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We always keep an eye out for outstanding social media walls our customers have set up using Walls.io. Some are particularly well-designed, others make good use of some of our advanced features.

We hope our little hall of fame here will serve as inspiration for your own social media walls and hashtag campaigns.

1. TEDx Community Social Wall Examples

We’re huge fans of TED and TEDx events, so we’re happy to say that more than 20 TEDx organisations have used Walls.io in the past to accompany their events — some even repeatedly, year after year.

We wanted to know why TEDx and Walls.io are such a great fit. So we reached out to a few TEDx communities to ask them about how and why they use social walls. Read more about the TEDx social wall examples here.

The social wall displayed on a large screen at the back of the main stage at the TEDxFreiburg event. The audience has a clear view of the stage and the projected wall.
The TEDxFreiburg social wall displayed at the main stage. (© Maik & Bettina Uhlig)

2. beyerdynamic eCommerce Social Wall Example

A social wall is a great way to collect user-generated content, curate it and display it on a website. Things get even better when the social wall has an integrated social commerce feature to help turn user-generated content into sales.

Here’s a great example of how beyerdynamic, a German manufacturer of audio equipment, is using a social wall as part of its eCommerce website. The social wall connects user-generated content to the products in beyerdynamic’s online store.

beyerdynamic eCommerce social wall example

3. Google Events Social Wall Examples

Google has been using social walls for some of its large-scale international events. Recently, we spotted their social walls in use at not just for one but for multiple events.

They set up huge displays, incorporated social walls into their live streams and even made great and innovative use of our custom posts feature. Here are some great social wall examples from Google.

4. Showcase images with the Kiosk theme: Accenture

Walls.io offers four different themes with various colour schemes each. One theme that is specifically well-suited for showcasing visual content is the Kiosk Theme.

The theme centrally displays the images or videos included in a post before moving the visual content to the side and displaying the post itself. It’s dynamic and perfectly suited for campaigns that expect to receive a lot of visual content.

Accenture recently used the Kiosk theme for their social wall during the FinTech conference Money20/20.

Screenshot of the Accenture social media wall using the Kiosk theme, showing the video of a social media post front and centre.
The Kiosk theme centres visual content…
Screenshot of the Accenture social media wall using the Kiosk theme, with the video of a social media post pushed to the side and the actual post showing in the centre.
…before showing the rest of the post.

Kiosk isn’t the only Walls.io theme showcasing images. Check out our Billboard theme as well. It’s especially well-suited for projecting your wall onto big screens during events.

5. The Cisco Global Social Wall Example

Since we introduced our Map theme, many of our customers have been using it to showcase their global hashtag campaigns. The theme shows social media posts popping up on a map, emphasising that campaign contributions are coming from all over the world.

One of the most recent campaigns using our Map theme is an employee hashtag campaign by Cisco.

Screenshot of the #CiscoBeat social media wall using the Walls.io Map theme.
Cisco’s #ciscobeat campaign unites Cisco employees from all over the world, a fact that is visually reflected in the social wall which uses the Map theme.

The #ciscobeat campaign is ongoing so you can check it out here.

If you’re using our Map theme on your social media wall and want people’s posts to show up at their geographical location, make sure you tell your followers and fans to (temporarily) enable geolocation in their social media apps. Otherwise, the posts won’t show up on the map.

As you can see, there are plenty of relatively easy ways to spice up your social media wall. The few minutes of extra work you put into it by choosing the right theme, uploading a good background photo, uploading your logo and linking to your website or campaign microsite will pay off. Your social wall will look more professional and more interesting, giving your hashtag campaign a proper boost.

I hope you feel more prepared for setting up your next social media wall now. Do let us know about the exciting hashtag campaigns you’re running!

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