Icebreaker Social Wall at webclerks Community Conference

“The Social Wall Allowed Us to Capture Feedback From the Community.”

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webclerks Community Conference team lined up on stage during the conference

webclerks is a community of web designers and developers in Vienna. It began as a regular meetup a few years ago and then grew into a full-blown conference in November 2019: the webclerks Community Conference. sponsored the webclerks conference, and then we sent our designer Magda to attend and collect some footage from the event.

We also managed to conduct a little interview with Manuel Matuzovic, one of the co-founders of webclerks who works as a frontend developer.

Manuel Matuzovic profile photo

Manuel Matuzovic

Co-founder, webclerks meetup & webclerks Community Conference

Can you tell us a bit the webclerks meetup and the webclerks Community Conference?

We founded the meetup in 2016 to get designers and developers in one room by hosting an inclusive and friendly event with a mix of different topics. In 2019, we decided to go a bit bigger and organised the webclerks Community Conference.

Why did you want to set up a social wall for the conference?

The social wall allowed us to capture feedback from the community. We were able to show it on the big screen between the talks, which added to the conference’s open atmosphere. We also wanted to have something to draw attention to the stage.

The webclerks social wall is displayed on stage on a big screen at the conference.
The webclerks social wall was displayed on the big on-stage screen between talks.

How did you incorporate the social wall at the event and why?

We used the wall for promotion on social media before the event and sent the link to potential sponsors to show them how we communicate and what people post about the event.

On the day of the event, we showed it on the big screen between talks to update attendees about any changes and other information. It’s also great for entertaining attendees during breaks and giving people topics to talk about. A social wall can be a good ice-breaker.

How did you tell people about the hashtag and get them to use it during the conference?

The hashtag was promoted through our social media, newsletters and website. It was also printed on lanyards and flyers and mentioned on stage in the moderation of the talks.

How did people react to the social wall? Are you happy with the volume of posts you got?

We were pleased to see that people interacted with our wall a lot. The posts were generally positive and funny, and each talk got at least 10–20 posts. Additionally, people posted about lunch, coffee and the aftershow party.

A screenshot of the webclerks social wall embedded on the webclerks website
The webclerks social wall embedded on the website.

Your hashtag was trending during the conference and started attracting some spam posts. How did you handle this?

Luckily we didn’t have to do a lot of work because our community is generally well-behaved and the wall’s built-in filters handled the rest. Regardless, our volunteers moderated the wall and made sure no spam hit the big screen.

The advantages of a social wall at events

The way webclerks enhanced the conference with a social wall demonstrates why social walls work so well for events of all sizes.

webclerks did a few things that helped them tap into the full potential of their social wall for the webclerks Community Conference: 

1. webclerks used the social wall for promotion before the event

Your social wall isn’t just a helpful tool during an event but can already help you with promotion and ticket sales before. Set up your social wall and your hashtag and start promoting it on all your channels to get people on board long before the event even starts.

2. webclerks marketed the social wall to their sponsors

A social feed at an event can be a good selling point for sponsors. If you shout out to your sponsors in social media posts, it gives them exposure on the social wall. Or, even better, you can upload their ads directly to your social wall as Sponsored Posts.

3. webclerks used the social wall as an ice breaker

A social wall lets attendees see what’s going on during the event, but it also serves as entertainment during lunch and coffee breaks or between sessions. Bringing the online discussions around an event to the offline space can spark conversations between friends and strangers.

By the way, social walls are a great option for virtual events as well!

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