18 Best Social Wall Examples

Social Wall Examples to Inspire Your Next Event or Campaign

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We always keep an eye out for outstanding social media walls our customers have set up using Walls.io. We hope our little hall of fame here will serve as inspiration for your social media walls and hashtag campaigns.

Hybrid, virtual and in-person event social wall examples

With virtual and hybrid events on the rise and here to stay, we’re seeing many customers who integrate social walls into their events. Here are a few event social wall examples.

1. National Geographic Storytellers Summit virtual event wall

The e2k events x entertainment agency worked with National Geographic to bring their annual Storytellers Summit to the virtual stage. Learn more about the way they use social walls to make the events they organise more engaging.

Screenshot of the National Geographic Storytellers Summit 2021 event website with an embed of the social wall. (Social wall beispiele)
National Geographic Storytellers Summit – Social Wall Example

Engage your attendees with a real-time social wall!

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2. Google hybrid events social wall examples

Google has been using social walls for some of its large-scale international events. They set up huge displays, incorporated social walls into their live streams and even made great and innovative use of our custom posts feature. Here are some great social wall examples from Google.

Social media feed display on the stage during Google's Chrome Dev Summit. Social wall example.
The Google Chrome Dev Summit social wall displayed on the main stage.

Create a social wall for your next event and encourage attendees to share their happy moments using your hashtag.

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3. TEDx community events social walls

We’re huge fans of TED and TEDx events, so we’re happy to say that more than 20 TEDx organisations have used Walls.io in the past to accompany their events — some even repeatedly, year after year. We reached out to a few TEDx communities to ask them how and why they use social walls. Read more about the TEDx social media displays.

The social wall displayed on a large screen at the back of the main stage at the TEDxFreiburg event. The audience has a clear view of the stage and the projected wall. (Social wall beispiele)
The TEDxFreiburg social wall displayed at the main stage. (© Maik & Bettina Uhlig)

4. S&P Global Market Intelligence internal event private social wall integration

If you’re running an internal event and want people to post to and communicate via a social wall, you may find yourself facing privacy concerns. For social media posts to show up on a social wall, they have to be posted publicly, which can breach privacy laws in some companies. It can be tough to navigate, especially in large companies with strict social media rules.

Luckily, social media isn’t the only way to get posts up on a social wall. Walls.io has recently launched a Direct Posts feature, allowing customers to set up an easy workflow to let their users post on their social wall. Direct Posts circumvent social media entirely, and it’s a completely hands-off process, too! One of the first customers to use the Direct Posts feature was S&P Global Market Intelligence. They put a social wall with Direct Posts in place for MI Content Expo, a large-scale internal event with around 5,000 attendees. The wall was integrated into a virtual event platform and combined with a Snapbar photo booth. Read the full story.

Social media wall example: MI Content Expo’s virtual event lobby, including a promotion of the social media wall.
MI Content Expo’s virtual event lobby

Make your next virtual event unforgettable using a social media wall.

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5. Cisco global employee event map social wall example

The social wall map layout is great for showcasing global hashtag campaigns. The layout shows Twitter posts popping up on a map, emphasising that campaign contributions are coming from all over the world.

This employee hashtag campaign by Cisco is an excellent example of how a social wall can bring a global community together and motivate them to share their experience. An event cannot get more engaging than this.

Screenshot of the #CiscoBeat social media wall showing a tweet from New York on the social map. (Social wall beispiele)
Cisco unites employees from all over the world with a hashtag and a social wall. Visually reflected in the social wall map layout.

Connect global audiences at your next event with a map feed!

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6. Copa del Rey live hashtag walls display

Displaying a live social media wall during a sport’s event will engage fans even more and make them part of the game. 

Copa del Rey, an annual basketball competition organised by Spain’s professional league, displayed three social walls right in front of the basketball court to make viewers part of the game. This is an excellent example of how a live social media wall can engage fans, give them a voice and allow them to encourage their favourite team.

social wall example display at basketball event (Social wall beispiele)
A basketball team on a break. In the back, a giant screen displaying two live social media walls.

Let fans be part of the game and engage them on social media using a social wall display.

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7. DMEXCO conference social media displays

It’s incredible to see how DMEXCO completely embraced social walls and found multiple ways of incorporating them smoothly into the trade fair. The team created a more interactive and engaging environment, both offline and online.

Displaying social walls on a massive display at a central point of a trade fair or event is a great idea. A prominent social wall is an eye-catcher, reminding people to share their posts using the official hashtags.

View from a large entrance hall with people mingling about and walking around. The view faces the outside, looking out through a large windowed wall onto a walkway framed by white tents. Lots of trees in the background. Inside, in front of the windowed wall, a large screen hung up high shows wayfinding information for the DMEXCO trade fair, as well as a post on the DMEXCO social media wall.

Did you know you can now also collect content beyond social media? Enable the Direct Posts feature and allow your visitors to upload content to the your social wall directly. Engage your audience, even if they don’t use social media or prefer more privacy.

More virtual event social wall integration examples

Website embed social wall examples

8. Sony Music Depeche Mode movie promotion social walls embed

In celebration of the SPIRITS in the Forest movie release, Sony Music encouraged Depeche Mode fans to share their own Depeche Mode fan stories using the hashtag #SPIRITSintheForest.

The hashtag connects the band’s fans around the world. Hashtag content from Twitter and Instagram is displayed using a live social media integration on the official microsite for the movie launch. They even used a social wall map. Read the full story here.

The Spirits in the Forest website, split in three columns. On the left, a photo showing one of the band members from behind as he?s standing facing the crowd at a concert. A text overlay advertises the movie launch. In the middle, the social media wall is embedded under the heading ?JOIN THE CONVERSATION?, encouraging fans to post on Twitter and Instagram using the #SPIRITSintheForest hashtag. In the right column, the social wall is embedded again but with the map theme, showing content being posted from Australia. (Social Wall Example)
SPIRITS in the Forest movie release landing page with 2 social media walls embedded.

Promote product releases using hashtags and social walls.

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9. beyerdynamic eCommerce social media wall example

A social wall is a great way to collect user-generated content, curate it and display it on a website. Things get even better when the social wall has an integrated call-to-action feature to help turn user-generated content into sales.

Here’s a great example of how beyerdynamic, a German manufacturer of audio equipment, uses social commerce to improve their conversion rates. The social wall connects user-generated content to the products in beyerdynamic’s online store.

Screenshot of the beyerdynamic social wall as it is embedded on the beyerdynamic website. The copy at the top of the page introduces the #beyerdynamic hashtag and explains how people can share using the hashtag for a chance to be featured on the social wall. (Social wall beispiele)
beyerdynamic shoppable UGC feed social wall example

Connect authentic user-generated content with relevant products and boost conversions on your online store.

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10. Dallas Mavs NBA website team social media hub

The Dallas Mavs made social media a firm part of their overall communication strategy. They use it as a fast and easy way to connect with fans in real-time even when they’re not currently in the stadium, continuously publishing new high-quality content on their social media channels.

They embedded a social hub on the Dallas Mavs homepage to utilise already published social content on the website. The widget collects all relevant social media posts from various social media channels and displays them unified in one central place. As a result, it blends perfectly with the team’s CI. 

Dallas Mavs NBA Team Social Media Hub Website embed social wall example
Dallas Mavs NBA website social media wall embed example

Repurpose the content you create for different social channels in one social feed on your website.

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11. Wallpapers from the 70s shoppable UGC social wall

Visual marketing with user-generated content is one of the most trusted forms of marketing. Consumers trust the content that other customers share. They are searching for authentic stories and inspiration to validate their purchasing decisions.

Wallpaper from the 70s uses a user-generated content platform to collect and display posts shared by their customers. They encourage customers to use one of their hashtags or tag the company when they share their wallpaper on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube. Learn how they use user-generated content for eCommerce.

Wallpaper from the 70s contest page displaying a social media feed showing customer photos from Instagram and Facebook. At the top of the page they encourage customer to share user0generated content: "We are proud of our wallpapers - and so are our customers: Let others inspire you to find out what can be done with wallpapers. Every day new pictures are added which show us many ideas we hadn't thought of yet." At the bottom of the page they have another call-to-action encouraging their customers to share photos of their creations and get the possibility to win 1000 EUR cashback.
Wallpapers from the 70s shoppable UGC social wall website embed

Use a social wall to go from awesome UGC to awesome sales in minutes.

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12. Raiffeisen’s UGC hashtag contest social wall landing page

Raiffeisen Bank România celebrated Romania’s National Day by asking people to post pictures of their country and describe why they love it. The user-generated content campaign was organised as an Instagram UGC hashtag contest.

Raiffeisen Bank România embedded the social wall on the landing page to display all content in real-time and make it visible to everyone to encourage more people to share their amazing photos.

Photo hashtag contest social feed embed.
Raiffeisen Bank România UGC contest landing page social media wall embed

Rock your next UGC contest with a social wall.

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13. COSTA food brand social media wall example

One of the top providers of frozen fish and seafood specialities, COSTA is a great example of social media marketing for food brands. Learn how they inspire people into buying their products using a social media wall on their website.

Screenshot of the COSTA website. The header on top shows the hashtag #BarbecueFitness and, further down on the page, the social wall is embedded under the heading ?#BARBECUEFITNESS auf Social Media? Social wall example for food brands.
COSTA homepage social media wall embed.

Inspire your visitors into buying your products.

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14. The Church Without Walls social wall example 

What better to transmit a sense of belonging than a feed full of photos with emotive captions from your community and posts from your profile? The Church Without Walls in Houston uses their social wall to promote virtual bible study groups, highlight church members’ achievements, post inspirational bible verses, share footage of services, and so much more. The wall collects content from both the church’s social media profiles and community members. 

The wall instantly creates a feeling of community and tells the story of a congregation that sticks together, no matter the adversities. 

Screenshot of the social media wall of The Church Without Walls. In the wall you see posts announcing a bible study group, photos and videos of a service and several spiritual quotes.

Digital display social wall examples

15. Cadbury hashtag campaign social wall on digital signage

Hashtag campaigns are an excellent way for brands to spread the word about new products. For example, Cadbury South Africa, organised a festive hashtag marketing campaign that involved user-generated content being shown on massive digital signage walls around the country during the winter holidays. 

The campaign’s main goal was to spread the word about the Cadbury Festive Range of limited edition chocolate bars and other products while encouraging customers to share a message of appreciation using the hashtag #CadburyFestive. 

Digital signage screen inside a shopping mall displaying a tweet from Cadbury's hashtag marketing campaign #CadburyFestive
Cadbury social media digital display at the mall.

Amplify your hashtag campaign with social media displays.

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16. Zotter user-generated content social hub display

The well-known Austrian chocolate brand Zotter has implemented a physical, social media display in the Zotter tasting tour, where visitors get a chance to try out the many Zotter flavours while interacting with the brand on social media using the hashtag #zotter. Learn more about their user-generated content social hub.

Zotter customers checking out the social media wall in the Zotter showroom.
Zotter shop social media display.

Engage your guests with a social wall.

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17. CWRU’s multi-storey university social wall

With an ever-changing student body, with new students coming in every year and others graduating and leaving, universities must create a sense of belonging. A social wall is a fantastic support tool because it allows a tight-knit community to stay in touch over social media. Case Western Reserve University set up a two-storey multimedia wall at the heart of the CWRU campus that serves as a communication hub and features the university’s social media walls.

The entrance area of the Tinkham Veale University Center where a large media wall showing the social wall is set up, surrounded by seating areas. Social wall display example.
The large media wall is the first thing visitors to the Tinkham Veale University Center see when they enter.

Engage and inform your student community with a social wall.

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18. Ferrari live social media screen during races

Ferrari is a best practice example for using a live social feed to present and promote the social media content you put so much work into. They have a live social media feed display during their races to share the latest news with the team. Here’s a display we spotted in the Ferrari pit while we were watching TV on a Saturday afternoon.

ferrari social media display during race. Sports social wall example.
Social wall in the Ferrari pit during a race.

Add an interractive element to any event.

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More social media display examples

Over to you

As you can see, there are plenty of relatively easy ways to spice up your social media wall. The few minutes of extra work you put into it by choosing the suitable layout, uploading a good background photo, uploading your logo and linking to your website or campaign microsite will pay off. As a result, your social wall will look more professional and more attractive, giving your hashtag campaign a proper boost.

I hope you feel more prepared for setting up your own social media wall now. Also, let us know about the exciting hashtag campaigns you’re running!