Walls.io Summer Update 2017:New Themes, New Platforms, New Pricing

It’s been a while since I’ve updated you on all the latest and greatest stuff our development team has been toiling away at. Time really flies when you’re having fun building cool stuff (while having fun)! 😀  Today, I’m super happy to take the chance and give all of you a very quick rundown on what has been going on at the Walls.io HQ recently…

Kiosk – Our Latest, And Greatest Theme

Let’s start with a biggy! We’ve launched our latest theme only earlier this week, and we really ❤️  it! It’s called “Kiosk”, because, well, we believe it looks best on kiosk-style displays at trade shows, showrooms etc. Kiosk displays one post at a time and uses gorgeous 3D transformations, dynamically adapted background colours and swift animations to make your content really shine. Kiosk is available today in all plans, and this is how it looks:

Oh, and since we’re at it – if, like gazillions of people around the globe, you are following season 7 of Game of Thrones, check our tribute wall! ⚔️

Moderation – Browser Notifications & Handling of Sources

We’ve improved the way you keep tabs on the content displayed on your wall in two important ways. Browser notifications 🚩 help you stay on top of new, incoming posts. This comes handy in both automatic and manual moderation – enable the feature and moderating new posts is just one click away. Still, the feature is unobtrusive enough. Browser notifications work in all modern browsers and can be enabled in the moderation settings of your wall.

Next, we’ve improved the handling of existing content when removing sources. Let’s say you want to remove a hashtag from the list of sources: just delete the source, and Walls.io will prompt you with the option to remove all existing posts fetched by this source. If that sounds rather obvious – yes, it is 😅, and it will make life so much easier for people running Walls with regular changing sources or hashtags!

Add LinkedIn Profiles & Pages to Your Wall

We love adding platforms to Walls.io, so we were extremely pleased to add support for LinkedIn this spring! On all paid plans, our users are now able to add up to 5 (Pro) or even 10 (Premium) LinkedIn company pages (or their personal profile) to their Walls’ sources (caveat: users will have to hold admin permissions on company pages). Fun fact: Walls.io is now supporting 16 platforms total – and though we can’t prove it, we believe this is more than any other social wall can do! 🚀

Widget – Improved Embed Configurator

Embedding your social wall on your website, landing page or micro campaign is one of the most important use cases for Walls.io. And so we’ve spent literally hundreds of hours to improve our widget! The Walls.io widget is now loading faster than ever, while offering more & easier options for customisation (for example: hiding the header bar is now just a click away). Of course, our widget is still fully responsive and optimised for desktop and mobile use!

Behind the Scenes – Backend Redesign

It might be easy to discard the look & feel of a social wall’s backend – after all, only very few people are ever gonna see it. However, this is not how we are thinking, here at Walls.io! We constantly try to make our backend both easier to use, and more pleasant to look at. With this latest iteration, we’ve been introducing new styles for controls and a new layout for complex dialogues like the “Design”-settings. Please notice: this is work in progress, there’s plenty more backend goodness to come! 🎉

Oh, One More Thing – We’ve Launched a Free Plan!

Yes, besides all what has been going on in terms of features, design & development, we’ve managed to completely revamp our pricing structure this spring! Few months later, we’re happy to see thousands of new social walls built on our new, free plan. We really believe in our mission – providing the social wall for everyone – and with this new pricing option we’ve certainly made a big step towards reaching that goal!


Whew, that was quite a load of features & updates! We’ll spend the rest of summer ⛱  on improving moderation, yet again. I can’t give away much more, sorry, but it’s going to make your life again much easier, especially for popular events/hashtags! 😉. If there’s any particular feature you’d like to see built in Walls.io, or a platform we’ve forgotten to support so far – please let us know! Drop us a comment below or email me at michael.kamleitner@walls.io. I’m looking forward to hear from you! 🌻