How to Add Sources to Your Social Media Wall

Inside the New Walls.io Channel Editor

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Inside the new Walls.io Channel Editor
Inside the New Walls.io Channel Editor: Adding Sources Is Easier Than Ever Before

Adding Sources Is Easier Than Ever Before

Some Walls.io customers may have already noticed the changes as we quietly introduced our new channel editor last week. Thanks to the overhaul of our channel editor setting up and running your social media wall is easier than ever.

Here’s what’s new in the channel editor:

  • Add content by entering a URL
  • See a preview of the profile you’re adding
  • Set up hashtags or keywords for each profile instead of just per channel
  • Filter hashtags: “Only show tweets with hashtag X if they also include keyword Y”
  • Add Tumblr blogs and Reddit subreddits instead of just keywords
  • Manage all your channel connections in a separate tab

Adding Your Content Sources

When you first set up your wall you have to specify which sources you want to use to populate your wall. To do this, head to the Sources tab in your settings and click on “add source”.Select a network from the dropdown.  If you haven’t yet connected your accounts, you’ll be asked to do this here (but only once for every channel).

Select a network from the dropdown.  If you haven’t yet connected your accounts, you’ll be asked to do this here (but only once for every channel).

Walls.io channel editor screenshot

Once you’ve authorised the connection, you can start adding your sources.

Why we need you to connect your accounts:

Just like before, you won’t be able to add sources before connecting your accounts. With most social networks, a user connection allows us to fetch updates more often, ensuring that your wall updates more quickly.

Add Sources by Hashtag, Keyword & Profile

We want to make it really easy to add new sources, so we’re handling as many different ways to do this as possible for you.

How you can add sources depends on each channel. But, generally speaking, you can add content by hashtag, by keyword, or by adding a profile as a source. You can also add Facebook pages, Facebook events and Facebook groups.

When you add a profile you’ll also see a preview to make sure you’ve got the right profile.

Walls.io channel editor preview function

Add a URL

Whatever your network, one surefire way to add content is copying and pasting a URL as a source. That can be a Twitter or Facebook profile or even a search result from YouTube. Walls.io will automatically recognise the source  type.

Add Subreddits and Tumblr Blogs

The new Channel Editor brings an exciting change for Reddit and Tumblr sources. Previously, you could only fetch content by keyword. Now you can add specific Tumblr blog and Reddit subreddits as sources.

New Filtering Options

After some gentle prods from Walls.io users, we’ve added more elaborate filtering options. You can now filter and sub-filter to your heart’s content. This lets you narrow down the search if you use a hashtag that’s commonly used and gives you more control over the content that shows up on your wall.

Different Hashtags for Every Source

Before, you could set up collective keywords for each channel, e.g. you’d use the same hashtag to fetch content from all Twitter profiles. Now, you can set separate keywords for each profile. You could set different keywords for different Twitter accounts.

Filter Keywords Further

Now, you can filter more accurately by setting up a hashtag and then filtering it by adding other hashtags or keywords in the “only show posts” field. Posts are only fetched if they use both keywords.

For example, you can now tell Walls.io to fetch all tweets using the hashtag #marketing — but only if they also contain the keyword “hashtag”.

Walls.io channel editor elaborate filtering

The Connections Tab

You can do pretty much everything from the Sources tab, except a few select things that you’ll find only in the new Connections tab.

Use the Connections tab if you’d like to disconnect a channel and if you want to upgrade your Facebook connection. Of course, you can also connect accounts in the connections tab if you prefer this.

Is Upgrading Your Facebook Connection Relevant for You?

This feature only concerns you if you are fetching content from a Facebook page you manage and you want Walls.io to fetch posts other people have left on your page.

Due to some Facebook peculiarities, you may occasionally find some user posts missing from your social wall. This is a completely random occurrence. Simplified, Facebook’s privacy settings go to war with each other, which leads to public posts not showing up in the Facebook API.

If this happens on your page, upgrading your Facebook connection lets you make sure those posts show up on your social wall again.

Once you’ve connected your Facebook account and added your Facebook page as a source, return to the Connections tab. You’ll now find the option to upgrade your connected Facebook account.

Walls.io channel editor upgrade Facebook connection

By confirming the dialogue you authorise Walls.io to manage your page. This ensures that all posts are fetched from your page. Don’t worry, Walls.io won’t post to your Facebook page on your behalf.

A Quick Recap

In the Sources tab, you can connect your profiles, set up your sources, and elaborately filter them with keywords.

In the Connections tab, you connect and disconnect profiles and authorise Walls.io to manage your page. This way you can make sure that all posts can be fetched from your Facebook page.

We hope the changes we made to our channel editor will make setting up your social media wall even easier than before. If you have any questions, please, don’t hesitate to contact our support team.