Social Media Wall Moderation — Tweak Your Social Wall to Perfection

So you’ve already made the first step by coming up with the perfect hashtag for your campaign. You’ve set up your social wall but maybe you’re noticing that it’s getting swamped by posts that don’t exactly belong with your hashtag. Despair not, because gives you quite a bit of control over these things.

Option 1: Auto vs Manual

In the preferences scroll down to “Moderation”. Here you can choose between “auto” and “manual”.  “Auto” means that all posts with your hashtags are immediately published to your wall. Of course you can go through them later and delete what shouldn’t be there, but by default they’ll be up there until you get around to going through them. Generally, we recommend keeping it on “auto” because the core idea of a social wall is that it is supposed to auto-update and let people partake in something as it happens.

You can always go through the posts later and hide those that you really don’t want there or simply control the content with the blacklist (more on that later in this post). If you set your Wall to “manual”, all posts need to be approved before they are released on your wall. That means you need to check back and approve every single post you want to be shown on your wall. In the case of extremely delicate events where you need to have absolute control over content this can make sense though. To keep the content flowing, we do recommend having a dedicated person with a laptop or tablet constantly approving  incoming posts. The backend automatically refreshes with new content, so there is no need to refresh your browser manually. In case you can’t have someone monitor the wall constantly with a mobile device you can just turn on our brand new Post Looping feature which we will show you in a moment. Fortunately, the choice between “manual” and “auto” isn’t as decisive and polarising as picking the type of gearshift for your car is. So you can always try one and then go back to the other if that suits you better.

Option 2: Post Looping

This is a completely new feature that is helpful if your hashtag is experiencing a lull or regular phases of inaction. By turning this on, will periodically repost already approved content from your Wall to the top. This keeps your Wall from looking static.

You can set the “Loop wait” time – this is the time of inactivity after which you want looping to kick in – as well as the “Maximum post age” in minutes. So, for instance, if you set the former to 15 and the latter to 120 then after 15 minutes of Wall inactivity a post not older than two hours will be pulled up to the top. This feature is especially practical for Walls with manual moderation (see above) which can’t be monitored 24/7.

Option 3: The blacklist is your friend

The blacklist ist the most extensive moderation tool at your disposal, because it lets you really tweak your Wall until it’s just right. With the blacklist you can filter out the noise that doesn’t fit with your event or hashtag campaign. So you can easily put your Wall on “auto” and not worry about posts that don’t belong there sneaking in. As an example let’s have a look at the summer 2014 campaign by Austrian Lotteries. The campaign hashtag is #einlebenlang which can be translated to #forlife. The story behind this is that Austrian Lotteries offers a lottery scratch ticket where people have the chance to win a monthly stipend of up to 5,000 Euro – for life. So the company called on their customers to tell them what they would do with that kind of money and among the participants they’ll be raffling off ten one-year-supplies of scratch tickets. The difficulty with the #einlebenlang hashtag is, that it is also widely used among German football fans. This is where the blacklist comes in.

We simply blacklisted the hashtags and keywords that are commonly used with the football-related variant of #einlebenlang. Through this we are filtering out the noise, keeping the #einlebenlang Wall on topic. The really neat thing is that this even works in retrospect. By default the blacklist will only apply to future posts, but by clicking “Apply blacklist” at the end of the section you can apply the blacklist to already published posts as well. That’s it for today. We hope we have given you some insight in how you can use the moderation tools to adjust your social wall to your liking. And dont’t forget: You can try all this out yourself by setting up a 24 hour trial Wall for free!