The Best Things in Life Are Freemium —Introducing Our New Pricing Plans

Creating THE social wall for everyone has been at the core of our mission here at ever since we started providing you with an easy-to-setup, customisable and flexible social media wall solution back in 2014. And while we have always done our best to live up to this lofty goal by offering a great product at affordable prices (and of course by sponsoring hundreds of non-profit events and barcamps with a free wall), it’s only today that we can finally make good on our promise!

I’m proud and excited to announce that starting today, we’re adding a 100% Free Plan to our pricing options! No strings attached, no credit card required. Now, really everyone can set up their social wall with — and we couldn’t be more thrilled about it! 🙂

Why Freemium? Because it’s right for our customers!

In the spirit of transparency: let me tell you from my (the CEO’s) point of view, this wasn’t an easy decision to make. Why should we bother giving away our product for free, a product which we believe provides great value at competitive pricing?

The reason, quite simply, is YOU. More specifically, the diversity of use cases you have been demonstrating over the past 2 years. From large agencies running several hashtag campaigns in parallel on brand websites to big brand conferences displaying our social wall on dozens of customised displays. From countless non-profit events all over the world to the equally loveable private uses at weddings or parties.

Truth be told, when we started in 2014 we couldn’t have imagined how diverse the use cases for would be. Over the years, we realised that our pricing structure (Basic / Pro / Premium) only partly reflected these use cases.

“What if… we made our Basic plan basically free?” goes Freemium! Click to Tweet

Many occasional, prosumer users were turned away by our entry level Basic pricing, while the value we provided to enterprises was not reflected fully in our Pro plans — especially after adding lots of professional features like social maps, chatbot support, custom CSS etc., which are rarely found in other products of our category. And that doesn’t even take into account our 1:1 customer service, which we take great pride in.

So, we put our heads together, thinking: “What if…”. What if… we made our Basic plan basically free? We would be opening up our core product to really everyone in need of a social media wall, be it for a private use, smaller events or non-profit causes. And that’s just what we did!

Introducing: The new Pricing Plans

Basic (EUR40/Month)
Free (EUR0/Month) —
Perfect for non-profits and private use

Ideal for private or non-profit use, the new Free plan replaces the existing Basic plan and comes with everything you need to get your social wall started. Supporting the 5 main social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Google+), you can add one source (a hashtag or social media profile) for each platform. The Free wall comes with full moderation features, 3 themes and plenty of colour schemes to choose from.

Pro (EUR100 EUR175/Month) —
The perfect white label solution for businesses

Ideal for professional use, the new Pro plan continues to offer the full feature set of! Supporting an industry-leading number of 15 social media platforms, with up to 5 sources (hashtags or social media profiles) per platform, the Pro wall gives you all the flexibility you need for professional use.

Of course, the Pro wall still includes full white label capabilities, a custom URL for your wall, full styling options (style editor and custom CSS) and can be embedded on your website as a widget. We’ve also added some top features you won’t find on any other social wall: the social map displays your social media content on a geographic map, while our chatbot Walter provides the quickest way for your audience to post to a wall through Facebook messenger. Yes, truth be told, we’ve raised the price on Pro a bit, but we truly believe you won’t find a comparable feature set out there!

Premium (EUR500/Month) —
Perfect for agencies

Our Premium plan continues to be the ideal choice for agencies or enterprises running more than one social wall at the same time. In fact, our Premium plan now supports up to 5 walls (increased from 3)! The Premium plan comes with all Pro features, but adds API access and the option to automatically inject what we call sponsored tiles into your social media feeds. Our Premium plan really deserves premium support, so we’re adding priority support by email and phone! 🙂

What’s changing for existing customers?

Now if you’re an existing customer, you might ask yourself, “What’s happening to my wall?” Don’t worry. Nothing at all! All currently active plans will continue at the same price and with the same feature set as before! 😀

This is especially important for existing Pro customers, who will enjoy the whole feature set of the new Pro plan at the old price. Existing Premium customers won’t be affected, except, of course, they’ll be able to run 5 instead of 3 walls (you’re welcome!). Existing Basic customers, of course, have the option to cancel their plans and switch to the new Free plan, no questions asked.

So there you go. Again, I’m super-excited to open this new chapter for, and we can’t wait to see all your new social wall projects that are now made possible by our new pricing plans.

If you have any feedback, questions etc. — please, let me know at! I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

Best Regards,
Michael & the Team