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We’ve come a long way from the first silent films in the 1890s to the beginning of the sound era in 1927 to a world where most of us can easily shoot video on our smartphones without much preparation.

Today, according to YouTube statistics, 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute and US-adults spend about 5.5 hours every day watching video. Video content has become an intrinsic part of our lives, from YouTube clips and Facebook’s video autoplay feature to Instagram videos, Dubsmash vids and Vines. And, to be even more current, there’s Beme which everyone with an iPhone is currently coveting like the next bit of Apple hardware. [No, we don’t have any unlock codes. Yes, I’m on an Android. And, yes, as usually when apps are released on iPhone only, I am miffed.]

So, in order to reflect the world we live in we’ve brought a couple of changes to Walls.io: We’re adding more platforms and introducing more features. And they’re all about moving images.

New video platforms: Vimeo & Vine

First of all, you should know that your social wall doesn’t just pull posts with your hashtag from the usual social media suspects but can also do this with video platforms. This has been possible with YouTube and Instagram for a while now. We just haven’t made a lot of noise about it. But now Walls.io can also pull posts from Vimeo and Vine for you.

That brings our list of supported social networks that feature video to the following:

Content from YouTube and Vimeo will show up as thumbnails on your wall. For Vine, Instagram and Facebook we have a special treat though.

Social videos embedded & with sound

Video content pulled from Instagram, Vine and Facebook is now embedded on your wall and can be played right there and with sound. And you’ll never have to worry about annoying autoplays, because we wouldn’t do that to you. Clips will start playing on their own when the page loads but with the sound off. You can simply unmute and mute, exactly like you’re used to from Vine’s and Instagram’s native apps.

Pull posts from social video platforms and play them with sound right on your Walls.io social wall.Here’s an example from the wall of one of our clients, Tumix.

You can click on the loud speaker icon in the bottom right corner, which shows up when you hover over a specific post, and turn sound on and off there. Or you can click on the post itself and it will open in a popup on the same page with sound. Only when you click on the popup again will you be taken away to the social network where the video was originally posted.

Turn on Vimeo and Vine for your Walls.io

Enabling the new platforms for your social wall is really simple. Just head to your Walls.io settings page and enter the keywords and hashtags for the platforms you want to use, and that’s it. From now on, when someone posts something on Vine or Vimeo using your hashtag, their post will show up on your wall. Posts from Vimeo will show thumbnail previews just like YouTube posts already do. And, thanks to the new sound feature, Vine, Instagram and Facebook clips are embedded and can be played right there on your wall.

Screenshot from Walls.io settings page, showing you how to add platforms like Vimeo and Vine to your social wall.

While these new platforms and features might not exactly equal the revolution that was the invention of film, they should definitely make your lives easier and your hashtag campaigns more effective by keeping users on your site. If you have any questions about using these video platforms with Walls.io, let us know in the comments or ask the lovely Walls.io support team.