Making Digital Signage More Social

Walls.io Partners with Digital Signage Solution sklera

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Making Digital Signage More Social

We are happy to announce that we’ve partnered with another Austrian company to make Walls.io more readily available to businesses and agencies using digital signage.

Our new partner sklera offers an innovative software solution for digital signage — an easy way for businesses to display multimedia content on a screen. Changing content is easy and can be done remotely via software. Making Walls.io a part of that is a logical choice — the integration offers a great way to seamlessly include dynamic social content with other digital content on public screens.

Sklera turns any device into a digital signage device

Digital signage uses screens or projectors to display varying digital content like videos, multimedia or information. It’s often used to inform or entertain customers, for example in public spaces, transportation, museums, hotels, etc.

To use digital signage you generally need the hardware (a screen or projector), as well as the software to display content on those screens. sklera covers the software part. sklera’s digital signage solution can be used over the cloud and can turn pretty much any device into a digital signage device.

Simply pair a device with your sklera media library and you can immediately start broadcasting on that device. You can then control the content from anywhere via your browser. Use the sklera private library to organise your content, whether it’s pictures, videos or websites. You can also connect apps like YouTube to your media library.

What’s new is that sklera now comes with Walls.io installed in the media library, letting you add your social walls to your digital signage device with only a few clicks.

We thought we’d let sklera co-founder Andreas Weiler explain why Walls.io and sklera work so well together and how our social walls and their digital signage solution mesh.

The integration was a straightforward process

How is sklera different from other digital signage solutions?

Since digital signage solutions are becoming more affordable every year, digital signage is more and more used by a broad range of businesses. We have created an intuitive tool so our users don’t feel overwhelmed by unnecessarily complex settings and options. sklera can be set up and maintained by all types of users, no matter their technological skill level.

Our users might once have been mostly people with an IT background, but we can see a strong shift to all kinds of non-technical users, from small business owners like cafés or hair stylists to marketing departments in companies. All of them have different needs, but they all need a straightforward way to get their content onto their screens.

With sklera, everyone can achieve that within minutes on their own. Furthermore, we support a broad range of player hardware, allowing us to have a flexible and cost-effective setup for our customers.

Why are sklera and Walls.io such a good fit?

We’d noticed that our users regularly asked for a social wall app to use with sklera. We didn’t want to reinvent the wheel and were more than happy to find that Walls.io was the perfect partner for us.

On the other hand, Walls.io customers can also benefit from the options sklera can offer them, for example scheduled playouts of different walls or a split screen layout with multiple walls on a single page.

There are multiple ways of setting up Walls.io within sklera. How you design it is up to you.
There are multiple ways of setting up Walls.io within sklera. How you design it is up to you.

How did you go about integrating Walls.io into the sklera software?

Our products are both built on modern web technologies. So it came as no surprise to us that the social walls from Walls.io are perfectly compatible with our player platform. The integration was a straightforward process thanks to the excellent Walls.io API.

We support Walls.io directly within the sklera library as its own content type. Our customers can simply copy and paste their Walls.io URL into sklera and are ready to use their social wall in their playlists. Or they can compose a unique layout using our Layout Designer tool which offers a live preview. We’ve also integrated links to the Walls.io settings in various places to make it easier to change the settings of the social wall.

Which sklera subscription models include the Walls.io app?

The Walls.io integration is available in all our subscription plans! But, of course, you also need an active Walls.io account in order to use it.

Yes, of course you can also use our free plan with your sklera setup!

What development do you see for the future regarding digital signage and social walls?

I think it would be great to have beacon technology integrated with the social wall/digital signage experience. That would allow for direct communication with the audience, not only passively but also actively, and get them to participate more quickly.

“Digital signage and social media walls are a natural fit”

Of course, Walls.io CEO Michael Kamleitner also has something to say about the new partnership and the advantages a combination of sklera and Walls.io brings to users of either software:

Digital signage and social media walls are a natural fit. sklera allows for an easy and fluid way to combine social walls with other media formats, from slideshows to videos. Content remains flexible and can be switched up remotely.


By adding Walls.io to their sklera playlist, businesses can easily add dynamic social media content to their screens at showrooms, offices or even public transport. This creates a well-blended experience without clunky transitions.

Once you’ve set up both your sklera and your Walls.io account and signed in, you can use Walls.io on your digital signage devices.
Once you’ve set up both your sklera and your Walls.io account and signed in, you can use Walls.io on your digital signage devices.

How to integrate your social wall with sklera

If you want to use the new Walls.io integration with sklera, here’s how you set it up:

  1. Login at my.sklera.tv.
  2. You’ll see your media library with the default screens.
  3. Use the menu on the top right to navigate to “Websites” > “More” > “Walls.io (Social Wall)”.
  4. Enter the URL of your Walls.io social wall and add it. If you don’t have a Walls.io account yet, go to Walls.io to register your free account and create your social wall.
  5. Create a Playlist and add Walls.io as a “Spot” from the media library.
  6. To get your social wall onto a screen, navigate to start.sklera.tv to get your pairing code.
  7. Then use the menu to navigate to “Displays” > “Add Display” and enter the pairing code.
  8. Add your screen and you’re done!

Over to you

Walls.io and sklera are both easy to use for non-technical users. All you need to do is set up both accounts, use the built-in tools to make your social wall and your sklera screen design look the way you want it, and connect the two.

We see many potential uses for Walls.io and sklera, from displays at conferences to screens delivering information to the public in train stations. Digital signage is great if you need to set up and remotely maintain dynamic content on one or multiple screens, and social media walls extend that content.

We think that this could be especially interesting for brands who want to build a brand hub showcasing a variety of content, including their social media posts. For example, you could easily set your public screen in your business’ lobby to seamlessly switch from announcing today’s lunch menu at the office canteen to your social media wall and back to displaying the winner of last week’s company pub quiz.

What else could you do with Walls.io and sklera or what are you already planning to set up? Let us know! And if you have any questions about the integration, feel free to message our support team and they’ll help you figure it out!