Ready for Rebrand:Meet the New, the Social Wall for Everyone

If you’ve noticed some quiet weeks here on the blog recently that’s because we’ve been hard at work relaunching

We’re constantly improving and developing the user interface of the app, introducing new features and adding new social network integrations. Now, it was time to take a closer look at our online presence. As you can see, we’ve completely overhauled our main site, the blog, and even our logo.

The new logo

The new logo in combination with the new logotype

Our new logo had to meet a few requirements. We wanted it to be more memorable than the old logotype on its own and we wanted it to represent what is and does.

We decided to keep an additional logotype next to the symbol to help people associate the new logo with our brand name. But the symbol itself works as a stand-alone logo as well. is all about collecting social media posts and displaying them in one place. This is represented in the logo by the wrapping element holding everything together. The tiles inside refer both to the social media posts themselves and to one of the main use cases for the website widget. By colouring one of the tiles yellow, we’re conveying that can be implemented wherever needed.

The new logo is easy to use, lightweight, and fast, so we rotated it 90 degrees to show a very agile and straight-forward product.

Did you know?

The new logo even adheres to the golden ratio!

The new brand colours offer more contrast and convey a more grown-up look, while still sticking with a colour combination that has enough ties to the former CI to strengthen the brand. — The Social Wall for Everyone

When started in 2014, the slogan “Your Hashtags Unleashed” made perfect sense because we were all about events and hashtag campaigns. As developed over the years, our brand expanded, and so did the use cases for our service. is a flexible social wall solution. You can collect posts from dozens of social media networks. You can extensively customise your social wall to make it fit your own brand. The web app is easy to understand for non-technical users, but also offers advanced options for developers. adapts to your use. That’s why is the social wall for everyone.

The destination for those looking into social walls

Social media walls are now widely in use. There are many things you can use them for, from hashtag campaigns to brand hubs. We’ve created a brand new landing page because we want to give those looking into social media campaigns for the first time a great jumping-off point. will be their go-to source for information about social media walls. It’s not just about explaining what is and how it works, but also about giving an insight into the marvellous things you can do with a social wall.

Those who already know their way around hashtag campaigns will also find valuable information about advanced options, like using our Meta-API to interface with multiple social channels in one go.

The new use case pages

We created landing pages for our four main use cases:

  • Creating successful incentivised hashtag campaigns to grow your reach
  • Pairing your events with a social wall to encourage interaction and to document your events
  • Setting up a social media hub for your brand to enhance your website experience
  • Using the Meta-API to develop your own projects

Those pages further explain what you can do with a social wall and how can make things easier for you. The use case pages  also include “how to” sections that will guide you through each use case step by step.

Check out our use case pages for

Our new blog layout

In the course of the website relaunch, we decided to dust off the ole blog as well. If you’re reading this directly on our site and not in a feedreader you’ll already have noticed that the blog has gotten an overhaul.

Clueless Makeover GIF

Blogs can easily become cluttered. We cleaned up ours by removing unnecessary elements to create a more enjoyable reading experience. We optimised by reducing loading times and improving UI components, as well as increasing whitespace.

Because we believe that content is still king we centred the blog layout. We also used our new yellow to highlight the headlines and make it easier to follow and skim articles.

Our blog now also supports Google AMP and Facebook Instant Articles to make your mobile reading experience better and faster.

Content changes

We’ve taken this opportunity to futz with our content a bit as well. In the future, new showcase blog posts are going to include embedded walls, so you can immediately see what the featured campaign is doing.

We’ve also got a new type of post coming up. Over the summer, we’ll be posting our interviews with online marketing agencies who are using for their clients.

They’ll grant us some insight into their social media strategies and campaign experiences. Stay tuned for the first Social Media Summer Talks on this blog!

A stronger, fresher brand

In the end, we managed to create an even stronger brand presence with an easy-to-remember new logo and new brand colours.

We have a fast and lightweight landing page that guides new and old users through the various use cases of We communicate more clearly and focus on our target audiences.

Our new blog layout makes it easier to read and skim articles. New content types will make for a more varied experience and give readers insight into how agencies use social walls and to enhance their social media marketing efforts for their clients.

We value your feedback

Of course, a relaunch of a living website is never 100% “done”. We’ll spend the next weeks and months watching how you, our users, interact with our new landing page and blog, making improvements wherever necessary.

In that regard, we’d like to ask for your feedback. Whether you’ve been using before or are a first-timer: Do you like our new brand colours and logo? Did you find all the information you were looking for? Let us know in the comments or contact us at, we’re always happy to hear from you!