How to Create a Social Wall in Minutes

5 Reasons Why Is Incredibly Fast to Set Up

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Are you looking for a way to show all your social media posts from various social media networks in one place? Are you planning to run a hashtag campaign and want a place to collect all posts?

Whatever your reasons are for needing a social wall, setting one up with only takes a few minutes.

Create a social wall in minutes

Pull together the posts, photos and videos from multiple social media channels and display the curated content in an amazing live social feed.


Here are 5 reasons why is an incredibly fast social media wall solution that lets you kick off things quickly.

1. Multiple ways to add sources

Social walls communicate with social networks through APIs. Depending on the type of data that each API supports, you can add social profiles, hashtags, keywords, boards, pages, subreddits, rss feeds, etc. as sources to your social media wall. Here’s how that works:

  • Copy and paste URLs (to profiles and hashtag searches on social networks or even RSS sources) or

social wall add instagram profile using URL

  • pick a network from the dropdown and then enter keywords or hashtags to filter content.

twitter hashtag social wall source

To add a source, go to Settings > Sources in your dashboard and click on “add a source”.

2. Auto-suggest so you can add sources even faster

Auto-suggest helps you add sources even faster. This feature saves you time since you don’t need to look up specific profile URLs. All you have to do is start typing the name of your brand and will automatically suggest relevant profiles to you.

social wall auto complete menu

The auto-suggest feature is available for the following sources: Twitter, YouTube, Vkontakte profiles, Facebook pages and Reddit Subreddits.

3. Ready-to-go designs

While we offer vast customisation options with our pro and premium accounts, sometimes you just don’t have the time to tinker with the design of your social wall because you need to get something online fast.

This is why we offer various predefined themes for various uses. We even show you which medium each theme works best on so you can pick the right one for your needs, whether you are using the social wall embed on a website or showing your social wall on a big projector screen. Take a quick glimpse at three of our most popular themes:

The Bricks theme

Bricks is the latest addition to our collection of themes, and it’s a real eyecatcher! We created this theme specifically for use on big displays, whether they’re screens, TVs, projectors, digital signage devices, etc.

The theme handles content in a way that makes it easy to spot and read even from further away. With Bricks, you can show off big images, as well as big written posts. Visual content shines, and text is easier to read than ever.

The Fluid theme

The Fluid theme is’s default theme. Built on a fluid grid style, it allows the tiles to expand according to the content of the post.

social wall design fluid theme

The Kiosk theme

This theme is called Kiosk because we believe it looks best on kiosk-style displays at trade shows, showrooms etc. The Kiosk theme displays one post at a time and uses 3D transformations.

social wall design kiosk theme

The Map theme

Many customers are using the Map theme to showcase their global hashtag campaigns. The theme shows social media posts popping up on a map of the world, emphasising that campaign contributions are coming from all over the world.

social wall design map theme

Most themes also have multiple colour schemes you can pick from without having to manually adjust the design. To pick a theme and colour scheme, go to Settings > Design in your dashboard and see which theme works best for you.

4. Block spam and NSFW content

There’s plenty of NSFW and abusive content that generally floats around on social media. There’s no reason to worry about it. helps you minimize the time spent moderating your social wall and maximize its potential impact by always displaying the best content.

Advanced moderation

In you have the option to either use automatic or manual content moderation. Automatic moderation saves you a lot of time since you don’t need to approve every single post. We’ve already prepared a default blocklist of keywords and phrases to exclude from your social feeds. You can use that list to filter out a lot of spam, and you can always add more yourself or create your very own blocklist.

Screenshot showing how to find and use the social wall blocklist feature on

The blocklist, combined with our powerful spam detection algorithm and the ability to block specific users will help you keep your live social wall spam-free.

Spam filter

We filter spam based on text analysis as well as image-based NSFW detection, which helps keep spam posts away from your social wall. You can adjust the sensitivity of the spam filter under Moderation > Spam filter in your dashboard.

For example, the post below would not show up on a social wall having #australia as a Twitter hashtag source.


5.  Embedding the social wall is easy

Many customers want to embed their social walls on their websites, their Facebook pages, or show them on big screens or even digital signage devices. With, embedding social walls is really easy and requires no coding knowledge.

To show your wall on other devices, simply pull up your wall URL and switch to fullscreen. And for websites, all you need is an embed code, which you can pick up in your dashboard. If you’re using WordPress, you can even use our Social Media Feed WordPress plugin to embed your social wall fast.

It works like a charm:

You can find all embedding and display options on your dashboard under the Embed & Display tab. Signing up for is easy as well. Just go to and immediately start setting up your wall.

We hope you’ll enjoy your social wall

We’re excited to find out how you’re using your social wall. If you’re using it for an event or as a display in your office or store, send us some great photos of your social wall or tag us on Twitter — @walls_io. If you’re using the website embed, send us a link to the page where you have the social feed embedded. The most spectacular and interesting use cases make it to our blog in the showcase section.