Hello World!Welcome to Walls.io

Fresh Name, New Pricing, Free Trial

As you’ve probably already noticed, we’ve rebranded our product to Walls.io (http://walls.io) in 2014. With the new name & domain comes our reinforced commitment to develop & market the product as a stand-alone solution. Social Wall has always been positioned as a premium service, highly customized to the individual needs of our clients, including consulting, design and 1:1 support for integration. While we certainly keep doing that, I’m happy to announce a fresh flavour of Walls.io today!


The new Walls.io Pro is a brand-new version of our proven product. It offers full support for all social media channels while letting you select the look&feel from a range of themes. At EUR 199/month its available as a self-service product, which means you can start using your Wall right away!

With Walls.io Premium we’ll still be offering a whitelabel, full-service solution customized to your needs. Together we’ll plan which channels and keywords to include, implement the integration to your website and create an individual look&feel matching your CI. For the Premium plan, please get in contact to discuss your individual needs!

With Walls.io Free Trial, you can now try try out Walls.io without hassle or risk. No Creditcard required! Just enter your hashtag and we’ll immediately setup a 24h-Trial Wall with support for Twitter, Facebok, Google+ & Instagram. It really takes less than a minute, so give it a try today!

Extended Channel Support!

Supporting content from many different social sources has always been a key-aspect of Walls.io! Today we’re happy to support more than 10 platforms – and we’re constantly working to add more!


  • Twitter Posts by Keyword or Hashtag (Realtime!)
  • Facebook Posts by Keyword or Hashtag
  • Facebook Posts from Pages, Events or Groups
  • Google+ Posts by Keyword or Hashtag
  • Instagram images by Hashtag (Realtime!)
  • Foursquare checkins & photos (Realtime!)
  • Images from Flickr, YFrog, Twitpic & many more
  • Tumblr posts by Hashtag or Blog
  • Reddit posts by Hashtag or Sub-Reddit
  • App.net posts by Hashtag
  • YouTube videos by Hashtag
  • Custom RSS-Feeds

Get Started Today!

Weither it’s the Free Trial, the new affordable Pro Plan or our longtime-proven Premium Walls – we couldn’t be more excited about our new offering – and we certainly hope you agree!

Got any feedback? Just reply to this email or send me a message at michael.kamleitner@walls.io – I’m looking forward to hearing from you!