Oklahoma City Thunder’s Social Wall Boasts Hundreds of Fan Posts On Game Day

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This image is a graphic collage featuring elements associated with the Oklahoma City Thunder basketball team.

It’s game day; you’ve got an arena full of people and a team ready to put it all on the line. How do you bring everyone together and make it engaging? With a social wall.

The Oklahoma City Thunder, also known as the Thunder, are doing just that. They set up a large social wall screen in the arena on game days and let fans post photos of themselves directly to the wall using a QR code. Whether it is to drive fan engagement, collect unique UGC, or motivate players, they are doing a great job.

We caught up with Justin Walters, ThunderVision Manager, to find out how such a popular team goes from implementing to moderating a social wall.

Justin Walters

Justin Walters

Manager, ThunderVision, OKC

Why did you add social walls to the Oklahoma City Thunder arena experience?
Fans love to see themselves on the video board, and we wanted to give them another way to contribute to the entertainment.

How was the implementation process?
Implementation was very simple for us. The team at Walls.io really helped with our design questions and gave us great guidance for using the moderation tools.

This is an image of the interior of an arena, likely taken from the upper seating levels. The focus is on a large, four-sided jumbotron hanging above the court, which displays several images. The arena is branded with "Paycom Center" along the side, indicating the location as the home venue for the Oklahoma City Thunder NBA team. On the jumbotron, there are advertisements and fan photos, the latter likely submitted by attendees for display during the game. The arena is sparsely populated with fans, which might suggest this photo was taken before the game started or after it ended. Visible in the image are also some team banners, adding to the sportive atmosphere of the event.
The OKC social wall on a four-sided jumbotron in the arena

Fan engagement via user-generated content

Oklahoma City Thunder won the Walls.io Best UGC & Lead Generation Social Wall Award for collecting hundreds of fan posts during the games. So far, they collected over 9000 unique photos that their fans uploaded directly on the wall.

On 22 December, the Thunder played the LA Clippers, and their social wall peaked that night with 458 direct posts. The Thunder’s 134-115 win over the LA Clippers shows the value of a social wall in engaging a crowd during a game.

Take a look at the game’s highlights.

How has letting fans post directly on the social walls changed their game experience, compared to just using regular social media?
Having the Direct Post option is great. It allows every fan the chance to get involved and feel they are part of the show. The seamless integration of user-generated content has added a personal touch, allowing fans to share their passion in real-time.

What kinds of posts have you seen from fans on the screens?
We see posts from everywhere in and around the arena. Some of our most popular spots are the designated photo areas in our concourse and fans taking selfies in their seats.

a social wall that displays photo posts from the OKC Thunder fans during the game
A sneak peek to the Thunder’s social wall.

How do you choose which fan posts get shown on the big screens?
We’re mainly looking for images where faces can clearly be seen, and the fans are having a good time. We don’t want to have the subjects in the image be too far away or too close to the camera.

You’ve been using the Lead Generation feature to collect email addresses from fan posts. Has that been useful?
Lead generation is always a great tool. Collecting that information will be very valuable for us in the future.

💡Tip: The Lead Generation feature lets you collect user’s contact information.

A couple takes a selfie wearing Oklahoma City Thunder gear; in the background is a collage of photos featuring groups of people at various events.

What do fans and other stakeholders think about the social wall screens?
People all around the organization have been impressed with the social wall. Based on feedback, we’ve made some slight design changes and added some additional signage on surrounding LEDs to complement the main video board with the photos. Overall, we’re seeing great responses from inside and outside the organization.

OKC’s future plans with a social wall

A young team with one potential 2023-24 MVP winner, Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, plans to expand their reach in the short term. So we had to ask about their future plans.

Do you have any plans to expand or evolve the use of social walls?
We’d love to expand our usage of the social wall. We’re currently focused on just the main video board, but we have multiple digital displays throughout our concourse that would be great locations for additional content. We hope to capitalize on those areas in future seasons.

How do you think this kind of tech will change how fans enjoy games in the coming years?
This type of technology opens all sorts of possibilities. In the coming years, I believe this technology will be a game-changer, bringing fans even closer to the action, fostering a sense of community, and enhancing the overall enjoyment of sporting events.

Oklahoma City Thunder logo in blue and orange on a textured background with the team initials 'OKC' above a basketball.

Social walls are the best way to engage a crowd

The Oklahoma City Thunder found a way to collect and share fan-generated content during games. They focus on displaying in-arena content: people smiling, fans supporting the players, and attendees having fun.

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