Make Your Social Wall Part of Your Sponsoring Package with Our Sponsored Tiles Feature

Today, I’m going to introduce you to one of’s lesser known features and show what you can do with it. Sponsored tiles are included for all Premium account users and offer a way to make money by getting sponsors for your social wall and letting them take out ads there. However, they’re also a versatile tool that can be used in various other ways.

I’ll show you how you can use sponsored tiles and walk you through setting up your ads, so you can get the most out of and your social wall.

What are sponsored tiles?

We call every social media post that is displayed on your social wall a “tile”. Sponsored tiles are special tiles on your social wall that aren’t filled with regular social content from your sources. Instead, you can upload specific images that you want to display there periodically.

Red Cross Austria #getsocial campaign
Here, our customer, Red Cross Austria, is using sponsored tiles to link to their campaign website.

You can upload as many different pictures as you want and set up intervals to define how often those images will show up on your wall, e.g. “every n-th post is a sponsored tile.” So, if you set the interval to 15 posts, every 15th posts on your social wall will be a sponsored one.

Consequently, if you upload two different images, each image will come around every 30th post, since we distribute the various sponsored tiles randomly. You can also link your sponsored tiles to URLs to make them clickable.

Activate Ads in your Settings
You’ll find the settings for your sponsored tiles in your settings under the Ads tab.

You can upload images of various sizes and formats, depending on the theme that you’re using. To look good on retina displays, ads should be at least 800px wide. The height of them can be variable. The standard tile is 800x800px, but don’t let that keep you from going for other, higher formats as well.

Upload ads to your social wall in different formats customer Géramont is thinking outside the box and goes for other formats than the standard square.

Sponsored tiles cannot be enabled for the Map theme, but they work with all other themes. Do consider the final medium you’ll be displaying your social wall on, especially when using the Billboard theme, which displays tiles full-screen. The resolution of your ads should be at least as high as the resolution of the display you’re using to avoid pixelated images. Experiment to find out what works best for your wall with the theme you are using!

Let your social wall make some money for you

The most obvious way to use’s sponsored tiles feature is to get sponsors for your campaign or event and show their logos, adverts, etc. on your social wall. This option is particularly interesting for events where a social wall will be prominently displayed on location.

You can offer your sponsors presence on your social media wall as part of your usual sponsoring packages. Ask sponsors to send you their advert as .jpg, .png or .gif files and upload the images in your settings. Their ads will show up on your wall in a randomised order.

If you have multiple sponsors that all pay for the same coverage, simply upload each image once. If some sponsors pay for more exposure, you can simply upload their image twice or even more often. More affluent sponsor’s ads will then be shown more often than the other ones. Tip
You can upload png and jpg formats, but also animated .gif files! This can be a great eyecatcher, both for your social wall and for your sponsors.

Promote your own brand or hashtag

Sponsored tiles also offer a way to promote your own content, be it related to your hashtag campaign or not. For example, you can insert ads for your own brand or product. Just upload a picture or GIF of your own ad and link it to the corresponding landing page.

Add a click-through link to your sponsored social wall posts
Don’t forget to add URLs if you want to link the ad to your brand’s or your sponsor’s website.

Or you can use the space to further explain your own campaign. You could add an image that shows the hashtag(s) you would like people to use to post to your wall. customer Hyster uses sponsored tiles to promote their own hashtag. customer Hyster is using sponsored tiles to draw attention to their hashtag #hysterhub16.

You can even use sponsored tiles to not just promote your hashtag but to explain more about your campaign. This is especially great if your campaign involves user generated content. Use sponsored tiles to illustrate what kind of content you would like people to contribute. The clearer it is what you expect, the higher the quality of the UGC submissions will be.

Enhance your social media wall with your own content

Sponsored tiles can of course also be filled with your own campaign content. You can add photos to bring some variety to your social media wall. Especially at the beginning of a campaign when you’ve not collected a lot of posts by others yet, you can fill sponsored tiles with content that will make your wall look better and encourage others to post.

Use sponsored tiles to enhance your social media wall with more content customer Géramont recently used sponsored tiles to add more of their own content to their social media wall. Tip
Remember that you can add links to your sponsored tiles in the Ads Settings! It’s not going to make a difference for event walls but whenever people visit your wall from their own device or through the widget, you have a chance of getting click-throughs for either yourself or your sponsors.

Share your wisdom!

If you’ve already sold ad space on your social wall, we’d love to hear from you. How did it go? How did your sponsors like the option?

If you’re considering setting up this kind of revenue stream for your wall, let us know how it’s going. We’re also interested to see what kinds of other creative uses you can find for this feature, so make sure to send us your links!