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Instagram Videos on Your Social Wall!

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Walls.io has always been fetching images & photos for your hashtags from Twitter, Instagram, Flickr and loads of other image services. So today we’re happy to move beyond static images and announce Walls.io’s Support for Instagram Video! Yeah, that’s right – you can make your social wall move now!

Try Out Walls.io with Instagram Video!

Want to see how a social wall inlcuding video content looks & feels like? Check out our demo or setup your own free trial using a hashtag that has plenty of video content (try out #instavideo. #video etc.)!


How-to Get Started with Instagram Video

Pretty easy – Instagram video support comes out-of-the-box for every Instagram hashtag you’re tracking on your wall – so there’s no additional configuration required if you’re already using Instagram with Walls.io! 🙂

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That’s it for today! If you’ve setup your wall with great video content from Instagram, give us a shout (reply here or email me at michael.kamleitner@walls.io) – we’ld love to feature your wall on our social media channels!

Have fun!