Social Wall Integration for Virtual Events

“One of the Challenges With Virtual Events Is Finding Ways to Reinvent the Feeling of Community That Is Created at Live Events.”

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A presenter is standing on a wide stage. There’s no audience in front of them. Behind them, there’s a projection of a video call screen with many participants. On the left, a sign says “National Geographic Storytellers Summit 2021”.

What would virtual and hybrid events be without social media? Right. Pretty damn unsocial, is what. Integrating social media, particularly social walls, brings a community aspect to events where most attendees are stuck behind computer screens with no way to interact with each other in a physical space. 

Fun fact: social walls are also great for actual real-life events. 😉

So with virtual events here to stay, we’re seeing a lot of customers who integrate social walls into their event platforms and lobbies. One of those is e2k events x entertainment, an agency that has a lot of expertise in designing event experiences — from concept to execution.

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During the pandemic, e2k (like many other event agencies) pivoted from live events to virtual events, which they create for their roster of clients from all walks of business. The e2k team has kindly taken some time out of her busy day to tell us a bit about how e2k uses social media and social walls in virtual events. We had a chat with Communications Manager Alys Olmstead and the company’s Vice President Jason Greenberg.

Could you tell us a bit about your agency in general and how you use social media for your clients?

e2k’s broad clientele ranges from national sports leagues to impact-driven nonprofit organizations and everything in between. Delivering compelling social media messaging and calls to action is paramount to the success of our productions. 

Sometimes we’re showcasing on a jumbotron at a pep rally to encourage sharing or showcasing inspirational posts on a high-definition video wall as attendees take their seats at a conference.

Lately, we’ve been embedding the aggregators into our virtual event venues (web platforms), making a more interesting and immersive ‘lobby’ space to greet online attendees.

You started out with one of our event subscriptions but then switched to an ongoing plan. What was the process behind that decision?

As our clients saw how we were using, they got excited about it and wanted to keep their walls active for months to come, extending the reach and staying power of their events.

What are the benefits of combining social walls with virtual events?

One of the challenges with virtual events is finding ways to reinvent the feeling of community that is created at live events. By integrating social walls, we give attendees a space to see how, despite physically being alone, they are connected with a global audience.

Could you tell us a bit more about your two most recent events where you used

In January, we worked with National Geographic to bring their annual Storytellers Summit to the virtual stage. The event “gathers change makers from around the world to celebrate the art of storytelling.” Having the option to feature social posts in the virtual venue allowed for a greater breadth of imagery from storytellers and attendees to be featured.

Screenshot of the National Geographic Storytellers Summit 2021 event website with an embed of the social wall.
The event website for National Geographic Storytellers Summit.

We worked with the Computer History Museum to produce their first virtual Fellow Awards Ceremony. This award honors “distinguished technology pioneers—unsung heroes and legends.” In this show, we not only featured on the virtual venue but also brought a live feed of the wall into the show. This moment allowed viewers to feel the magnitude of the audience and see the comments of fellow attendees in real time.

A shot from the live-stream for the Computer History Museum event, which shows the presenter on a virtual stage with a projection of the social wall stretching over the whole back of the virtual stage.
A scene from the Computer History Museum Fellow Awards virtual program. The host presented live from the e2k studio in Mountain View, CA. The virtual stage and social wall “behind” him were created and brought into the program in partnership with 3Monkeys.

Social walls for social people

As you can see, virtual events and social media walls are a great fit. Attendees get a chance to see who else is taking part and put faces to names. They get the opportunity to communicate directly with others who are immersed in the same content they are watching. Plus, the event organizers walk away with tons of user-generated content they can use in the future. 

Fortunately, adding social walls to virtual events is super easy, thanks to the straightforward integrations with our virtual event partners. But even if we don’t have a direct integration, you can simply embed the iFrame code generated by into whichever event platform you’re using.

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