4 IGTV Video Content Examples From Top Brands

New Feature Unlocked: Fetch IGTV Video on Your Social Wall

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4 IGTV Video Content Examples From Top Brands. In the image: a person looking at a laptop displaying a social wall with IGTV videos.

If you are interested in creating IGTV video content, this is your sign to start. Walls.io released a new feature: collect IGTV videos on your social wall! Read on to find out all about IGTV and learn content strategies from 4 brands killing it with IGTV video production.  

What is IGTV, and how to use it?

IGTV is Instagram’s answer to YouTube. This feature allows users to upload longer video content, and its primary purpose is to share more compelling content to engage followers. 

Users can access IGTV within the Instagram app and website, but also as a stand-alone app. The use you give to IGTV depends on the purpose of your social media content. Generally, this feature is intended to engage followers with longer video clips, such as tutorials, takeovers, interviews, etc. 

How to make an IGTV and upload it?

The most common way to make an IGTV video is by saving Instagram lives as IGTV, but you can also create a video outside the app and upload it via the app or website. Note that you can only upload videos up to 15 minutes long via the Instagram mobile app and up to an hour-long using the website.

To upload via the app, create a new post, choose your video, and the app will give you the option to publish it as a long video, a.k.a. IGTV. To upload via the website, access your Creator Studio account, create a new post and choose IGTV.  

Screenshot of Instagram pop-up asking users to upload a video as a short video or long video for IGTV.
Instagram’s interface asks the user to share a video as a short or long (IGTV) version.
Screenshot of Creator Studio’s interface when a user tries to upload a video for IGTV.
This is how Instagram’s website (Creator Studio) interface looks like when you want to upload a video.

IGTV video content examples from top brands

Now that you have learned the technicalities of creating an IGTV video for your account let’s look at what some top brands are doing for their IGTV channels. 

1. Later: present conference speakers as short IGTV clips

Given that Later focuses on all things Instagram, they had to master their IGTV video game. The use they give to their channel is simply genius. 

To promote their LaterCon social media conference, they made short (1 to 4 minutes) videos of each speaker presenting themselves to the audience. Below you can see four of these videos, part of their IGTV channel. 

Screenshot of four IGTV videos by Later. Each video features a speaker from the LaterCon conference.
Source: Instagram

2. Bon Appetit: save Instagram lives as IGTV and turn them into a series

Bon Appetit used to host weekly Instagram lives, in which a staff member would have a dinner party with a special guest. These 30 minute videos were then saved as IGTV videos, and became a very successful series. 

Adapt the series’ approach by scheduling Instagram lives with different people once a week, and then save them as IGTV videos. 

Screenshot of four IGTV videos by Bon Appetit from their Instagram Live series “Party Dinner.”
Source: Instagram

3. Instagram: publish takeovers on IGTV 

Another great idea to create video content for an IGTV channel is to publish pre-recorded takeovers by people from your community.  

Instagram’s official account publishes 3-4 minute long takeover videos by famous characters, such as Dolly Parton or Pontus Jansson (a renowned rock balancer). A brand could imitate this format by inviting influencers or a community’s important character to share a takeover video. 

Screenshot of two IGTV videos by Instagram’s official account. One features Pontus Jansson on the cover. The other video shows Dolly Parton.
Source: Instagram

4. Nasa: create educational content 

Since educational content is always helpful, why not share some in-depth educational video on your IGTV channel? Nasa does this quite effectively by sharing monthly videos with skywatching tips.

Your brand could replicate this concept by posting monthly videos with instructions on using a product or showcasing customer success stories. 

Screenshot of the Instagram profile IGTV tab by Nasa showing videos from the educational series "What's up in the night sky"
Source: Instagram

Collect IGTV videos on your social wall 

It’s time to enrich your social wall with more content! Collecting content from your Instagram profile and hashtags has always been easy with Walls.io, but from now on, you can also add IGTV videos to the mix. 😍

This example feed collects IGTV content, photos and videos tagged with #Barilla and #ASignOfLove (Barilla’s official hashtag). As you might expect, the social wall is packed with photos and videos of delicious pasta dishes. 

Whether it’s videos and photos from a feed or Barilla’s IGTV channel, you’ll notice how all content blends perfectly well in one single place. Whatever hashtag or profile you decide to pull content from, you can now throw in IGTV content to the mix and take your social wall to the next level. 

A screenshot of a social wall collecting videos, photos and IGTV content tagged with #Barilla and #ASignOfLove.
A social wall collecting videos, photos, and IGTV content tagged with #Barilla and #ASignOfLove.

Why IGTV video is great for your business 

Cisco predicts that by the end of 2021, there will be 1.9 billion Internet video users, representing 80% of internet traffic. Younger consumers seem to be spending more time on their smartphones, specifically on social media, so you want to start creating more video content for these channels.  

IGTV is an excellent chance to grab the attention of potential customers and introduce them to your products or services with a longer video format. After, repurpose the videos, and any other Instagram content, by adding them to a social wall and embed them on your website

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