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Pinterest, blogs, Facebook groups – The international DIY community is incredibly active online. Sure, sometimes things can go a little awry, but that’s all part of the fun.

DIY Marketplace and Community Alike

DaWanda is more than just an online marketplace for unique DIY products – it’s also a community for those who create and shop the items on the website. The site offers tutorials, features interviews with designers, and provides the community with a forum and other opportunities to connect, online and offline.

“Write It. Shoot It. Publish It. Crochet It, Sauté It, Whatever, MAKE”

– Joss Whedon

On October 17th DaWanda is hosting the third annual Long Night of DIY. The event – Lange Nacht des Selbermachens (short: LNDS) in German – is a celebration of DIY culture in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

We talked to Sarah Reichardt, DaWanda’s social media manager, to find out a little bit more about this event.

Sarah, could you tell us a little bit more about LNDS, what it is and why DaWanda is organising it.

This is the third time we’re organising the Long Night of DIY, Lange Nacht des Selbermachens in German. It’s all about spending a day creating together with others and celebrating Do It Yourself culture. Many venues all over Germany, Austria and Switzerland are joining in.

How does it work and who is involved with it?

On October 17th  DaWanda sellers and buyers, bloggers, sewing cafés, and other DIY enthusiasts will host a variety of DIY workshops. The workshops will go from 18:00 to 22:00, and anyone can sign up for them.

The possibilities for activities are endless: Knitting, crocheting, sewing, handiwork, painting, jewellery making, felting, etc. – all kinds of creative techniques are being taught during LNDS. The workshops are all self-organised.

DaWanda itself is hosting a full-day event on October 17th (from 10:00 to 22:00) in Berlin, at Bikini Berlin. The DIY event consists of 7 workshops, some organised in collaboration with partners and DaWanda sellers (e.g. myboshi, Gretas Schwester, Druckrausch, etc.). The whole event will be free-of-charge and DIY fans can just drop by without prior registration.

Learn how to DIY at many workshops in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.Photo by DaWanda

Is this the first time you’re pairing the event with a hashtag campaign and what do you hope to gain from setting up a social media wall?

It‘s not the first time we are using a hashtag for DaWanda or for this event. But it’s the first time that we’re creating a whole campaign around a hashtag.

Our aim is to have the social media wall be a companion for the whole event, for the workshops in all the different locations as well as for the people who can’t make it to any of the workshops. Furthermore, the workshops can even connect to each other, irrelevant of their location.

We want our channels, and the channels used by our community, to be all about our shared love for creative DIY that day. The social wall makes it easy for everyone to follow along.

How and where are you promoting the hashtag? How are you getting attendees and event hosts to use it?

We’ve been promoting the hashtag via our newsletter, the Facebook event, on Twitter, as well as Facebook and Instagram posts. We’ve also been using the hashtag quite vigorously when promoting the event on our Facebook page, so our followers and fans have already grown familiar with it.

During the events we’ll also put up notices promoting the hashtag. We’re incentivising the use of the hashtag further with a sweepstake [link in German]: We’ll be raffling off 5 DaWanda vouchers worth €50 among all the users who post using the hashtag #2015LNDS during the Long Night of DIY.    

The incentive for those hosting workshops is, obviously, that they’re getting a free online presence on our public social wall.

Celebrating DIY with more than 150 workshops in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.Photo by DaWanda

Have you embedded the wall anywhere? Do you have any plans for displaying the social media wall physically at some of the events?

We’ll be promoting the link to the social wall on our channels (Facebook, Instagram, etc.), starting on October 17th. The big all-day event in Berlin will get its own physical wall, which we will be projecting onto a screen with a beamer. That way even everyday customers, who are just dropping by at the venue, will also learn about what’s happening under the #2015LNDS hashtag in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Do It Yourself – but together. Attend a workshop.

More than 150 LNDS workshops will be taking place this Saturday. Among the workshops at the all day event in Berlin there will be knitting, crocheting, watercolouring, printing, jewellery making and other topics.

So, what can you do?

Head to the Berlin event.

Check out the events happening in other places, maybe there’s one near you.

And, if you have to stay at home for some reason or don’t live near one of the workshops, you can still partake by following the DaWanda Instagram account [in German], where they will show you three simple DIY instructions throughout Saturday, which you can realise with a few simple things at home.

We’re not sure someone will be DIY-ing any hashtag products during LNDS – but we’ll keep our eyes peeled and check the #2015LNDS wall for potential crocheted or painted hashtags.