Interactive Live Polling: 6 Ways to Drive Engagement

Let Your Audience Be Heard Using Live Polling on Social Walls

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Photo of a person holding a smartphone and voting on a live polling tool connected to a laptop screen in the back.

One easy way to connect with your audience is through interactive live polling. You’ll be pleased to know that introduced a new feature to make your social walls even more engaging: Polls. If you already have a social wall, here is how you can create your first poll.

The power of live polling

Cambridge experts tested the impact of real-time polling on students, and the outcome was quite positive. The adoption of polls during classes showed increased engagement, reinforced the course material, and allowed students to feel more comfortable expressing their opinions during discussions. 

The same can happen with your audience. Let their voices be heard with Polls! 

What are Polls, and how to use them on social walls

Screenshot of a social wall featuring a live polling. The poll asks "What team building activity do you prefer?", the answer options are: escape room, hike, board games, museum tour.
To the left, a live poll on a social wall.

A poll is a survey in which people are asked their opinions about something, usually to find out how popular something is or what people intend to do in the future. Social walls are an engagement tool by themselves, but Polls add a new engagement dimension. Used on a social wall, Polls will open up communication, help with collaborative decision-making, help you break the ice at the beginning of an event, collect essential data, and increase overall engagement.

They’re not only great for events and meetings. In combination with Direct Posts on a social wall, Polls are an excellent tool for collecting feedback from customers, employees, and even students. Like all content on the wall, it all happens in real-time. That translates into a much higher participation rate than you’d usually have when asking for feedback by email.

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The benefits of using Polls on your social walls

Give power to the people: Using live Polls on your social wall gives your community the feeling that their opinion matters. This is great for engaging event attendees, as well as your employees or customers. Let them feel part of the journey and empower them to influence important decisions.

Encourage feedback and conversations: Whether you have internal or external presentations, you can use Polls to receive real-time feedback. You can also ask questions and quickly start conversations with your audience. 

Drive engagement: It’s very easy for attendees to lose focus when listening to a speaker. Keep them engaged by using a social wall and asking your audience to voice their opinion through a poll. Not all polls need to be serious; you can also add a bit of spice by introducing funny polling options from time to time. Everyone likes a good laugh.

Now let’s look at six ways you can turn boring meetings into fun ones with the help of polls.

1. Spice up your meetings with interactive polling

Host interactive meetings or corporate training sessions that engage people. Let participants join in the conversation by using Polls on your social wall.

Polls can help you break the ice and have a fun start for your events. For example, you can use Polls during the session intros to grab attendees’ attention and wake them up with a good laugh.

2. Polls for contests and giveaways

Polls will let your audience pick the winner. You can ask people to like the best submission on a social wall via Reactions. Then choose the finalists, and add their names to a Poll. Your audience will then vote for their favorite!

If you don’t want your audience to choose the winner, you can still involve them in a giveaway by letting them decide on the prize. Add a few options in a poll and invite them to vote.  

3. Use interactive live polling to collect data and feedback

Collect attendee feedback after your event is over. Create a simple poll and share it on the social wall while the attendees are still in the room. The response rate will be much higher than the one you’d have for a survey you mail out the next day.

You could also survey opinions about football matches or dance competitions with interactive polling. Let your audience predict the winners. Set up a poll including some of the favorite teams or participants and invite everyone to vote for their favorite.

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4. Involve and engage your customers in product decisions

A product manager’s most challenging task is understanding what features to prioritize on the roadmap. An excellent way to find out what your customers want is by using Polls. You can add Polls on a product social wall and ask customers to voice their opinion.

5. Make your employees feel included

Whether you are deciding on the team priorities for the next quarter or your next company event, voting is often the fastest way to reach a group decision. Get your team members to vote on the topics that need a democratic majority.

Most companies have remote team members nowadays. Give them a chance to join regardless of their location. Allow them to ask questions on the social wall using Direct Posts and participate in important decisions using votes even when they cannot participate in meetings. 

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6. Test people on new subjects 

Polls can help keep students engaged and focused throughout the training. Engage them with a simple poll at the beginning of each live session and encourage everyone to share their thoughts and questions on the social wall.

After a course, workshop, or training session, use Polls to ensure that your students assimilated all the information. Create various polls to test their knowledge. 

Interactive live polling is a great tool to drive engagement and gather data in events, webinars, and contests

Now that has introduced Polls for social walls, you will be able to drive maximum engagement in real-time for events, webinars, and contests. The days of boring meetings are over. Let participants join in conversations, voice their opinions, and provide feedback via Polls.

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