How Sandvik Coromant Achieves Year-Round Employee Engagement Across 150 Countries With

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A group of colleagues wearing festive Christmas sweaters pose cheerfully in an office lobby, decorated with Christmas trees and holiday lights, celebrating the holiday season. On the right, a woman in a blue outfit smiles confidently with her arms crossed, beside the Sandvik Coromant logo. The background features icons representing global connectivity and teamwork.

Watch this video to learn how Elena Kelly, Employer Branding Manager at Sandvik Coromant, used to enhance internal engagement and unite a global workforce.


Here’s the TL;DR:

Challenge: Sandvik Coromant, an 80-year-old company with a global presence in over 150 countries, needed a way to engage employees during the launch of their new branding and throughout various international events. The goal was to create a unified and engaging experience across different divisions and time zones.

Solution: Sandvik Coromant implemented to create a digital space for employees to share and celebrate. They used for the new brand launch and continued to use it for other events, such as International Women’s Day, World Health Day, and even an Ugly Christmas Sweater competition.

Results: Using significantly boosted internal engagement, with over 100 photos shared during the Ugly Christmas Sweater competition alone. Employees from different countries connected and participated in various events, fostering a strong sense of community and company culture.

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How Sandvik Coromant Uses

Sandvik Coromant, a leader in manufacturing tools and systems, faced the challenge of engaging its widespread workforce. Elena Kelly, the Employer Branding Manager, led an initiative to unite employees using

Here’s how they did it:

During a week-long event for the new brand launch, was displayed on large screens called “World Windows” in different offices. Employees uploaded pictures with the new logo and merchandise, creating a global loop of excitement.

They were so happy with the experience that became a staple for global events like International Women’s Day, World Day for Safety and Health at Work, and the Ugly Christmas Sweater competition.

A group of colleagues dressed in festive Christmas sweaters pose cheerfully in an office lobby decorated with Christmas trees and holiday lights. They are smiling, raising their hands, and appear to be celebrating the holiday season.
Source: LinkedIn

Here’s how Sandvik used for their Ugly Christmas Sweater competition:

  • The event was promoted on the global intranet, inviting employees to participate by uploading their pictures to
  • The competition was showcased on big screens in offices worldwide.
  • Employees voted for their favorite sweaters via comments on the intranet. The winner had a $5,000 donation made to UNICEF in their name. has allowed Sandvik Coromant to have an inclusive digital celebration platform where employees can participate.

A collection of posts from Sandvik Coromant’s wall showcasing the launch of a new logo and promoting healthy habits. The posts include images of employees, the new logo, a company building with new flags, and snippets from launch events and presentations.


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Interview with Sandvik’s Employer Branding Manager

If videos are not your thing, here’s a transcript of our interview with Elena Kelley.

Elena Kelley, Employer Branding Manager

Elena Kelley

Employer Branding Manager, Sandvik Coromant

What challenges prompted you to look for a solution like

Elena: Our company, Sandvik, has been working with a big launch of our new brand. We needed to engage our colleagues internally because we are a giant company present in more than 150 countries. When we had an event as big as a new brand launch, we wanted something to unite everyone across different divisions in different countries. We started looking at social, digital world solutions, and that’s how we found

Can you share how you combine employee engagement activities with social walls?

Elena: We always start with news on the global intranet where we announce the competition or event, such as the ugly Christmas sweater competition. We explain the competition and tell them to use to upload pictures. We keep promoting it, reminding everyone of the deadlines, and encouraging participation. We also display the wall on big screens in offices worldwide. For voting, we use the global intranet, and then we announce the winner on both the intranet and This interaction between our intranet and has worked well. Additionally, having ambassadors in different regions to promote participation has been helpful.

What improvements have you noticed since using 

Elena: We planned on using for our new brand launch, a week-long global event. We saw that we created something that could unite colleagues from different countries, which was terrific. Before this, we didn’t have anything like that. Not all colleagues use social media, which allows us to gather excitement and share our passion. We started using for global events like Christmas, International Women’s Day, and more. For example, the ugly Christmas sweater competition had over 100 pictures. We see all the comments where people are engaged, which has been very effective in creating that engagement.

A digital collage of posts celebrating International Women’s Day 2024, featuring various employees of Sandvik Coromant. The posts include messages of inclusion, photos of women making heart shapes with their hands, and group photos of employees participating in the event.
Sandvik’s International Woman’s Day digital celebration

If you were to recommend to other brands, what would be your main reasons for doing so?

Elena: I would definitely recommend it to global brands and companies. If you’re a global company present in different markets, countries, and time zones, it’s very hard to create internal engagement and keep the company spirit and culture. Not all colleagues have social media or LinkedIn, so for that internal purpose, having helps display and share passion and dedication from colleagues. It inspires other colleagues to do the same. It’s a great solution for keeping company culture together, and we’re very happy with it.

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