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While some of the ideas for our features come from the Walls.io team, we also regularly implement ideas that our customers are asking for. Our newest feature is one of the latter. We put our ear to the ground and, as it turned out, a lot of Walls.io users would love to have an option to highlight specific posts on their walls. Enter: The Highlight Feature!

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Highlighting Posts: How It Works

This new Walls.io feature allows you to highlight, or star, individual posts in your backend in order to make them stand out to visitors on your wall. There are a couple of options that come into play here, so let me walk you through it – with a bunch of painstakingly taken screenshots, of course.

Option 1: Star your posts

This part is super simple. In order to do this you just have to navigate to the “Moderate” menu in your backend.

Meet the new Walls.io highlight feature
Navigate to the “Moderate” menu in your Walls.io backend.

Simply scroll to the post or posts you want to highlight or use the search bar to look for it. When you’ve located the post in question, simply click on the little star to highlight it.

Highlighting feature on Walls.io
Click on the star to highlight a post. Simply deselect the star if you want to un-highlight it again.

The posts you highlight will show a tab with a star on it which will fit the colour scheme of your tiles.

Star posts on your social media wall
This is what a highlighted post looks like when your wall is set to show the newest posts first.

If you’ve set your wall up to sort posts by time, starred posts will simply show up where they would otherwise. But you can also set Walls.io up in a way that will push starred posts to the top of your wall for a while.

Option 2: Bump starred posts to the top

In order to make sure that starred posts are displayed at the very top of your wall, you have to activate “Post Rank” by going to “Settings” and then “Design”. In the very first dropdown, called “Behavior”, you choose “Post Rank: most relevant posts first, with live sorting”.

New Walls.io feature for highlighting and bumping posts to the top of your wall
When your wall is set to order posts by rank, a highlighted post is bumped to the very top of the wall for 24 hours.

Now, when you star a post, it will get displayed at the top of your wall for a while. At the moment posts are pinned to the top for about 24 hours. We’d love it if you would let us know how this works for you and whether you would want to pin posts permanently. We’re open to suggestions.

If you want to remove a highlight you can easily do this by going to the post in your backend and clicking the little star again to deactivate it.

Highlighting works in every theme

Highlighting works in every Walls.io theme. If you’re using the Fluid theme you will find that, in addition to the star tab, your highlighted posts are also displayed in a larger font. You can see this in my screenshots, since I’m currently using Fluid for my wall as well.

I suggest you immediately have a go at this new feature, mostly because I can’t wait to see what kind of posts you will choose to highlight. 😉

Let us know how you like the highlighting feature in the comments!