Supercharge Your Walls & Native Login:Try Our New Features Today

Native Login

Native Login means that you can now login with your email address and password instead of your Facebook or Twitter account. This is not only more secure and convenient for users with multiple or shared social media accounts, but also enables us to add bonuses to your account. But more about this later.

The Big December Update that will introduce Native Login will go live onDecember 15th 2014, 11am GMT/UTC. During the update which will take 15-30 minutes, you will not be able to log into your account. Do not fear: The frontend will not be affected, so if you have ongoing events, displays or web-integrations, visitors of your wall shouldn’t be affected at all.

After switching to Native Login, you’ll be able to upgrade your existing account by logging in through this URL:

Just follow the instructions to setup your email-address and password and you’re good to go! From this point on, you’ll be able to use the standard login dialogue on


Back to the aforementioned bonuses: The first bonus feature will launch on the same day as Native Login and is called Supercharge.

Supercharge Your Walls

Even though your social media accounts are not necessary for login anymore, you can still put them to good use: You can use them to supercharge your Wall, making posts appear up to 300% faster than before. To receive an instant turbo boost, log into your upgraded account. You will immediately notice a yellow box containing several Connect buttons for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Google+. Click them to connect your social media accounts to all of your Walls.


How does Supercharge work? By connecting Facebook, Twitter etc. with your account, we can dramatically increase the rate at which your wall can be updated.

But wait, there’s more!

As if Native Login and Supercharge weren’t enough, The Big December Update will also contain some more improvements:

  • A small redesign of the backend, making it much easier to switch between settings, moderation and analytics of your Walls, thanks to a new main menu and tabbed submenus.
  • Persistent Login – Simply select the “Remember me on this computer” checkbox when logging in and you will stayed logged in in this browser, even if you restart your browser or even reboot your computer.
  • We made it easier for Premium and Pro users to add and remove moderators (and invitations) to and from your wall.
  • … and lots of performance and security improvements under the hood.

We hope you will like the new experience. Don’t forget to visit us on December 15th to upgrade your account and supercharge your walls!