Free Social Walls for Nonprofits during Coronavirus Crisis

Walls.io Offering Free Social Walls to Nonprofits Worldwide to Help You Engage and Communicate Efficiently around COVID-19

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Screenshot of a social wall set up for the hashtag #FlattenTheCurve, featuring information and tips for the public.

We want to show our appreciation and support for all those amazing people around the world who do something good for others in these times of crisis. 💕 So we decided to support nonprofits and charities who are dealing with issues related to Covid-19 with a social media wall pass valid for one month.

A social wall is a helpful tool for crisis communication. It makes it easier to drive engagement, communicate globally or even monitor the current coronavirus situation for a specific country, region, city or community. If you are a nonprofit organisation and need a social wall to stay on top of the crisis, you can reach out to us for a free 1-month pass any time.

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How a social wall can help your nonprofit organisation

Our social walls are easy to set up so you can get going within minutes and start using your wall in your crisis communication.

Spread good vibes

We like to think that a crisis can also bring out the good in people. Encourage your followers to do something good and share their initiative with their social media community.

We love the content generated around the #FightCorona and #FlattenTheCurve hashtags, and how people around the world are doing what they can to stop the virus from spreading, protecting others or just spreading optimism. We’re collecting all of that here on a social wall: https://walls.io/fightcorona

Raise funds for a good cause

Use social walls for fundraising initiatives related to the COVID-19 crisis. Social walls provide a hub for visual materials, support messages and donation appeals throughout the fundraising process. A social wall is also the perfect place to give a little thanks to donors and supporters.

Connect with your community around the world

Social media brings communities together and shortens distances. Improving digital communication is vital during the current crisis. You can use a social media wall to bring your community together and get your message heard anywhere, anytime.

Monitor the crisis using a social wall

Hashtags are a powerful tool. When people publish their photos, tweets, and posts using your hashtag, the message spreads to their friends and followers. With more and more people using the hashtag, you can collect and monitor more information.

We created a social wall to monitor the COVID-19 news in Austria ➡ https://walls.io/covid19-austria-news

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Drive engagement

Get the word out about your nonprofit organisation’s work by posting comments and asking questions through your social wall. Encourage people to join the conversation on Twitter, Instagram, or any other social platforms you use. A social wall can be a great communication hub for your organisation.

Collect and display content from multiple platforms

Walls.io supports all of the important and popular social media platforms, as well as aggregating content from RSS feeds and Reddit.

Social media platforms supported by Walls.io

Apply for your free social wall license

To get a hold of your free social wall license, just fill in the form below, get in touch with us and send us a link to your website or some other form of proof that you’re an NPO and tell us in one sentence how you’d like to use the social wall during the crisis.

Please only apply if:

✔ You are not an existing Walls.io subscriber

✔ You are a certified nonprofit

✔ You’re planning to use the social wall for coronavirus crisis-related initiatives

We truly believe in the power of social media, and we want to support those organisations who want to use it for doing something good.

We will review all the applications and get back to you within one working day. We reserve the right to reject applications at our own discretion and without a specific reason.

Nonprofits and charities all around the world already use social walls to raise awareness

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If you have any questions, do not hesitate to get in touch and ask us anything.