The World’s Most Annoying Instagram Hashtags

The Complete Guide to the World’s Most Annoying Instagram Hashtags

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A lot of people generally dislike hashtags. Obviously, we are not those people. We like hashtags and usually even write nice blog posts about them. But everyone, even the nicest person, has a hashtag that ticks them off and puts them in a blind rage. This blog post is about the most annoying Instagram hashtags.

Use hashtags for good, not evil

Hashtags are great for creating coherent conversations online or marketing your product in a well thought out hashtag marketing campaign. Sometimes it’s even perfectly logical to use a hashtag for emphasis, as a pun or a pop culture reference. But some hashtags will invariably make you roll your eyes. Hell knows I’ve done that plenty of times. But using Instagram practically gets my eyes stuck in a perpetual rolling motion 😉

Here are the three most hated Instagram hashtags á la team Walls.io:

The most annoying Instagram hashtags

#Blessed – The epidemic of Instagram

#Blessed is used by a whole lot of people. Searching for it on Instagram yields more than 42 million posts. 42! Million! Posts! But 42 isn’t always the answer to everything.

The Complete Guide to the World’s Most Annoying Instagram Hashtags #blessed

#blessed is a personal pet peeve of mine, and it’s good to know that I’m not alone in my disdain. I’m quite happy to hear that so many people feel that happy about their lives – or is it maybe a religious thing? However, I just can’t get over the randomness of use:

  • You feel pretty and post a selfie – #blessed.
  • You have a spouse and post a selfie with them – #blessed.
  • You had a baby – #blessed.
  • You had bacon – #blessed.

There really is no rhyme or reason to it that I can discern.

#FromWhereIStand – It’s just feet!

Our Walls.io CTO Patrick has developed an aversion to #fromwhereistand: “It’s an annoying hashtag because it’s just people photographing their feet!”

The Complete Guide to the World’s Most Annoying Instagram Hashtags #fromwhereistand

Almost 2 million posts on Instagram use the hashtag though, and I really wish I could explain it to Patrick, but I’m coming up empty. We’ll just have to assume the hashtag #myfeet wasn’t as desirable to use.

#Hashtag #all #the #things

Walls.io CEO Michael is also stumped by some hashtags:

“#instamood, #instacool, #instafollow – The top 25 most-used Instagram hashtags are full with #insta…randomness. If there was a plugin blocking #insta* – I’d totally use it. And while we’re at it – let’s block that #igers* noise too!”

And we’ve mentioned this before, but the incessant use of hashtags has never achieved anything good. Also, it’s #hella #annoying. Really #very #annoying, no matter how #blessed you feel #fromwhereyoustand.

But, as allergic as I am to some hashtags, I’m pretty certain I use some hashtags that other people hate in turn. But that’s the beauty of the internet: You can always just close the tab with the offending hashtag or hit the unfollow button 😉

But before you do so, tell us which hashtags make your blood boil! We’ll be back next week with a less nasty attitude towards hashtags, I promise.