Social Media Walls at DMEXCO

“Our Social Media Mentions Are Very Positive, so This Is the Perfect Solution for Us.”

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View from a large entrance hall with people mingling about and walking around. The view faces the outside, looking out through a large windowed wall onto a walkway framed by white tents. Lots of trees in the background. Inside, in front of the windowed wall, a large screen hung up high shows wayfinding information for the DMEXCO trade fair, as well as a post on the DMEXCO social media wall.

DMEXCO, or Digital Marketing Expo & Conference, is an annual trade fair for the digital marketing and advertising industry, held in Cologne, Germany.

DMEXCO is Europe’s biggest marketing event with over 40K visitors, 1K exhibitors, 700 speakers in 2019. Given how important the event is for the industry, we sent our team there, to have a look around and see what’s going on. We were particularly curious because DMEXCO was using social walls at different points around the event and they did a great job collecting a significant amount of attendee-generated content.

To find out more about the DMEXCO social walls and strategy, we talked to Milko Malev, the DMEXCO Director of Communications and Media.

Milko Malev

Milko Malev

Director of Communications and Media, DMEXCO

How do you incorporate your social walls at the event?

This year, we wanted to make the social media buzz around the DMEXCO a bit more tangible and visible to visitors. So we decided to incorporate two social walls into the digital signage screens in the middle of the DMEXCO Boulevard.

Large hall at DMEXCO 2019, white and airy, huge windows, an info stall from koelnmesse in the background. People are moving through the space. High above their heads, a large electronic display board shows the way to hall 8 as well as displaying a post on the DMEXCO social media wall, which is embedded on the screen.
The DMEXCO Boulevard showing the social wall on big screens that guide visitors through the trade fair.

The Boulevard is basically the main access point between the different halls, and it’s where you get most of the traffic and the highest possible attention from visitors.

This year, we also launched the DMEXCO Social Media Hub, which serves as an on-the-ground home base for our content team. We set up a social media wall for them at the booth.

A DMEXCO 19 branded human-height display with an integrated screen is showing the DMESCO social media wall using the Bricks theme. Various posts are visible, showing photos taken at the event. One of the posts uses the hashtags #workinghard and #dmexco19.
The social wall at the DMEXCO Social Media Hub.

There’s another wall upstairs in the press department, specifically for journalists and media influencers. So we have multiple locations for the social media wall at the DMEXCO this year.

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How do you inform people about the hashtags and social wall and motivate them to use the hashtags during the event?

Each year we define a different hashtag. This year it’s #DMEXCO19. We also have a yearly motto, and this year it’s “Trust In You”. So we use those two main hashtags.

We start educating our community about our yearly hashtags very early on. During the DMEXCO, we also use the social media walls to engage people and let them know to use #DMEXCO19 to show that they’re present and engaging with the event.

How do you handle moderation during the event?

Our social media team handles the moderation of the social wall. We use the wall in unmoderated mode, meaning we only hide individual posts, in case they don’t meet the quality that we expect from them.

In general, we have very positive mentions on social media, so this is the perfect solution for us. But, just in case a shitstorm happens, it’s very good to know that we can switch to moderated mode, where we can publish single social media posts and be fully in control of what’s being shown.

DMEXCO Trade fair about social media engagement

Put social walls front and centre at your event

It’s awesome to see how DMEXCO completely embraced social walls and found multiple ways of incorporating them smoothly into the trade fair. The team created a more interactive and engaging environment, both offline and online.

Displaying social walls on a huge display at a central point of a trade fair or event is a great idea. A prominent social wall is an eye-catcher, and it reminds people to share their own posts using the official hashtags. Our social wall themes perform really well on big screens, especially our Bricks theme, as well as the Kiosk and Billboard themes.

Screenshot of the DMEXCO social media wall using the Bricks theme. Seven posts are shown, among them photos from the event, thoughts about relevant topics and the announcement of a panel on digital advertising.
The DMEXCO social wall using the Bricks theme.

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It’s also a nice touch to set up a space for journalists, bloggers and influencers at your event. Provide them with a space where they can work in relative quiet. By providing them with a social wall as well, you give them the opportunity to immediately see what’s going on at the event and on social media while they’re working. They will also be reminded to use the hashtags on their own posts.

A long table with work stations on the left-hand side. Three people are sitting on the left side, working on their laptops. At the far end of the room, a screen is set up with the DMEXCO social media wall. It’s positioned so that the people working at the table can easily look at it by turning their heads to the left a little.
The DMEXCO social wall in the press department.