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The Direct Posts Feature Will Help You Collect Even More User-Generated Content

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What if we’d tell you that you can now collect more content than ever before on your social wall and engage your audience way beyond social media? Your audience can now upload photos and text messages directly to your wall.

If you’re running events or user-generated content campaigns, then you know how important it is to facilitate content submission for participants. Here at we take engagement and helping brands collect authentic UGC very seriously. Therefore, we are extremely excited to announce our brand new feature: Direct Posts

What are Direct Posts?

The Direct Posts feature is your gateway to more content on a social wall. This new feature allows your community to directly publish image and text posts to your wall without having to use any social media platform. 

This feature is our way of inviting absolutely anyone to interact with your social wall. People who aren’t on social media or that prefer not to post on social media to submit to a wall, will now have a chance to do so without compromising their privacy. 

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More content, less concerns

Clear the decks to receive even more user-generated content. Up until now, you could collect content coming from social media on your wall. Now you’ll be able to collect even more content from your audience with the Direct Posts feature. And Direct Posts are content that is unique to your social wall because it’s uploaded directly to it.

I wrote “less concerns” to sound humble, but in reality, you’ll have zero concerns regarding privacy. By eliminating the need to go public on social media to post on a social wall, you show your community that you really care about their privacy preferences. 

Your community will have the option to post on social media or directly on your wall. More options means more people and more people means more content. 

How to use the Direct Posts feature 

You can easily enable the Direct Posts feature from the Content tab on your dashboard. When Direct Posts is enabled, visitors will see a Create Post button directly on your wall. Clicking the button will open a simple form where visitors can upload an image and add a text. 

After clicking on Next Step a preview of the post will be shown. If your visitor spots any typos or decides to change the image, they can do that by clicking the Go Back button. Then the visitor has to enter a nickname and accept the terms of service before posting.

Direct Posts moderation

You have full control over the posts that show up on your wall. If the wall is configured for manual moderation, then a direct post might not become visible on the wall right away but require a manual review. You can also choose automatic moderation if you share the wall with an audience you trust.

Screenshot of a social wall with the Direct Post feature in action. A box on the left shows how the image of a champaign bottle is about to be directly posted with the caption "happy new yesr!", there's a Go Back and a Post Now button.

Direct Posts use cases

Now that you’ve seen how easy it is for your community to directly post to your social wall you might be wondering which cases benefit from the feature the most. During our early testing, we saw our customers using Direct Posts for a variety of applications.

Internal company events — MI Content Expo

One of the first customers to use the Direct Posts feature was S&P Global. They put a social wall with Direct Posts in place for a large-scale internal event with around 5,000 attendees. The wall was integrated into the 6Connex virtual event platform and combined with a Snapbar photo booth.

Screenshot of the MI Content Expo social wall with the “Create Post” button at the bottom.

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Private events

Private events, such as weddings, Bar mitzvahs, birthday parties, etc., can benefit from Direct Posts, as it’s perfect to let everyone submit content without the need of going public on social media. This way, you keep the event private and cozy for all attendees.

Screenshot of a wedding social wall showing good wishes and pictures of the day of the wedding.

User-generated content campaigns — Kafka summit 

Direct Posts is ideal for UGC campaigns, as you’ll be able to collect additional content from people who aren’t on social media as well as content from social media platforms. Kafka Summit used’s Direct Posts feature in combination with Snapbar to collect branded attendee photos on a social wall.

Screenshot of the Kafka Summit social wall filled with attendees' selfies.

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For any audience with people who aren’t active on social media

There’s always someone in the friend group that is either not active on social media, or simply doesn’t post that often. The chances for them to post from their profiles to submit content for a conference or campaign are quite low. 

The Direct Posts feature will facilitate engagement for this type of audience. They’ll be able to contribute images and text messages to any wall, without having to open their social media accounts. A win-win situation!

Key benefits of Direct Posts

In case it wasn’t crystal clear before, here is the list of benefits that the Direct Posts feature brings. 

A massive increase in the content collected: The Direct Posts feature increases your audience scope; meaning that those who aren’t active on social media will now be able to contribute to your wall. Their content combined with the regular content from social media, will give you double the content, and double the fun!

Remove any privacy concerns: There’s people who don’t like to use their personal social profiles or don’t use social media at all because of privacy concerns. Direct Posts is the perfect solution to keep them engaged while respecting their privacy.

Get everyone involved in your campaign: When we say everyone, we mean people using social media and those who aren’t. Invite members of your community who prefer not to use social media to be part of your wall with Direct Posts.

Keep the focus on your platform: A social wall acts like a campfire where your community can start a conversation. Instead of having them go back and forth and get distracted by their social media feeds, using Direct Posts will keep everyone engaged, improving retention and dwell time.

Give everyone the chance to share feedback: Encourage your community to provide feedback via text or image posts, directly on a social wall. The Direct Posts feature eliminates any excuses, as your audience will have it very easy to post reviews.  

Try the new Direct Posts feature

The next step is for you to try the Direct Posts feature for yourself. Activate it in your account if you have a subscription, or just start a free trial to enjoy all the benefits this feature brings. 

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