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In this article, we’ll tell you why and how to embed a TikTok feed on your website. 

What is TikTok?

In a nutshell, TikTok is an app for watching and sharing short videos. Don’t be fooled by the short choreographies and TikTok’s popularity among Gen Z, as the app offers everyone entertaining content, millennials and boomers included. 

Why you should embed TikTok content on your website

Given TikTok’s growing popularity, you might be asking yourself why you should transfer all that amazing content to your website or display? Well, many benefits come with connecting your TikTok account to a social wall. 

  • For one, not everyone enjoys being on TikTok. The app displays content on full-screen, which some people find uncomfortable or too different. These people can still be served fun content via a TikTok embed. 
  • You can drive more followers to your TikTok account by embedding a social wall with your videos on your website. Visitors will notice your content and, most probably, give you a follow. 
  • Have all your social media content in one place. You’re probably creating custom content for each social platform. Repurpose all that unique content on your website, or display it on screens. 
  • You can engage website visitors and retain their attention by embedding your TikTok feed. People will watch your videos and spend more time on your page, which will improve your website engagement metrics by reducing bounce rates and increasing your CTR. 
  • Some of your customers might already be on TikTok, and there might already be reviews of your products. Collect all social proof from customers and creators, share it on your TikTok profile and use a social wall to embed it on your website!
  • Ultimately, showing website visitors that you adapt to new social platforms will show how inclusive and innovative your brand is.

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How brands can embed TikTok feeds 

Now that you’ve learned the multiple benefits of integrating your TikTok account to a social wall let’s focus on the possible use cases. 

Show off your social media content

Embedding a TikTok feed on your website will help you show visitors the range of content your brand creates. Whether you embed TikTok content or a mix of content from all social platforms, you’ll grab the attention of your visitors. As a result, you’ll increase brand awareness and website retention!

Use TikTok UGC to generate sales

Authentic user-generated content is a must for your marketing strategy. Not only does it generate more sales, but it also makes customers trust your brand. The best part is that UGC is at the heart of TikTok, as the app is known to reward honest content creation from everyday people. 

There are probably already reviews of your brand on the platform. All you have to do is find them, repost them on your account, and show them off on a social wall on your website or screen!

Give attendees their 15 mins of fame

TikTok is full of “A day in the life” vlogs in which creators, influencers and everyday people share their daily meals, errands, special events, etc. Encourage your event attendees to document their experience on TikTok, then repost their content on your account and social wall! Attendees will be happy to get their 15 minutes of fame.  

How to embed a TikTok feed on your website in 3 steps

Now let’s get to the juicy part! Time to learn how to embed your TikTok feed on your website.

  1. Create your TikTok widget
  2. Choose your TikTok account as a Source
  3. Copy and paste your wall’s code snippet into your page

Done! As easy as that, you can add your TikTok content to your website.

1. Create your account

To embed a TikTok feed, first of all, set up your account. Then go to Settings and choose the basic features of your wall, such as title and URL. 

2. Choose your TikTok account as a source

Notice: the TikTok API doesn’t allow collecting content from other users or hashtags. So you’ll only be able to add videos from your TikTok profile. If you want to display content from other accounts, you only need to repost on TikTok to make the content visible on your profile. 

To add your own TikTok profile as a source to your social wall, you first need to connect your TikTok account to Go to Settings > Sources in your dashboard, select TikTok and click Connect.

Screenshot of's software when adding a TikTok source to a social wall.

Then, you’ll be asked to authorize to access your profile information and public videos.

Screenshot of TikTok asking the user to authorize sharing their content with (tiktok embed)

Once authorized, you need to enter your full name (not your @username or profile URL) and then press Add to confirm the profile.

Optionally, you can add content filters for all the TikTok sources if you want to refine the content we collect and display on your social wall.

Screenshot of software adding TikTok as a source for a social wall. (tiktok embed)

Finally, click Add. That’s it; you connected TikTok to your wall!

Bonus step: Embed a TikTok feed with the design of your dreams 

After adding TikTok to your wall, you’ll want to personalize the design. Go to the Design tab and begin adjusting your TikTok embed to your liking. 

First, choose a layout. You have 5 options: Fluid, Grid, Kiosk, Bricks, Map or Billboard.

Screenshot of a TikTok feed embed on a website. The embed shows three TikTok videos.
This is what the default Fluid layout looks like.

Then, customize the color scheme of your wall and tiles.

Screenshot of's color customization options. (embed tiktok feed customization)

At the bottom of the design settings, you will find Advanced Customizations. Here you can choose how many columns to show, how to sort posts, language and animation. You can even enter custom CSS code to style your wall.

Screenshot of's advanced customization options. (tiktok embed)
Screenshot of a TikTok embed on a website. The embed shows three TikTok videos with a purple frame.
An example of how the Fluid layout can be modified using CSS. 

If a Dark color scheme firs your website better, supports a dark fluid layout out of the box. You can find it under Settings >Design >Color Scheme.

Screenshot of the color scheme drop-down menu. An arrow points the Dark theme option.

Here is what the above example wall could look like using the Dark colour scheme.

Tiktok widget embed using the Dark color scheme
An example of how the Fluid layout can be modified using CSS and the Dark Color scheme. 

3. Copy and paste your TikTok embed’s code snippet into your page

Finally, on the main menu, go to Embed and Display. There you will find your wall’s code snippet, which you can copy and paste into your website. 

Screenshot of's JavaScript embed code. (tiktok embed)

Over to you

In case you have further questions about creating your TikTok embed, don’t hesitate to contact the support team via chat or at!

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