Time to Level Up: A Guide to Walls.io’s Advanced Features

A while back we introduced you to everything you need to get started with your social hub using Walls.io. We showed you:

  • How to create your new social media wall
  • How to connect to social networks and set them up as sources
  • How to filter using hashtags, keywords or specific profiles
  • How to customise your wall’s behaviour, theme and colour scheme using our built-in design options
  • How to use the moderation options of your social wall to show the right content on your wall
  • How to embed your social media hub as a widget on a website, as a Facebook tab or show it on any screen or a digital signage device

Now, it’s time to take a closer look at some of our more advanced features. Some of them you can only unlock with our Pro and Premium plans. Others are available in our free plan as well.

Styling your wall: Go the extra mile by customising

On a free account, you can choose a look for your wall by picking one of our themes and a colour scheme. In many cases, this will be absolutely enough to make your wall look the way you want it to look.

Screenshot from the Walls.io Settings showing the basic customisation options available in the free account plus the options you unlock with Pro and Premium account
Your free Walls.io account comes with basic customisation options. You can unlock further options by upgrading to Pro or Premium.

By upgrading to Pro you get more options to customise your colour scheme. Tweak your header by choosing background and text colour, change the background colour of your wall or upload a background image.

Screenshot from Walls.io settings: advanced customisation options of Pro and Premium accounts
A look at the extended customisation options available with Pro and Premium accounts.

You can also change the colours of your wall’s tiles (the little squares we put the posts on!) in this tab.

A screenshot from the Walls.io pro settings dashboard showing how you can change the colours of tiles on your social wall.
Customise the tile colours for your wall.

If you upgrade to a Pro plan, you also get the option to upload your own logo, making your social wall white label. Your logo will then be shown on the left-hand side of the wall instead of the standard Walls.io logo and wall URL.

Walls.io customer social wall by MadPaws showing what a custom logo upload looks like on a social wall.
Here’s one example for a customer’s logo replacing the standard Walls.io logo and URL in the top left corner. You’ll have to look away from the dogs for a second to see it, though. 😉

Another customisation feature you get with a Pro account is the option to add CSS. I can’t really tell you what all you can do with this because you can pretty much do anything you want and can do with CSS. But here are just a few examples of what you could do with CSS:

  • Add a footer overlay to your wall
  • Create custom tile footers
  • Assign content-aware tile colours, turning all posts with the hashtag #blue blue etc.

By upgrading to Premium you can also add custom code to your social wall head.

If you want to know more about using some these features, check out our detailed guide to changing the look of your social media wall.

Walls.io Tip
Find these settings in your Walls.io Dashboard under Settings > Design! Advanced customisation options are for Pro and Premium accounts only.

API Access

Our Premium account gives you access to our API which, in turn, gives you access to all the social media sources you are using on your social wall. The Walls.io API is a meta API, allowing you to gather content from multiple social media networks without having to connect to every single one of their APIs. We do it for you, and all you need is the Walls.io API. Then you can build your own apps and websites around your social wall.

Of course, you can always use our standard embedding option to integrate your social hub on a website or Facebook tab. The API simply gives you more leeway if you want to create a specific solution or are looking for a completely different look.

If you’re looking for an example of what customers have created using our API, check out this showcase about a non-profit’s project.

Walls.io Tip
Find your API access in your Walls.io Dashboard under Settings > API! API access is for Premium accounts only!

Sponsored Tiles

Also with our Premium account comes the Sponsored Tiles feature. Sponsored Tiles are ads for your wall and they work with most of our themes, an exception being the Social Map theme.

The Sponsored Tiles feature is disabled by default but you can enable it under Settings > Ads.

Screenshot from Walls.io Premium account settings dashboard, showing how to activate the Sponsored Tiles feature.
Activate the Sponsored Tiles feature in your Walls.io Premium Account

Sponsored Tiles are tiles on your social wall that aren’t regular posts via your sources but images you have uploaded and specified yourself. You can even set the frequency with which these ads are shown on your wall.

Screenshot from Walls.io settings showing the Sponsored Tiles feature activated in the Premium account.

You can upload multiple ads or just one. They can be promotions for your own campaign, for example, to explain in one striking visual what your campaign is about. Alternatively, you can sell your Sponsored Tiles as ad space to advertisers or give your sponsors some room to present themselves on your social media wall.

Simply upload your visuals under Settings > Ads. You can use the URL field to link your ads to a website. Or you can leave the field blank to make your ads non-clickable.

Screenshot showing how to upload ads to your social media wall using the Sponsored Tiles feature in the Walls.io Premium account.

Images should at least be 800 px wide to look good on retina displays but the height is variable. So feel free to play around with other formats like some of Walls.io’s previous customers have done.

Upload ads to your social wall in different formats
Walls.io customer Géramont is thinking outside the box and goes for other formats than the standard square.

Walls.io Tip
Your Sponsored Tiles feature can be activated for Premium accounts under Settings > Ads!

Learn more in our Sponsored Tiles blog post!

Turn your social wall into a social map

Would you like to display your social media wall as a map that shows posts popping up where they were posted? This feature can be particularly interesting for global hashtag campaigns and for campaigns where the geographical location of users adds perspective to the bigger picture.

A great example is our customer the University of Michigan. The university has used our Map theme in the past for their hashtag campaign for incoming students. The map showed not just what future UMich students were posting but also from where they were coming to the school.

A screenshot of the Rackham Graduate School’s microsite with the Walls.io map theme embed.

The Map theme to turn your social wall into a social map is available with both Pro and Premium Walls.io accounts. You can choose it from the theme dropdown in your Walls.io Dashboard under Settings > Design. You can also pick between various visual styles for your social map.

Walls.io Tip
Your social map feature can be found under Settings > Design. Just pick the Map theme from the theme dropdown to get started.

All the things you can do with Walls.io Pro and Premium

We just introduced you to some of the flashier features of Walls.io, but there’s plenty more that you can do if you switch to a Walls.io Pro or Premium account. Not only can you add more platforms and more sources per platform than with a free account. You also get a bunch of other features and functions which we’ve listed here, including the ones we mention in this blog post.

Pro Account Features

  • Add your Google Analytics tracking ID to get more information about your wall’s performance
  • Add a sharing image that will function as a preview when you share your social wall online
  • Add your logo to the header of your wall
  • Customise the colour scheme of your theme
  • Use CSS code snippets to customise your wall further
  • SEO settings: hide your social wall from search engines
  • Add admins and moderators for your account
  • Gain access to basic analytics information for your wall
  • Embed your wall on your website or install it as a Facebook tab

Premium Account Features

  • Add custom code to the header of your wall
  • Get access to the Walls.io API
  • Use Sponsored Tiles to sell ad space or promote your sponsors on your wall
  • SEO settings: limit front end access for your wall to people who have the token