How to Use Sponsored Posts On a Social Wall

Link Surveys, Advertise Services, or Promote Your Hashtag With Sponsored Posts

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How to Use Sponsored Posts On a Social Wall. In the image: a person looking at a social wall on a laptop.

There’s a whole world of possibilities for what you can do with Sponsored Posts. You can link surveys, announce special services or even promote your hashtag. In this article, you will get to know the multiple functions of sponsored tiles on a social wall. 

What are Sponsored Posts? 

Sponsored Posts are special posts on your social wall that aren’t filled with regular social content from your sources. Instead, you can upload specific images (or videos or just text) that you want to display there and have it show up on your wall in regular intervals. 

Show ads from your sponsors during virtual events

The main function of Sponsored Posts is to make money by offering ad placements to your event’s sponsors. Tomorrowland, for example, made sure that their sponsors received a prominent advertisement space on the festival’s official social feed. 

Screenshot of the Tomorrowland social wall, including sponsored posts by BMW and Vallformosa.
The Tomorrowland social wall shows ads by the event’s sponsors, among them BMW and Vallformosa.

Tomorrowland designed and set up Sponsored Posts so that the ads naturally blended in with the user-generated content posted by fans on the social media wall. Each ad linked to a relevant landing page provided by the sponsors.

However, these tiles are a versatile tool that can be used in various other ways as well.

Measure customer satisfaction with online surveys 

Surveys help you collect important feedback that helps you optimise your marketing strategy. However, sending these by email might not generate enough replies. By using Sponsored Posts to draw attention and link to your survey on your  social wall, you have a chance to collect feedback from those who you might not be able to reach via email because you don’t have their contact details yet.  You can also add an incentive, such as a voucher for those who complete the survey, to encourage more people to take part.

Sponsored Posts let you add any image or video and connect it to a link. You can send social wall visitors directly to your survey with one simple click. Use this feature to measure attendee satisfaction after an event or to gather valuable feedback from your customers.   

Screenshot of a hotel’s social wall displaying two sponsored tiles linked to surveys, and other images of meals, and outdoor areas.
A hotel’s social wall displaying sponsored tiles linked to surveys. The hotel uses contrasting colors to make the survey ad stand out and offers an incentive to increase the number of participants.

Display sponsored ads on a news feed

With, it’s easy to set up a news and information hub centred around a particular topic or focusing on local news from your area. You can add content from social media or RSS feeds and even make some money by offering sponsored placements. 

You can also use the sponsored tiles to advertise subscriptions to your paper or magazine — just like you’d do on the physical pages —, or introduce additional services you’re offering.

Below, you can see a microsite we’ve created for the coronavirus crisis. This news feed includes Sponsored Posts promoting, so you can see how well the tiles blend in with the news posts. 

Screenshot of a microsite with a news feed about the coronavirus crisis. The news feed displays various posts and a sponsored post advertising
Our Coronavirus News and Social Hub is at

Encourage people to take action

Add Sponsored Posts that motivate people to take action, just like Study UK did. Study UK is a global campaign by the British Council promoting the UK as a destination for international students. 

The Study UK campaign used Sponsored Posts to provide concrete information that international students would need right on the social wall. The Sponsored Posts give them a taste of the services Study UK provides and, ideally, inspire them to find out more by following the link to the Study UK website.

As Spoon, the agency which ran the Study UK campaign, puts it “The sponsored posts were easy to set up, and they encourage people to take action.” 

Screenshot of Study UK's social wall displaying posts from international students and sponsored tiles promoting their website.
Study UK added actionable images and text to the Sponsored Posts. This helped lead students to their website.

Support local businesses 

Hotels, restaurants and tourist destinations can benefit from Sponsored Posts by showing off collaborations with other local businesses on a social wall. Display your partners’ ads or a simple logo on your social wall to alert guests to things they can do locally and ask your partner businesses to do the same for you.

You can advertise tasty meals offered by restaurants in the surrounding area or activities guests can book with local travel agencies and businesses. Creating a network of local businesses that support each other through social walls has never been easier. 

Screenshot of a social wall promoting tourism. The wall displays sponsored posts from local travel agencies, just like photos from tourists and surrounding scenery.
A tourism social wall displaying sponsored posts from travel agencies, just like photos from tourists and surrounding scenery.

Promote your hashtag 

Sponsored Posts also offer a way to promote your content. You can use these tiles to periodically explain how your hashtag campaign works.

Add an image that stands out from the other posts with clear and concise instructions on posting to the wall. The image below displays a sponsored tile with the words Post & Tag followed by a hashtag. People watching the wall will be easily informed of how to contribute to the social wall.

Screenshot of a virtual event's social wall displaying selfies from attendees, and a sponsored post promoting the use of their hashtag #MKRockin.
A social wall displaying selfies from attendees, and a Sponsored Post encouraging the use of their hashtag. 

Find a unique use for the sponsored tiles 

Each example on this list was created based on what each brand needed. But the ways you can use Sponsored Posts are practically endless. Whatever you need to advertise on your social wall or alert your visitors to can be displayed as a sponsored tile. 

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