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How to Run a Long-Term Hashtag Campaign

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A handful of German tennis bloggers has recently teamed up with tennis platform mybigpoint.tennis for an ongoing hashtag campaign. Mybigpoint is a tennis platform for tournaments, league tables and game plans. The blog called #lebedeintennis — which translates to “live your tennis” — is an addition to the mybigpoint website. They publish tennis news, interviews with amateur players, product reviews, and other tidbits about the sport.


Customer: Mybigpoint / Tennis.de
Website: mybigpoint.tennis.de / lebe-dein-tennis.de
Social Media Wall:
Campaign duration: started in June 2016, open end
Channels connected: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube
Main hashtags: #lebedeintennis (lit.: live your tennis)

#lebedeintennis live on Walls.io

The blog and the hashtag #lebedeintennis were created to further support mybigpoint’s mission to connect tennis pros and amateurs all around Germany.

We’ve talked to lebe-dein-tennis blogger Fabian Ziemer about how they run their hashtag campaign with Walls.io — their very first hashtag campaign ever!

Why did you choose Walls.io for your hashtag campaign?

After Instagram recently changed their API for third-party apps I had a look around for a new widget and found Walls.io. What Walls.io offers is perfect for what we need because now we can even run our hashtag campaign across multiple social media channels. We also love how easy it is to embed the widget on our website and adjust and adapt it visually.

How are you utilising Walls.io for your hashtag campaign?

The social wall is our main access point for our #lebedeintennis campaign. The idea is to aggregate all of the tennis photos that pro and amateur players post neatly on one website.

How did you come up with your campaign?

“Lebe Dein Tennis” (“live your tennis”) is mybigpoint’s slogan. Mybigpoint is the biggest German platform for tennis teams and tourney players. We have more than 200.000 registered tennis players and generate hundreds of millions of page views.

Our next goal is to grow our social media presence and create successful marketing campaigns. A hashtag campaign was the logical next step to achieve this.


Screenshot of the #lebedeintennis social wall on mybigpoint.tennis.de
The #lebedeintennis social wall is embedded on the mybigpoint website.

How are you incentivising people to use the hashtag?

We’re running sweepstakes competitions with our partners HEAD Tennis and Wilson Tennis. Users who post their tennis photos with our hashtag enter into the competition. That in turn, will make other people aware of our hashtag as well and they’ll get in on the campaign themselves.

What is the main goal of your hashtag campaign? What do you want to achieve with it?

We want to spread the hashtag #lebedeintennis on social media and expand our reach. The best way to do that is to use the tools that our audience is already using on a daily basis. Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are indispensable and, consequently, so is Walls.io.

How and where are you promoting the hashtag and the social media wall?

We’re promoting the hashtag on Facebook and Instagram, but also via our newsletter. Since our blog is part of the tennis platform mybigpoint, the newsletter can reach around 200.000 tennis enthusiasts.

Where are you embedding Walls.io?

We’ve implemented a subpage on the mybigpoint website, linked to directly from the main menu, which shows the social media wall. We’ve also added the social wall to the main navigation on the blog and set up a separate social media wall and landing page for everything revolving around the German Olympic tennis team.

Screenshot from lebe-dein-tennis showing a menu item for 2 social media walls.
The dropdown on the lebe-dein-tennis website shows two social media walls.

Takeaway: How to stay consistent with a long-term hashtag campaign

Fabian and his colleagues may be running their first hashtag campaign ever but they have definitely read the rulebook on how to promote and incentivise a campaign.

Make sure you promote your hashtag campaign via all means possible. Alert your fans to it via your existing newsletter, run some offline advertising and include it in all your PR efforts. And, of course, share your hashtag on your own social media channels.

When you’re running your hashtag campaign indefinitely or open-ended, it can be hard to stay on top of it and to keep coming up with new content. Try teaming up with partners in your industry to create sweepstake competitions. By continuously offering your users new incentives for posting with your hashtag, you can keep their attention and motivation high.

Tapping into events with existing hashtags can boost your own campaign

It’s also helpful to latch on to current events where it makes sense. Don’t just pick up on any and all events, but choose those that fit your own campaign. For example, it makes sense for the #lebedeintennis campaign to focus on the Olympics 2016 because their areas of interest overlap thanks to the German tennis team going to Rio.

By tying your own campaign to a bigger event you can benefit from the attention that existing hashtags for that event are already getting. As long as you don’t become a hashtag hijacker or spam other hashtags with your own this is generally not a problem. In some cases, it can even benefit both sides.

Don’t be disappointed if your campaign isn’t constantly running on high. With long-term marketing efforts, it’s completely normal for interaction to wax and wane. When you notice it’s tailing off, simply redouble your efforts and brainstorm new ideas for competitions or events to garner some attention again.

If you have any questions about running successful hashtag campaigns, don’t hesitate to ask us!