5 Perfectly Executed Social Media Walls

Get Inspiration for Your Next Hashtag Campaign

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I hope you are ready for another great year of social media marketing. But first, let’s start off right. And what’s a better way to start the new year than by learning something from the last one?

We always keep an eye out for outstanding social media walls our customers have set up using Walls.io. Some are particularly well-designed, others make good use of some of our advanced features. We hope that they will serve as inspiration for your own social media walls and hashtag campaigns.

1) Textured wall background: Ada Lovelace Festival

With Walls.io, you can easily and quickly customise your social media wall by adding an individual background. Unfortunately, elaborate pictures that look great on their own can quickly become a distorted, disjointed mess when they’re partially obscured by the post tiles on your wall.

The result is a distracting overall impression that makes it harder for people to focus on the content of the wall. But one neat trick to make the background of your social wall more exciting without using just plain colour is to use a textured background.

Ada Lovelace Festival used the background from its website on the festival’s social media wall as well. The prismatic effect of the textured, green-to-turquoise gradient background makes the social wall look more lively and polished.

Screenshot of the Ada Lovelace Festival social media wall.
The Ada Lovelace Festival social wall stands out thanks to a textured, gradient background.

2) A festive social wall: Richmond Chamber of Commerce

Backgrounds are also a great way to make your social wall more festive, whether it’s for seasonal festivities or particular events.

The Richmond Chamber of Commerce made its social wall sparkly for its Business Excellence Awards event.

Screenshot of the social media wall for the Business Excellence Awards event held by the Richmond Chamber of Commerce.
The Richmond Chamber of Commerce added a sparkly gold background to its social media wall for it’s Business Excellence Awards event.

Personalise and spice up your social media wall by uploading a background image. Stay away from images with intricate details or drawings and instead stick to solids, big brushes of colour, gradients and discreet patterns that don’t distract too much from the posts on your wall.

3) Showcase images with the Kiosk theme: Accenture

Walls.io offers four different themes with various colour schemes each. One theme that is specifically well-suited for showcasing visual content is the Kiosk Theme.

The theme centrally displays images or videos included in a post before moving the visual content to the side and displaying the post itself. It’s dynamic and perfectly suited for campaigns that expect to receive a lot of visual content.

Accenture recently used the Kiosk theme for their social wall during the FinTech conference Money20/20.

Screenshot of the Accenture social media wall using the Kiosk theme, showing the video of a social media post front and centre.
The Kiosk theme centres visual content…
Screenshot of the Accenture social media wall using the Kiosk theme, with the video of a social media post pushed to the side and the actual post showing in the centre.
…before showing the rest of the post.

Kiosk isn’t the only Walls.io theme showcasing images. Check out our Billboard theme as well. It’s especially well-suited for projecting your wall onto big screens during events.

4) Putting posts on the map: Cisco

Since we introduced our Map theme in 2016, many of our customers have been using it to showcase their global hashtag campaigns. The theme shows social media posts popping up on a map of the world, emphasising that campaign contributions are coming from all over the world.

One of the most recent campaigns using our Map theme is an employee hashtag campaign by Cisco.

Screenshot of the #CiscoBeat social media wall using the Walls.io Map theme.
Cisco’s #ciscobeat campaign unites Cisco employees from all over the world, a fact that is visually reflected in the social wall which uses the Map theme.

The #ciscobeat campaign is ongoing so you can check it out here.

If you’re using our Map theme on your social media wall and want people’s posts to really show up in their geographical location, make sure you tell your followers and fans to (temporarily) enable geolocation in their social media apps! Otherwise, the posts won’t show up on the map.

5) Display your logo: Saalbach

It seems like such a simple thing, but I see a lot of social media walls in my work and you wouldn’t believe how many people forget to upload their own logo to their social media walls.

By uploading your logo in the Walls.io dashboard (in the Design menu), it will show up at the top of your social wall. Having your logo visible is a pretty simple way to make your social wall immediately recognisable.

Visitors will quickly be able to figure out who runs the social wall and if you hyperlink your logo to your website or campaign microsite, they can easily find out more about your brand and your campaign as well.

One of our long-standing customers, the ski resort Saalbach, always puts its logo on their social media walls and links to its website from it. It’s such a simple step but makes it absolutely clear which brand this social wall belongs to.

Screenshot of the Saalbach social media wall with the logo of the ski resort displayed in the top left corner.
The Saalbach social media wall sports the Saalbach logo prominently on the top left and links to the brand’s website.

As you can see, there are plenty of relatively easy ways to spice up your social media wall. The few minutes of extra work you put into it by choosing the right theme, uploading a good background photo, uploading your logo and linking to your website or campaign microsite will pay off. Your social wall will look more professional and more interesting, giving your hashtag campaign a proper boost.

I hope you feel more prepared for setting up your next social media wall now. Do let us know about the exciting hashtag campaigns you’re running this year!