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Let Visitors React to Posts on Your Social Wall With a ‘Like’

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Without likes, our posts would go unnoticed, and we wouldn’t know what type of content resonates with our audience. The possibility to express yourself through likes is a game-changer. So, we decided to implement Reactions on social walls

What are Reactions?

This feature allows your visitors to react to posts by liking them directly on your social wall. These reactions are exclusive to your social wall and separate from the likes or other reactions that a post may have on its original social network. Please note that Reactions are only available on the Fluid layout and only on our paid plans.

Make your social wall interactive with Reactions!

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How brands use Reactions on social walls

There are undoubtedly many ways to use the Reactions feature on a social wall. Here are a few of the ones that can help brands have more impact.  


The Reactions feature gives your audience a voice, which they can, for example, use to choose the winner of a competition. Ask people to submit photos, videos, or text posts to a social wall, then encourage them to give a like to their favorite piece of content. The post with the most likes wins!

Screenshot of a social wall with Reactions enabled.

Discover what content your community prefers

By enabling Reactions, you allow your community to express themselves. Visitors to your wall will intuitively like the content they find more interesting. This helps you discover the type of content that resonates better with your audience.

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Keep your audience engaged

The option to react to content will make your audience want to spend more time scrolling down your feed. It eliminates the need to go to another social network to like a post. Instead, keep people’s focus on your content wherever you’ve embedded it. 

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The benefits of using the Reactions feature

As many of our social wall features, the Reactions feature is optional. If you decide to enable it for your social wall, these are some of the benefits you’ll enjoy.

  • Keep the focus on your social wall: A social wall acts like a campfire where your community can start a conversation. Instead of having people distracted by their social media feeds, use Reactions to keep everyone engaged right where they are — on your wall.
  • Give people the chance to express themselves: By enabling Reactions, you allow your community to express themselves. Visitors to your wall will intuitively like the content they find more interesting.
  • Make your social wall more interactive: Adding a touch of interactivity to your otherwise static feed will make your visitors’ experience much more engaging. 

Interactive social walls are here to stay

The Reactions feature is just one of the steps we are taking to make social walls even more interactive (check out Direct Posts 😉). Here at, we want to give you the tools to harness the power of user-generated content in every way possible. We hope the new likes help you keep your audience engaged.

Give your community the chance to express themselves with Reactions!

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