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Happy Birthday to us! Walls.io is 5 years old today, so we are having a look back at our humble beginnings, how we’ve changed and what we’ve achieved in the past 5 years. Enjoy our trip down memory lane.

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Walls.io before it was called Walls.io

First off, I’ll let you in on a little secret. Technically, Walls.io is older than five, but it wasn’t called Walls.io back then. The very first version of Walls.io premiered all the way back in 2010, at a social media party in the (sadly now defunct) iconic coworking-space Sektor5 in Vienna. Here is a photo from the party showing what our social walls looked like back then. As you can see, we already supported four platforms on day 1.

Walls.io social wall in its first iteration and format; basically a list of social media posts listed underneath each other, much like Twitter.

Back then, it was just called the “Social Wall – By Die Socialisten”. Creative, right? 😉 On Feb 25th, 2014 we finally launched Walls.io as a stand-alone product, which is why this date marks our baby’s official birth.

On a side-note, this very early version was coded solely by our CEO Michael, and some parts of his original code survived for quite a few years.

We’ve been supporting BarCamps all over the world since 2011

Word about our product spread, and as early as 2011, we were supporting BarCamps all around the world with free social walls. Here’s an example running on a vintage iPad. At this point, we’d added Flickr to our social network lineup, taking the number of networks our social wall could aggregate content from up to five.

A newer version of Walls.io, from 2011, running on an iPad. The social media posts are still just shown in a list but it’s more colourful, with a light orange background behind each post.

The idea behind the brand

We’re constantly improving and developing the user interface of the Walls.io app, introducing new features and adding new platform integrations. We also like to focus on our online presence. In the past 5 years, we’ve completely overhauled our main site, the Walls.io blog, and even our logo.

This is how the product was advertised on die.socialisten.at 5 years ago:

A screenshot of an old version of the website die.socialisten.at. The heading says “Welcome! We ♥ to design and build software for the social web!” The footer advertises four different products, among them one called simply “Social Wall”.

And this was the product landing page:

The old Walls.io landing page from 2013 when it wasn’t yet called Walls.io but just “Social Wall”. The product is shown embedded on a Facebook page and as a standalone wall. The heading says “Social Wall — Your event on the Social Web”.

Walls.io is all about collecting amazing user-generated content and displaying it in one place. This is the foundation of our current branding and also represented in the logo through the wrapping element holding everything together.

The new Walls.io logo in combination with the new logotype

Walls.io is easy to use, lightweight, and fast, so we rotated it 45 degrees to show a very agile and straight-forward product.

Chart of Walls.io milestones: 2010 First prototype at a social media party, Spring 2013 Social wall for Life Ball Vienna, February 2014 Launch as a stand-alone product & brand, Summer 2016 First Rebrand, Summer 2018 Rebranding #2, February 2019 Reached over 200 sponsored accounts for NGOs, charities, barcamps, etc.

The tools that help us grow

We love SaaS and rely quite a lot on different SaaS products that help our business grow. At this point, these are the tools we couldn’t live without:

  • Intercom — which helps us keep our customers happy
  • Drift — which helps us acquire new amazing customers
  • GitHub — which helps us develop Walls.io even further
  • Google G Suite — which help us collaborate and be productive wherever we are
  • SatisMeter — which helps us collect customer feedback and improve our product and services
  • Printfection — which helps us create amazing swag for our beloved customers
  • Swat.io — which helps us keep track and reply to all the messages we receive through various social media channels.

The conferences we attend

Each year, our team members get a budget for educational materials and conferences. This has lead the Walls.io team to a variety of conferences over the past years.

  • SaaStock
  • SaaStr
  • WeAreDevelopers
  • A-TAG
  • Pirate Summit
  • Funnelblick
  • Smashing Conf
  • Chatbotconf
  • Learn Inbound

We’re hoping to attend many more conferences in the future and always encourage our team to go for things they’re interested in.

Our customers

We like to think we have the best customers. Whether they get an event subscription just for a weekend or have been sticking with us for a long time, we appreciate them all. But of course, there are some special ones we want to highlight.

Chart styled as a winners’ rostrum showing the walls with the most pageviews. #1 Saalfelden Leogang: 6.6 million pageviews, #2 WU Vienna: 5.1 million pageviews, #3 Saalbach: 4.3 million pageviews

Our oldest social wall

The oldest social wall in our system that is still active today is, admittedly, our own. The wall walls.io/diesocialisten was created on July 20th 2011.

Outside of that, our most loyal customer is e-dvertising.at, an agency from Graz running social walls for Great Lengths, a global leader in the field of hair extensions. They started their subscription in August 2014 and are still going strong.

Our user base

10.6% of our users are paid accounts. 0.84% are sponsored accounts — for BarCamps, etc. And the majority, a whopping 88.5%, of our users are free accounts. Anyone can set up a free account for a social wall and keep it for life.

A chart showing the percentages of our user base: 10.6% paid accounts, 0.84% sponsored accounts, 88.5% free accounts.

Amazing brands around the world using Walls.io

2018 was the year Walls.io grew on the international market. We’re very happy to see great diversity when it comes to our customers: tech giants, universities, hotels, agencies, sports teams, car manufacturers, international airlines, financial services providers, government institutions, fashion brands, etc. all use our product. Walls.io really is “The Social Wall for Everyone”.

We’re genuinely excited about all of our customers. But sometimes, a customer will just make us that tiny bit extra giddy, because they’re one of the big ones.

Customer logos

Our team

At the core of every company is its team. Ours isn’t big but it’s close-knit and some people have been around from the very beginning.

Our earliest & our newest team members

Three polaroid-like pictures showing team members Margin, Patrick and Magdalena in photos.

Martin and Patrick from our developer team both joined the company in 2011, about one month apart from each other. Both of them are still working here today, having grown with and within the company.

Our newest team member is Magdalena. The Spanish graphic designer has joined our Walls.io marketing team this very month, working on the Walls.io blog and our marketing campaigns.

Shortest and longest commutes

The person with the shortest commute to the office is Philipp with only 5 minutes. Magdalena has the longest commute. It takes her about 110 minutes to get here from Bratislava.

Technically, our freelancer Andie is even further away in Edinburgh, Scotland, but she only drops by the office once a year, so it doesn’t really count as a commute since all she has to do is go into her home office and turn on her computer. 😉

Meet our dev team

A chart illustrating some facts from the development team: 5 developers, 15 repositories, 60,000 commits, 5,000 pull requests.

Did you know that Walls.io is developed by only 5 people? The product is split up into about 15 repositories, with a total of over 60,000 commits and 5,000 pull requests. The top contributor alone, Patrick, has contributed over 22,000 commits to the codebase.

Our most written-to database table has seen 1.5 billion “INSERT” statements over the years.

Some insights from our support team

Our support team is the heart of every product as these are the people our customers first go to with any issues or questions they might have. We’re happy to report that our support

  • currently handles over 3,000 inbound conversations/year,
  • has a 93% satisfaction rate,
  • and a median first response time of 8m 23s.

To take as much pressure off our support team as possible, we’ve also developed a knowledge base as the first port of call. A lot of questions can be answered without even getting the support team involved and we’re constantly updating and further developing the database.

One thing is certain: our customers love our support team.


Our most prolific writer

More than 140 of the blog posts on the Walls.io blog have been written by Andie since she started writing for Walls.io in summer 2014.

Happy team, happy product

We’re very happy with how the last five years have panned out and will continuously keep doing our best to make Walls.io the perfect social wall for everyone. So here’s to the next five years ??full of doing great work and enjoying each other’s company. Check out these great team moments from the recent past ?

Summer BBQs in our garden

Sweet moments in our office all year round

Fun events and activities with our colleagues from the Swat.io team

Training sessions where we share knowledge across departments

Our development team working on a new feature in a more relaxed environment during a Camp404 retreat:

Three Walls.io and Swat.io programmers chilling out on a swing by Lake Balaton in Hungary
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