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The Social Wall Theme That Adapts to Your Content

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A woman walking along a path in a spring-time park, away from the camera. She is passing a big digital signage display that shows a social wall called #summertime.

What’s that magic content that creates trust and engages your audience? We all know it and have been harping on about it: it’s authentic content created by your community. User-generated content is pure marketing gold. There’s no doubt about it.

We want you to make the most of the content you collect from your community. That’s why we created Bricks, a brand new social wall theme that will really make your precious content shine across all your marketing channels.

A better way to show content

Bricks is the latest addition to our collection of themes, and it’s a real eyecatcher! We created this theme specifically for use on big displays, whether they’re screens, TVs, projectors, digital signage devices, etc.

The theme handles content in a way that makes it easy to spot and read even from further away. With Bricks, you can show off big images, as well as big written posts. Visual content shines, and text is easier to read than ever.

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Perfect for big displays

Bricks particularly showcases visual content but also makes it easier to read written content from further away. These features make the theme ideal for big displays where people can’t always get up and look at the screen up close.

The theme has no scrolling and posts cycle through automatically — which is another reason why it’s great for displays in public where people can’t always interact directly with the wall to check out individual posts.

Bricks is excellent for use at events, shops, restaurants, offices, museums, or even sports stadiums — anywhere people can’t get up close to the display. The social wall smoothly cycles through posts, automatically making more room for bigger posts so viewers can appreciate the best images and get a chance to read the captions.  

Your content matters

The biggest strength of the Bricks theme is that it adapts to the content of the posts it is displaying. What does that mean?

Where other themes show every post in approximately the same size, Bricks recognises the content of a post and allocates more room on the social wall to those posts who need that space the most.

So, for example, big, high-quality images are shown bigger. Meanwhile, lower-res images are displayed on smaller tiles to minimise quality loss and optimise the experience for viewers.

The same goes for posts with lots of text: instead of squishing them into a small space, long text posts are placed on big tiles in a big font, making them easier to read from further away.

Furthermore, the number of posts shown adapts to the size of your screen. On a smaller screen, fewer posts will be displayed. The theme can even adapt to particularly narrow or wide displays.

Three layouts for all occasions

To give users more control over how their content is shown, we have three different layouts for the Bricks theme.

Screenshot of the Bricks layout selector in the Walls.io Dashboard. Shows the choice between the three layouts with mockups of how the tiles will present on the social wall. Layout 1 shows only three big black tiles. Layout two shows 4 tiles, some of which are smaller, with one big tile. Layout three shows 8 tiles, with mostly small tiles and some medium-sized ones.

Which layout is the right one for you will primarily depend on the type of content you’re seeing on your social wall or expecting to see in your campaign.

Layout for big images

A social wall using the first layout, showing only a few posts at a time and on bigger tiles
Our #summertime social wall with the first Bricks layout active. Only a few posts at a time but presented on fairly big tiles.

If you’re seeing a lot of big, high-quality images in your campaign, the first theme really lets that kind of content shine. It shows only a few posts at a time and uses bigger tiles. It’s perfect for campaigns that involve visual arts, photography, etc.

Examples would be UGC campaigns where participants will invest the time to take a photo with a digital camera and to edit that picture before posting it — basically, any campaign that is heavy on high-res visuals.

Hybrid layout for image and text posts

The same social wall as before, only now with layout two active. We see a few more posts on the wall now, shown on large- and medium-sized tiles.
Here’s our #summertime wall with the second layout active: we see more posts but also fewer big tiles.

The second layout shows a few more posts at a time but still utilises more large tiles. It’s a great hybrid option for campaigns that see a lot of beautiful images but also expect written posts that need to be easy to read on a display.

This layout is a good option for brand walls and other social walls with relatively mixed content, rather than driven by a targeted hashtag campaign.

Layout for small images

The same social wall as before but with layout 3 active and showing lots of posts at a time. We see only one post on a large tile. The rest is shown on small tiles.
Finally, our #summertime wall using the third Bricks layout option: quite a few posts but they’re mostly on smaller tiles now.

The third layout is ideal for when you know you’ll be seeing a lot of low-res images in a campaign. It displays more posts at the same time but in a smaller size. This way, low image quality doesn’t impact the viewing experience.

Think hashtag campaigns where it’s more about doing something and documenting that quickly, rather than about how well the image or video is produced. A good example would be the Ice Bucket Challenge and other charity hashtag campaigns.

Showcase your content with the Bricks theme

Bricks is also the perfect theme for showcasing custom content and sponsored posts, where you have complete control over the content. If you’re the one uploading posts in the dashboard, you can go as big and bold as you want. And the Bricks theme will show your content off beautifully.

The best way to familiarise yourself with any new theme is to simply try it out. Bricks is included in all of our Walls.io plans, from Free to Premium, for monthly subscriptions and event subs alike.

You’ll find the Bricks theme under the design tab in your Walls.io dashboard. Give it a whirl and try out the different options to find out which of the three layouts works best with your sources.

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Try the Walls.io Bricks theme and show your amazing content to the world!

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Changing gradient social wall backgrounds

You’ll also discover a nifty little feature we’ve built into the theme: changing gradient backgrounds. If you don’t set a specific background, your wall will use a gradient colour background based on the colours in the images on your wall. As posts cycle through, the colours of the gradient will keep changing with them.

The changing colour gradient might not be for everyone, but it offers a fast and easy way to make sure your social wall always looks good.