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How to Turn User-Generated Content into Sales

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We always extol the virtues of user-generated content here at Walls.io. That’s because UGC is a great tool for convincing people to buy your product. It works even better when you make it really easy for users to take that step of actually making the purchase. That’s why linking eCommerce to UGC is so beneficial for brands.

A call-to-action button for your social wall

To make it easier for our customers to go straight from awesome UGC to awesome sales, we have implemented a new social commerce feature for our social walls: the call-to-action (CTA) button. It’s the best way to convert viewers of your wall into buyers of your product without complicated hurdles.


Our new social commerce feature allows you to easily place a button on existing social media posts on your social wall. You can choose what the button says and where it links to. So, really, it’s much more than just a shop now button. It can be a download now button or a get more info button, whatever it is that fits your business. It’s a call-to-action button because which action you want your customers to take is totally up to you.

The CTA button feature is only available in the Walls.io Premium plan. If you have a free Walls.io account and you would like to try out this feature, just drop us an email.

There are so many ways you can use our nifty new button. Check out a few ideas and use cases we’ve collected for you.

A classic social commerce CTA button

Social walls with an eCommerce feature can help increase engagement and boost sales. We’re so often persuaded by what other people on social media are wearing or using. For many social media users, seeing influencers show off a product creates a desire to own that product as well. The easier brands make it for them to get to these products, the better.

An eCommerce button on a social wall has the same effect as Instagram’s or Pinterest’s product buttons, with the added benefit of not just relying on one social media network. You can add a shop now button for any of the posts on your social wall, no matter which social network they’re coming from.

Your shop now button can be for physical or digital products and even for ticket sales, etc. The best way to do this is to lead people straight from a relevant social media post to the exact product featured in it. Avoid frustrating customers by linking to your general shop page. Instead, give them exactly what they are looking for.

Bridge the gap between physical and digital

You can even incorporate your social wall into your physical storefront by setting up a social wall display. Encourage shoppers to post photos of the products they’re buying. This way you’re turning offline buyers into creators of user-generated content.

Once their posts show up on your social wall, you can then add shop now buttons leading to the right page in your online shop. Those posts can then convince people who see your wall online to buy something as well.

You can also create social contests with prizes to drive even more user-generated content that will inspire potential buyers.

Social proof sells — for more

User-generated content helps you sell more but it can also help you sell your products for more. According to a 2017 survey by TurnTo, 81% of shoppers said they would rather pay more for a product that has UGC than to buy a similar product which costs less but has no UGC connected to it.

A CTA button to help you grow your user base

If you don’t sell any physical products or perhaps don’t sell them yet, adding a call to action to your social wall can still be beneficial. Like I mentioned before, your button doesn’t necessarily have to be a buy button.

You can use your button to give people the option to sign up for your newsletter, receive launch updates or even sign up for a free trial of your service. Your CTA button is the first step to getting and keeping people interested, so you can then figure out how to get them on board for sales later on.

A CTA button for gated content

Similarly, you can use your button to lead people to gated content. Introduce your ebook, report, infographic, etc. in a well-crafted social media post. Once it shows up on your wall, add a download button to the post and link directly to the page for your content download.

No in-between steps, and you’ll make it easy for people to download your content — and easy for you to collect their leads and raise your conversion rates.


A CTA button for job applications

A call-to-action button can also do wonders when you’re looking to attract the right job applicants. If you’re already using social media for recruiting purposes, a career social wall can work wonders as an extension of that. You’re already showing potential applicants who you are and showing off your company’s culture in your social media posts.

When you post about job openings at your company, you are already attracting the right people. Now, make it even easier for them to send you an application by adding a corresponding button to the social media posts on your social walls, leading them directly to the application page for the exact job they want. Remove as much hesitation as possible by making the process super smooth with an apply now button.

A CTA button to generate donations

Similar to a sales button, you can also add a button that helps your social media posts collect charitable donations. When trying to get people to donate to your organisation, it’s easy to lose them at any of the many steps needed to get the money in the bag. By adding buttons to posts directly on your social wall you can remove hesitation and extra steps and make it easy for people to help.

Make sure you close the loop by giving them an easy option to share a post about their donation with the hashtag, turning it into UGC that will, in turn, convince other people to donate as well.

Are you ready to start selling?

Start adding CTA buttons to your best user-generated content and turn your social media wall into a social commerce beast.

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How to add CTA buttons to your social wall

With Walls.io, you can add a call-to-action button to any post on your social wall, whether it’s a post by someone else or one of your native posts.

Please, note that the social commerce feature is only available for Walls.io’s Fluid and Grid theme, so for the buttons to show up on posts you’ll have to switch to either of these themes first. The Grid theme only displays the button in the detail view.

To begin with, open your Walls.io dashboard and go to Moderation > Posts. Scroll to find the post you want to add a CTA to or use the search box to find it. Click on CTA.


You’ll get a popup where you can determine what you want the text on your button to say and where you want it to lead. Pick a label from the drop-down and enter your link in the Link field.


Once you add CTA buttons to your post, these will be visible on your wall. Keep in mind that CTA buttons will be displayed in the same language that your social wall is set to, just as the preview shows. Here’s an example of what they could look like:


Remember that it’s better to be precise with your link rather than just leading to your general website. That’s not what the CTA button is for. Link to the specific job offer or product mentioned in the social media post, rather than your overall career page or shop page. It’ll convert better.

Time to call your users to action

As you can see, adding a call-to-action button to any of the posts on your social wall is done with only a few clicks. CTA buttons help you draw attention to engaging user-generated content and increase traffic to your website where users can buy your product or service, download a resource, buy tickets to an event, sign up for a free trial, apply for a job or anything else you can think of.