get to choose from a variety of colour options in the Colour Scheme dropdown. This makes it easy to make your wall your own in look and feel.

Screenshot shows the Fluid theme with the Neon colour scheme.

This is the Fluid theme playing nice with a holiday slideshow thanks to the new Neon colour scheme.

Now go play around with our new themes and find the right one for you. And do let us know how your family, friends and relatives are holding up during your magnificent Instagram holiday snapshot slideshow! I promise, we won’t tell them they could speed it up by hitting the spacebar 😉